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25 Jul 2012
PostedOct 29, 2012 9:53 am
actualy AWM zooms in FASTEST, especialy with precision scope

as for SA, i ve been playing a long time and NEVER saw SA used for silver arrow, so no its not exactly general knowledge

nonetheless the AWM is not that great as damage is extremely random, i ve killed through cannon mid much while taking at 0-5meters

nonetheless it is the best CQC sniper, but its only really a fun one, i d take frf2 in comp over it any day, scope is fast enough, ROF is pretty much same while you get a lot more reliability and flexibility with it too

really the only advantage over some others that AWM has is sick penetration and fastest scope-in speed

the perfect moveshot really shouldnt be the reason to get it, and as said if you want a real noobish spray sniper (which ppl get for their sniper no semi) than you are better of with blaser or DSR

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