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02 May 2008
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[SGST] New Drawing Event

Hidden Creatures of Saphael
So, I was looking through the hunting table on the wiki and an idea just hit me like a speeding milk truck. All of us send our sprites out to hunt various creatures for their parts, but what do these creatures actually look like? There are no mobs that drop said parts, and as far as I've seen, not many that could fit the descriptions. Perhaps there could a drawing event depicting what these creatures might look like?

Storyline (forgive me, I'm not much of an author):

One morning, while slaving your sprites to death, you spot Babama arriving on your island. He approches you and implores your help. "I'm beginning to tire of the world of Saphael. Most regions are already explored, jobs are peaked in power, and it doesn't look like the sprites will share any more power to evolve again. However, there is one area that is still yet discovered and that would be the visual representation of the creatures the sprites hunts daily. I want YOU to bring me pictures of these creatures." he hands you a camera and returns to the mainland.

Specific Item example (again, forgive my poorly written story :P):

Given no choice in the matter, you summon your most trusted sprite and set it off to hunt "One Ear Rabbit Teeth". Following your sprite at a distance, you come to a large cliff. Something behind you rusltles in the brush and you turn around to see what it was. It appears to be nothing, but as you return to your position, you see no trace of your sprite. Looking up the cliff, you a single pink ear reaching from beyond the top of the cliff. You begin your ascent up the cliff. Arriving at the top, with only the expense of your camera (so clumsy dropping it halway up), you spot a cave. The sound of your sprite's screams coming from within. Slowly approching the cave, you see a pair of glowing eyes followed by a vicious snarl come from the depths of the cave. Seeing only the eyes and faint shadowy outline of the creature, your sprite meets you at the entrance. Battered and bruised, your sprite collapses. You quickly rush it back to town, medicating it with coookies and soda. Not wanting to let Babama down, you grab a sketch and pencil and begin drawing what you remember of the creature.
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