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02 Jul 2011
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The Templar and the Blade Dancer-A trip to Dianack

ZeTemplar203 has just become a Templar,in search for a trophy he mets a beatifull BD wich....
Tis not a pro story...but maybe help to skip time
Sorry for my english,im not an english speaker,hope you enjoy

Once upon a time there was a young men,named ZeTemplar203.He had just tuned templar,and was searching for trophy to lvl up his skills as healer and taker.One day he heard of a trophy droped by a boss on Dianack at Arid Wilds.So he headed there...
He tried to solo it....thougth since he was a templar there would be no trouble.It tuned out he was wrong....battling his way trou Dianack he healed himself like there was no tomorrow.But it didnt proved to be enough..he falled to the ground at his 3rd moob
He tried a second time,then a third then a forth...nothing....How could that dungeon be so tough?-Tough ZeTemplar203-For I am a Templar.....i must not give up
He tried again,and again...and yet again....Dianack was not for a lvl 60 Templar to solo...
It was only by then,that he came across a woman of stuning beauty...
Hello there,are you soloing this dg,Templar?-said the woman,her voice was like a heaven's gift
ZeTemplar203 was stuned,never he had layed his eyes on such babe
The woman asked yet again-Are you soloing this dg,templar?Allow me to acompany you...
ZeTemplar203 was shocked,never a woman had made his moves on him,not that she was doing it,but there was something about her....and ZeTemplar203 liked it
You can come....but the trophy is mine-said ZeTemplar203
Thus they made a pact...if the trophy were to fall,it would be ZeTemplar203's and anything else would be the woman's loot
It only by adding her to his party,that ZeTemplar203 noticed which class she belongs...She was none other than a Blade Dancer,a class that figths with beauty and grace to avoid danger and dance trough blood of enemies while they met their demise at the tip of her blade,truly a dps class
And so the entered Dianack,with blades and shields in hand
Once they were in the Blade Dancer rushed to the enemies without a second thougth
ZeTemplar203 was surprised,since he should tank that dg,not her...
While she elegantly danced and cut the enemies apart she said-Heal me if needed
ZeTemplar203 just agreed,but he couldnt do a thing,he was just there...whatching her moves...and maybe something else
Owch-cryed the Blade Dancer when she received her first damage-a brilhant critical,about 4500 damage-Heal me!-shout her at her companion
ZeTemplar203 begin to whisper some words-it was the holy words he learned on his time as cleric...55 tough cleric class lvls had taugth him much,and he had just aquired his first healing skill as templar
The battle was over...
Not bad-said the womanI may do a templar soon someday..
Tks,Its a good class.thou its hard job....-said ZeTemplar203
Even thou it was not a compliment ZeTemplar203 felt as if it was so
Lets proceed-said the Blade Dancer exiting the first hall of Dianack
How could she be so beautifull?and strong too...maybe i should dat....
You not coming?
Yes im coming...Said ZeTemplar203 in party chat
Maybe he didnt want anyone to read what they were saying,just her
So they proceeded trough the dungeon....ZeTemplar203 passed all rolls,all loot was for the dancer,even some templar stuff rolled, could help her new templar,so....guess there is no problem giving it to her,is there?
The dungeon never had given better loot...the dancer was in awe
It was then that they arrived at Karis Amon chamber....before they entered they had to disscus how they should proced
I will distract heal me if needed and just attack him so we can break him...
ZeTemplar203 blindly agreed,she could say "Give me your acount so I can hack you" that we would blindly obbey
And so they ventured to met with Karis Amon,the blade dancer went from behind while ZeTemplar203 would attack from the front,a clasic pincer attack
The dancer dashed trou and stabed her blade at Karis Amon,he didnt even had a moment to turn back she got another of her blades stucked at his troat
Whispering some holy words ZeTemplar203 make a pillar of ligth to drop on Karis Amon head...making Karis Amon head straigth to him
He lounges at ZeTemplar203 doing him much damage, making ZeTemplar203 heal himself at each hit he makes,leaving the dancer on the ofensive,they proceed in a very long battle
Suddenly When Karis Amon makes his first miss,ZeTemplar203 attacks with his shield,hopefully stuning Karis
The Blade Dancer continues to stab him from the back,while she dancer graciously performing her marvelous dances and combos
Karis is at it again,and continues to punish ZeTemplar203 hard with his criticals of 5000-6000
The templar endures,healing as fast as he can and using an mp pot when necessery
After taking severe damage,Karis is still up,but he wont endure much more....the Blade Dancer sure deals in high numbers
A purple circle formed on the ground,Karis prepared his AoE..ZeTemplar203 knew...if this were to happen they would be in serious trouble.he stoped healing and atacked Karis in hope to stun him.No effect,he has done some damage but the AoE happened,dealing severe damage to both
We are almost there dont bug healing me-said the BD-just attack!
Following the Bd request,the Templar charged at Karis,dealing her almost as much damage as the BD,almost as much...
Strangely,Karis turned and begin spanking the BD,even thou the Templar was doing more malice,she endure some of his hits....but she could not resist anymore
ZeTemplar203 knew,he had to heal her,or else he wouldnt be able to kill Karis even thou he had less than 1/3 of his initial HP,and so he healed her
She then stabed her blades in Karis chest dealing the final blow
The battle was finally over,and there was a surprise,the Karis Amon trophy droped,what luck
Let me have it-said the BD
It was just as they agreed,ZeTemplar203 was in search of the next boss trophy,Olsin's trophy.He agreed she could have the other loots,but....he could sure make use of some things,but he was a men of word,and would never go back on it
Ok,just as we agreed rigth?-said ZeTemplar203 passing the roll
Thank you kind sir-said the BD "needing" the trophy
Next they would head for Olsin chamber,the true goal of ZeTemplar203 was finally there
They entered the portal leading to Olsin chambers
We have to kill the worms and kill Olsin fast,or else they will come back in a couple minutes..
Is their respawn that fast-asked the Templar
Yeah,you never done this dungeon?
Not with two ppl....
Lets carry on then-
As soon as she said that she was there spanking the 1st worm with ZeTemplar203 healing her and atacking with his holy words,he never imagined that he would let a dps outtank him....gues this is life..
They killed the first worm,and the second...without much problem,the BD almost never took hits and ZeTemplar203 helped her with his healing and besides they were pass lvl 60,at least that was the screen showed
Time for the two Amur/things before the boss
BD dashed foward as usual,a little bit of pain here,a healing there,lots of slashs,and the dances....They were no match for the couple,the BD even smiled,she was happy.But certainly not to be on ZeTemplar203 side,at least he thougth this way.
Now the time for the final battle drawed near,Olsin welcomed then,with no words,just a smirk...there was no way ZeTemplar203 could let the talented Blade Dancer tank that thing,she was strong yes...but Olsin was no newbie and would certainely crush her in one or two blows
And it was yet smiling that the Dancer charged to him...or at least that was what she was planning to do,before that Olsin had already set his eyes on another target,ZeTemplar203 had provoked Olsin before she could even move.
Olsin hits hard,and ZeTemplar203 could little do besides healing himself,but something was odd...there was no sign of the Blade Dancer
ZeTemplar203 was could she flee at a time like that?She was what he feared,a robber,a snatcher,a thief a burglar a...
Olsin sure hits hard....ZeTemplar203 cant keep up with the hits,he began using his pots even...
And when everything looked bad guess what happened?
The Blade Dancer apeared out of nowhere...but she was now...a magician....she begun spaming magic from the balcony over there(idk if that thing in Olsin chamber is a failure or a great help...but anyway use it for long range dps and magic dps)
What you doing?-said ZeTemplar203
Easier breaking-replied the BD now a Magician
They zaped and tanked theyre way to victory...and to their surprise
The trophy....dropped
What luck....Just as we agreed gonna pass the roll and...
But it was already late the woman "needed" the trophy
ZeTemplar203 rolled his need,65,but her roll was 68
For 3 numbers ZeTemplar203 lost his prize,the only one he desired
We had a deal!-ZeTemplar shouted in angry
Oficial pappers or it didnt happened-repplied the magician
ZeTemplar203 challenged her for a duel,but she refused and walked away,speaking to the soul guardian and she left
From this day forth....ZeTemplar203 would follow this woman to the depths of the world,he would make her pay...someway...
If at least he remembered her name...

Coments are welcome ^^


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stop writing start jerking


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made me smile
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