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30 Jul 2012
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PostedOct 24, 2012 5:02 pm

Celebrate Halloween with the spooky McLaren!

McLaren Mp4-12C “Braaaiiiins” Edition!

Halloween has arrived once again in Need for Speed World! Today we turned on all the Halloween decorations in the world (be sure to check out Rocket Girl!) and made the special Halloween event ‘Ghostwood’ available to race on! But that’s not the only thing we added; for this year’s Halloween we created a very special Halloween edition car, the McLaren Mp4-12C “Braaaiiiins” Edition!

This McLaren comes loaded with very special Halloween features; huge kudos go out to Mike and Vinod of the Cars Team as well as Joel of the Audio team!! This spooky car comes with a very cool Halloween inspired livery that depicts the silhouette of a sleepy village that plays host to a group of bats and zombies marching about. A ghosted “Union Jack” sits atop the roof and a blue glowing skull neon rest under the body. To complete this custom Halloween livery is a one-off license plate that reads “M0N5T3R” complete with claw marks and all!

It also wears a wide body kit with flat black 20” BBS wheels, and a carbon rear wing. Under the hood rests a twin turbo V8 that was developed by McLaren specifically for this car. It has just under 600hp and over 440lbs feet of torque; more than enough power to get in front of your friends to show off the custom ‘BOO!!!’ brake light installed in the rear wing. If that isn’t frightening enough just make sure your opponent see who’s driving the car!

Even with all these features on the McLaren Mp4-12C “Braaaiiiins” Edition the team wasn’t done yet! Remember that poll we ran over a month ago on the NFS World Facebook page, Twitter feed and Forum? Joel made sure this car had the perfect ‘siren’ that will send chills down your spine and the spines of everyone around you!

It’s available in the Car Dealer today!
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