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27 Aug 2012
PostedOct 22, 2012 11:17 am

RhinoCeros Recruiting !

Need good Highrank talented players !
Hey all

A new clan has born , RhinoCeros
we allready have 20 good talented members in the clan
but we wanna be bigger , more online , more people , more wins
and we want you , to play in our team !

RhinoCeros is a new clan with leaders
NinjaAapje (Leader)
Duckskills (2nd leader)

We got a homepage and teamspeak
Homepage :
Teamspeak : ( No password )

What we want from you !
You wont come in here quickly
we wanna be sure that its a good choice that we let you join

You need :
*S/D up 1.0
Age : 13+
Tactical Knowledge , we dont want rushers...
Not trolling in clanwar
No hacks , if you hack in our clanwar we will report you to aeria
Teamspeak may be good for clanwar ,if you dont have download
*Rank : at least Second Luitenant
The last we want is that you have fun here Smile

* = Some exceptions

I hope you know enough , if you got any questions first look at the homepage , if you dont know it than , post it here on teamspeak !
dont be ashamed to join our teamspeak
and feel free to visit our homepage

Greetings from RhinoCeros
and specialy me , Realskillsz/Duckskills Very Happy

PS : We are making an 'youth clan' for good talents but not good enough for the main team , when ur good enough we will transfer you to the main clan Rhinoceros


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19 Sep 2012
PostedOct 22, 2012 2:02 pm
gl making a new team!
En doe ninja maar de groeten, sinds wanneer is hij eigenlijk clan leader? En jullie hoeven me niet een 4e keer te vragen om te joinen;)


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02 Jul 2012
PostedOct 22, 2012 3:03 pm
If you are a pro rusher, does that suffice? Cause I stink at camping.


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27 Aug 2012
PostedOct 23, 2012 4:37 am
Haha NielsFear thank you Smile , ill do that !

And Irobbing , its not a big problem if you are a rusher , but sometimes we need to walk slow and dont rush the enemy xD
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