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16 Apr 2012
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PostedOct 16, 2012 1:42 pm

[Paid Out] Alternate Entry 09/30-10/06

Here is an other poll from the Alternate Entry Submission from the GM Weekly Task 09/30-10/06

Choice 1:

X marks the spot on the map so i Looked for the treasure... first clue i found was a A branded on the side of the Horse that was inside a Gift box.... i thought long and hard and when i finally solved the puzzle my Mouth fell open to the fact that the treasure chest was empty.

Posted by: wktmarine  

Choice 2:

Noooo! Arrrgh! Legacy my dead cavalry are not a snack box!

Choice 3:

Horses cannot breathe out their mouths (fact!)
Does this mean they cannot have bad breath? or do they just smell from their snouts?  

Choice 4:

Double-crossed spy capitalizes gifted luck, delivers the blow

Posted by: BrickJohnson

Choice 5:

Blinded by a bribery, Hooked into the trap

Posted by: LeiAiSheR  

Have fun voting and may the best win Very Happy
The three players with the highest votes will receive a special prize for their troubles Smile

>> Poll ends: 10/23/12 <<

Good LUCK!
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