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Ticket Statuses Explained!

Look here if your confused about Ticket Statuses!
Hello Everyone,

We have recently had players that are confused about the Status (New, Open, Stalled, Resolved, Rejected) of their Request Tickets.

The status messages have been updated to reflect the following changes in name:

New > UnOpened
Open > Opened
Resolved > Hold-Customer
Stalled > Hold-Aeria
Rejected > Spam

Please see below for further explanation to what each status means.

After you use the Contact Us form, you will be able to see information on this including the status by taking the following steps:

1) Click on Contact Us

2) Click on My Tickets

-------------------------------------------STATUS EXPLANATIONS-------------------------------------------


A ticket status marked UNOPENED means that the ticket is waiting in line with other tickets. It has not yet been seen by a Game Master and nothing has yet been done to it. As soon as anything has been done to the ticket from either party (player or GM), the status will change to OPENED.


A ticket status marked OPENED means that some action has taken place with the actual ticket. This does not means that something has been done about your ISSUE. Essentially an OPENED status means that your ticket is in a specific Game Master's "in-box" and will be handled by the Game Master.


A ticket status marked HOLD-AERIA means that a Game Master has reviewed your issue and determined that more research is needed and they cannot immediately resolve your issue.


A ticket status marked HOLD-CUSTOMER refers to the TICKET itself, not the issue within the ticket. Hold-Customer means that the GM team has responded from our end and "the ball" is now in your court. If the problem you had has been fully completed then no further action on your part is required. If you still need help or the Game Master requested more information then the ticket will stay Hold-Customer until you reply. Once you reply, the ticket status will change back to OPENED and be placed back into the GM's "in-box". Hold-Customer status DOES NOT mean that issue has been fixed, it is simply the term used in our internal tracking system.


Very very very few tickets receive a Spam status. Spam usually means that the GM team has taken every possible action to help the player but the player refuses to cooperate or our system has marked it has spam.
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