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30 Jul 2012
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PostedOct 11, 2012 5:13 pm

[Ended] Log in to get free rewards!

Event Duration: October 12th to 0:00 on October 19th

All Servers


We have received lots of feedback and precious suggestions from our players on the New PvP system, Clash of Gods after we release it. Our team really appreciates your support to COG. Therefore, we are going to make more optimizations on this system recently. To show our gratitude to our players, we are going to offer free silver and coupons to players who log in COG continuously. The more days you log in COG continuously for, the more rewards you will obtain.

Simply log into the game!

The first day:500 silver
The second day:1000 silver
The third day:1500 silver
The fourth day:5000 silver
The fifth day:10 coupons
The sixth day:20 coupons
The seventh day:100 coupons

1. If you miss logging in COG during the seven days, the next time you log in the game, the rewards you get will count from that of the first day.
2. The silver and coupons in this event will be added directly to your account. You don’t need to check the attachment for them.
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