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Feedback Polls

.. and why we do them.
We have been doing monthly feedback polls for over 4 years now. You can see the monthly history here in this forum. In that time I have provided some limited explanation of how we use this data. However, I have not addressed some frequently asked questions. I would like to do that now, as we have many new users asking questions due to the ijji migration.

Why do you do polls every month?
We do the forum poll each month to gather two data points. We use the numerical data to compare how we are doing this month to how we are doing previous months.

The second (and most important) data point for the forum polls is to find out what the pain points are for our customers. We hope you will tell us what you like/don't like about our service each month.

What do you do with the feedback?
I take the feedback given each month, and correlate it to the numbers. If the numbers go up/down, then I have to show what has changed in the feedback. If nothing has changed, the numbers should stay the same.

You state "You are free to decide on your own what exactly this means." but then other people state that some feedback isn't valid. Why?
Every customer will decide for themselves if they are happy with the service provide, and they will do so based on what they expect that service to entail. This is not something we can every change, so the best thing we can do is inform the customer what to expect. If we fail at that, and fail to meet their expectations, then their complaints are valid, no matter if they match our service our not.

Why should I vote/give feedback, if nothing is going to change?
The feedback polls are basically a thermometer. It allows us to keep a record of what happened on a monthly basis. The numerical values tell us when things go up/down. The comments provide insight into why.

Why cant I give a rating lower than 1, or greater than 5?
We consider a 1 rating a goodbye post. This is someone that is terribly dissatified, and this is the last we are going to hear from them. You can not go lower than this, because you are already gone (and not to be heard from again).
We consider a 5 rating an exstatic rant. This is someone that is overjoyed, and literally could not be happier. You can not go higher than this... literally.
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