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30 Jul 2012
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PostedSep 25, 2012 12:54 pm

[Promotion] Big giveaway in Call of Gods!

From this maintenance of September 25th to 0:00 October 1st

Players will be rewarded with attractive “Advanced wheel cards” and “Extra Rewards Packs” if they recharge accumulatively a certain amount of gold.

1. 500G: Advanced wheel cards*1 and Extra Rewards Pack*1
2. 1000G: Advanced wheel cards*2 and Extra Rewards Pack*2
3. 2500G: Advanced wheel cards*3 and Extra Rewards Pack*3
4. 5000G: Advanced wheel cards*5 and Extra Rewards Pack*5
5. 10000G: Advanced wheel cards*15 and Extra Rewards Pack*15

1. Players can draw multiple rewards as long as they fulfill the condition for each reward. For instance, a player who recharges accumulatively 2500 gold during the event will obtain Advanced wheel cards*6 and Extra Rewards Pack*6.
2. The condition for the top reward is recharging accumulatively 10000G.
3. Gold bonus in other events will not be counted into your accumulative amount of gold recharged in this event.
4. All items presented to players as rewards are bound.
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