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20 Nov 2008
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My Poetry Book

Whenever I feel like writing down poetry i'll put it in here.
Poet's Background: I am merely a student in high school. My name is Sharmaine. I write poetry every now and then. I felt I would share my poetry with everyone else. I hope these poems make you imagine scary, lovely, and beautiful thoughts. Just like they did for me when I wrote them. - Sharmaine A.K.A Naganuse 70 Prophet of Bodor

Poem 1-Government figures as much

Defiantly I spoke to the guard
Let me in I'll not be had
And so he nudged me as i tried to walk in past the gate
Even if it is so, the guard said
my hand is your enemy
And as your enemy you shall not pass
He pushed me
I pulled away
I smacked him with my right hand
and when he grabbed my shoulder i bit his arm
and then he cried as a boy would have cried when he did not get what he had wanted
Triumphantly i made a zestful remark
Those that try to bypass the limits of this world
Have pursuers
and provocations made towards them
Consequences and unlimited rewards
So the figure grinned glimmering their sparkly white teeth
The man pained sinking to the ground in defeat
and the challenger walked forward proudly through the gate
and to their destination

Poem 2-What's good isn't always good

In-cased in a bubble
I wrap my hands tightly around my knees
and began to sing myself a lullaby
while shedding tears of some unknown matter
Maybe that's why i'm in-cased in this bubble
to protect me from something that i cannot see
but sometimes i wonder
what it feels like to not be in-cased in a bubble
to smile and not look at a clear layer around me
soothing me without no cares
acting as if it is my one and only protector
knowing that it can pop in just one second
and being the barrier of thinking and taking action
Action is troublesome and can get you killed
The thought running through my head as i popped the bubble with my finger
With a smile i thought
it is the one thing that makes life worth living for.

Poem 3-Try me

I swung my lamp against the wall
a burning heat rising higher and higher within my chest
i grabbed a paintbrush and zipped a blue line across the bottom of the easel canvas with one hand
and with the other completely drenching my whole hand in the green and red paints
i slapped my hand covered in paints against the easel hoping to express what i was feeling on the inside
Something is missing here i thought
My heart dragged me away with full force to the wall where i swung my lamp against
and i began to draw fireworks and stars
took three steps back
and saw a beautiful rainbow.

Poem 4-Proclamation to Never ending love

Brighter than the moon the sun and the stars
A falling rain in the middle of summer
One most needed
I see you move with the grace that i wish i had
your love should be mine
i want to steal it
desire my sweet lily
in you i do acquire
through speaking everyday to you
i burn my lips a plenty
the breath i hold within me tightly is all cause of you
waiting for the next thing to happen when you're next to me
You lily are mindblowing
so much to make me say
"well sure as heck i am crazy for you." Dedicated to Grune

Poem 5-Self-destruction

Don't smite me my aching heart
Shattering me into colorful pieces of glass
Expecting to see a beautiful kaleidoscope.
That's not how love works.
Breaking everything
Expecting putting everything back together
To be good, to be whole, to be great again
There is no doubt a piece of glass that has been chipped
No fitting pieces that make sense
It's not your heart to put together
It's mine.

Poem 6-No person is truly vile (Kinda lazy with this one...)

Catastrophic Disaster
Impertinent Laughter
I do laugh with a crumbled down heart old as the ground itself
Mired by children and their wee little bodies
My beady eyes, my pointy nose
My withered down hair
How dare it be made fun of
Shrieking crazily she picked one of the little boys up and whispered
You are lucky i didn't eat you
She plopped the boy down on the ground he froze like ice
Jokes she thought Aren't I allowed to make jokes?
One of the parents came out to see what was going on
Went face to face with the old woman and stared her down
You are lucky its just children that made fun of you and not us adults
What? the woman asked
The adult sighed
Did you take a look at yourself in the mirror?
You're terrifying.

Poem 7-Falling

Chain versus Metal
Classic cool rusty hard
I wasn't sure what the feeling was
Till I was wrapped in it from head to toe
Forced to love which I did not love
Coming to a point in which there was no return
The love i thought was not love
My need to barricade myself from this world and the next
It didn't choke me as others said
In fact it felt like a warm blanket in which i could sleep in from day to day
Everything was perfect till my tight chains were cut loose from my body
Strapped to a wired chair
The most exhilarating feeling of my life
A sauna
Naked and exposed
Beautiful blue eyed babies
Red in the teeth
I found myself thrown over the edge into a dark abyss
Hitting the ground instead of the river right next to it
Even more lovely
Dying where i should be.

Poem 8-The essence of rich is not wealth

Hello Mr. Gregarious
Mr. Entrepreneur
Mister I am so successful look at me
Ride my golden luxurious limousine
Everything good inside outside in between
Shiny Excessive riches behold
My castle at the far end of this dirty highway
My hands in my pockets cruising through my garden
This time in my white limousine
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Friday I ride my black limousine
Look at me
My castle at the far end of this dirty highway
I'm cruising around in my golden luxurious limousine
Front Seat back seat
No one but I
hand in my pockets cruising through my garden in my castle by the highway
A lonely highway
Under the dark red sky
Hello Mr.Gregarious, Hello Mr.Entrepreneur...Mr.Lonely...Mr. wish i was so...
Inside Outside
Me alone.
Sociable here and there
But inside I am lonely
No one truly cares

Poem 9-Dark times try to rationalize

Under the stars
Over the Moon
Along the peninsula
And under a dune
There is angels.
The merriest angels are here on Earth.
Curious children poking their heads out to see us humans
Frolicking in our own bile
Seething in our own hate
Where innocence has been corrupt
Definitely the merriest angels caught on
Their innocent games becoming those of the most mischevious
Terrorize Manipulate
What have we done
We have shattered our souls
And turned demonic within.
Soulless at best.

Poem 10-What goes under Pergoda

Strong built
Cross legged madames
Sit in their church outfit
Sipping tea
Eating caramel truffles with one hand
Reaching out upon the tall plates
To find a single strawberry shortcake sitting in the center
The conversation stops
Once was about their husbands and their children
Now just an all out stare battle
The one who wins eats the shortcake
Violent Vicious
Ladies in white
More so like dogs the way their mouths are salivating
Revealing sparkly white teeth clenched grinding down
like indians did to corn
While the ladies stared
A tweety bird flew from the top of the pagoda
ate a few bites of the cake
and ate the strawberry on top
All under the nose of the madames
Who were too absorbed in their game to notice
Their prize was half-gone.

Poem 11-Man over Nature

Sepitir Wood
Half seen half done
One side of an unfinished cabin house by the river
Where the bears fish
The fish eat
The water moves about the nooks and crannies of the rocks
And where I go from time to time to bathe.
Seeing as its summer and all
The mosquitoes are not quite pleasant
So often most of the forest around the cabin goes unexplored
For I am slapping the mosquitoes away whilst building under the blazing hot sun
Nailing together the sepitir wood
Sawing the wood
Flicks of wood dust blows in my face by the wind
Hey ho all summer day long
Mosquitoes they bite
Fishes they swim and jump
Bears they eat
I do what i do everyday
Until the sepitir wood is all gone
My cabin house built fine.

Poem 12-The Blunder of I in not One but Two

Mary of my beloved Mercury
Born on the pedestal of the highest
The iridescence
Cornerstone mark you by high
Twin so tall as you
A capsule i do take each night
Think of you as I try
Do as I may
Wish it was so
But you are not her.
She that has bewitched me
Look, act, think
Like you
Only one thread cannot bond you and i together
That is love.

Poem 13- Macabre Tribulations (This isn't new but this is the first poem I wrote in the GF forums and was for a class assignment in school.)

A sluggish groan palpitates through the air
Reverberating through the atmosphere like a whistle
A shuttering pallor of a demon in a memoir
Overgrown fingernails like scorpion claws
Dried up and brittle like witches nails
Gaping eyes bursting out of the creature's eye sockets
I am cringing in fear in a bare gray corner at the far side of a room
The door is locked
The shutters won't open up to the bright light
A tightening grip around my chest
Knees tremble and fall
no voice
Gashes depicted on my arms and legs
My lips are a quivering arrow
Spinning out nonsensical words as a mouse does
Human Flesh laying on the ground
Like a bloody carcass taken to bits by vultures, lions, and hyenas.

Poem 14 "MSMF, truly not God, falls to we" Dedicated to BlueMoon1

Zibble! Zap! Zing!
Off the steps goes the Machine
Ping! Priing! Ping Pong Ping Pong!
Thump goes the feet!
Quick tap to the head
Warning! Warning!
Red alert
2k! 20k! Heal heal heal!
Prophet rescue~ Naganuse.
Fellow archmage
Big boobs that woman
Bounce-ah Bounce-ah
Teehee! Whoosh~
Warning Warning
Red alert
Zibble! Zap! Zing!
The world is on fire
Bow down fellow bishes
To BlueMoon1. <3

Poem 15 "Before the burning of Life"
Crumbling down like quicksand I felt myself laying waste amongst the earth
Spread where Mother Nature thought wise
When more Mother herself killing me in such a ridiculous intent
Among the flowers there was i
Happily picking between the wildflowers and the blue daises
Fighting like children over who was more beautiful
Not ever touched, it being so beloved
More boastful in their physical appearance, no need regard for their personality
It's importance less revered in their kind.
My antennae discovered nothing, zilch, nil about the force which would obliterate me to no end
Mother looked away sadly staring at the ocean thinking of Father
Poseidon, strict, all seeing authority over the sea
Question, point.
Does there ever exist a swift, sudden death
The person hath no remembrance of its significance
Nor proper distinction of the person's overall happiness
More regrets and fear with the subject that of which
Cannot be resolved in time. Quick, sudden, or not.

Poem 16-No Reprieve under the Dark Pretense of life; Instantaneous Death by Force
Her twisted smile bewitched me from afar
Her tongue swiveling so that it wrapped perfectly around her face
Covering the dark voids which held no eyes and bled tremendously
Gushing down, the blood sputters in thick globs of crimson
Splashing upon her thin silk monochrome nightgown
Dripping down her inner thigh and to the triangular copper tan toned tiles below.
Snaking around the spiral of the staircase
The snap of a twig on each bone in her body made my eye twitch slightly
As if the loud creaking didn't give away her presence
I need only know that she moved with the shadow of which was unworldly.
Mind games became apparent to me when I noticed a flicker of light out of the corner of my eye
A grim force took hold of my body
My hands swinging itself against the frame of the doorway
Blasting away until my skin peeled
My knuckles completely exposed.
That's when i realized there is no game that i am playing.
Lurking in the corner of the ceiling I noticed a shadow like figure
Its elbow pressed down against the invisible ground
Its hands supporting its head
Every part of their body was facing my direction
Then and there, I felt myself being overtaken.

Poem 17- Sharmaine
like the air rubbing gently against my calves
In a world I will never understand
To the point where i don't know if i am dead or alive
Of the people, my family, my job, my love
About being me without restrictions.
By God to live my life accepting everything and doing everything to make my life

Poem 18- Based on a" Knight in Shining Armor" by Jude Devereux
In quite a stir
Behold her hair auburn long voluminous curls pour down to the tips of her frail shoulders
Wild and determined
Her cheeks flushed white
Emerald eyes smoldering
Tears amuck like sprinklers
Her beautifully adorned peach lace dress with rubies and emeralds and amethysts
in shambles
The jewels clattered to the ground as the horse went on
The faint golden sun shone down as to reveal a brass silver ring upon her finger
With one hand she held the reins
The horse tirelessly jumping boulders and moving wagons
It huffed and whinnied
She press her lips tightly against the brass ring
So very longing
Her heart began to stutter
Galloping with all her soul and heart to save the man she loved truly across many moons and stars
A crowd of men and women stood cheering in a crowd
The man she saw with his neck resting in the small curvature of the wood
A blade hanging above his head
Her horse clattered upon the stage
Knocking people to the side like sacks of flour
"My love!" she yelled
"We will not die. We will not be erased. You are mine and I am yours...." "So help me God."
The world of darkness was beneath their feet
Into a dark void they went
They were enveloped in a bright light.


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24 Oct 2010
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PostedSep 12, 2011 8:16 pm
I like this ^^ Your a good poet post some more for me please (:
i have a few of my own i will share i guess xD

i look out upon kaslow bay
and wish life wouldent be this way
all the hardships im facing
keep my heart just a racing
left by myself, with noone around
strucken with the fear that ill always be bound
to this fate im sentenced to
a sentence of being away from you...

Yes Kaslow bay LOL

Dreams, left broken and shattered,
Everything that ever really mattered.
Left with just these lovely memories... but why, why am i just left with these?
i want it all back.... it shouldent have ended with just a call.

i was left heartbroken and thoughtless,
who would have thought that you could have caused all of this?

im left with lonley nights without a single dream,
but maybe this is whats best for me.

for now ive seen you for what you really are
just another selfish girl across the bar

Im "eh" but i like them i have more butttt im lazy ^^

I be Chodelicious ^^


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20 Nov 2008
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PostedSep 22, 2011 11:02 pm
Mmm...i couldn't imagine a sleep without dreams...and the Grand Fantasia dreams always filled my mind when i played it everyday. Vivid and quite nice dreams now just a distant memory. Smile) I like your poem. XD


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03 Jun 2011
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PostedSep 25, 2011 6:07 am
Good work


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12 Dec 2009
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PostedSep 25, 2011 6:26 am
These are really wonderful Poems (haha, both of you). I really enjoyed reading them. ^^ Great job on them on! I really look forward to reading more from you. o.o

No time to play! I'll be lurking around, though~


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24 Oct 2010
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PostedSep 26, 2011 8:02 pm
xD Chodes too lazy to write more or to find my long lost book of them :/

I be Chodelicious ^^


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30 Mar 2012
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PostedMay 16, 2012 3:47 pm
My main is a sage in game, mirroring my love to copy cool ideas. Hopefully you won't mind my own little creation then, a spider/fly story with a twist. Sorry it's a bit long...

“Welcome to my parlar!”
Said the spider to the fly.
“It’s filled with memories
Of old days gone by”.
“I used to be an actress”
Miss spider breathed a sigh
“I was jewel of the world
Even if it were lie”

Said fly to Miss Spider,
“What fun you must have had!
To party royally
Dancing silken clad!
I noticed walking in
Your wardrobe still is packed
With dresses you may have worn
In days you never lacked.

“Oh those dresses!” Spoke miss spider,
Her voice becoming sly.
“I rarely wear them any more,
But sell to those who travel by.
You see I’m now a seamstress,”
Spoke spider with some pride.
“I produce quality dresses
Even movie makers used to buy.”

“Well,” thought fly to himself.
“Perhaps I found a mine!”
I’ll buy these dresses made of silk,
And sell… Oh what a find!”

He spoke, “I’m broke at the moment,
But if I could get a loan,
I can buy your dresses and…
Sell them, price full blown.”

“I’ll make you an offer,”
Said spider to the fly.
“I’ll give you this dress,
And with interest,
You’ll pay me 5% a day gone by.”

Well this was an offer to make him rich,
And though the price was somewhat steep,
If he sold at ten times the price…
He dreamed of rewards he’d reap!”

He bought the dress,
Nay, he bought five!
From the spider’s den,
He left alive.
Fly to sales person,
Price set high,
He waited… and waited…
But no buyer dropped by.

Come 20 days’ time he sold a dress,
For twice of when he did buy.
But all went to Miss Spider,
Who had made sure,
To set that interest high.

Again he sold a dress
But the irony was rye
For once more 20 days had passed
And Miss Spider once more sucked him dry!

"He gave me a severe look over his spectacles and said, as if he thought the words were deadly venom and might kill me, 'You are an untidy person.'" -Jim Butcher A Short Story


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30 Dec 2009
PostedSep 17, 2012 7:56 pm
<3 love poetry :3

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