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05 Jan 2009
Patra Greece
PostedSep 12, 2012 4:46 am

Looking for guild

Paladin - EU

I am looking for a small, PvE focused guild to join. I am at the moment level 29, going for paladin. Currently studying computer informatics and engineering (can make you forums / blogs and help with any questions related to this!). I have played many MMOs for about 7-8 years (things like everquest 1 and 2, lineageII when it started, WoW and a few more, all quite competitive in PvE) and i just want a place to relax because RL doesn't allow to play as much or as serious as i used to!

I would like a friendly guild, that only allows English at guild chat and has some level of maturity (If i see lol spam, hearts spam, s3nt3nc3s l1k3 th4t all the time, an average age of 13 etc i will just quit). I don't mind fun or chat etc, just don't reduce it to 100% silly stuff... Open minded people (for example i plan to try paladin healing at some point!) with active members at EU times (i play around 12-14 and 20-23 GMT+1 every day) and some MMO experience would fit me just fine!

If you think you need me or at least want to try me and have a guild that fits my criteria please send me a mail here or ingame as my chat is usually so full i miss quite a few whispers . Please do include some info about your guild or link to your recruitment post/forum cause just by saying you are a level 6-7 guild i don't see any real reason to join.

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13 Feb 2011
Edmonton Canada
PostedSep 12, 2012 5:01 am
I'm not going to bore you with how my guilds high level, and how active and helpful we are, because every guild they are helpful, and yet 9 times out of 10 do nothing.


Level? 2, why? Because we're focusing on gearing our members and helping with dungeons, then we will be focusing on helping the guild level up.

A small guild currently, but planning to expand and begin proper recrutement soon, we hope to achieve a nice, family style guild that works together in PvE.

Levels? We have a range from myself, a level 73 Prophet, to a level 30 Mage, all the way up to our own level 90 Shaman.

Events? Yes, I host a guild event now and then to give the players a bit of fun to do, as a break from all the borihng grinding or sprite training they may be doing.

I could go more indepth about what I want to achieve, but I'll leave the questions to you ^^!!
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