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15 Aug 2012
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Warlords of Shadow - the project

Community for gamers.
Before I begin and if you want to be part of something special please read this post. We are located on X-fire, this is where the project has begun, but hopefully soon we will have out own web-site.

First off this is not a standard recruitment for a clan.

We are trying to start a place, call it a sanctuary, where all like minded people can go. Instead of being some bizarre collection of names randomly put together on a 'friends' list. (I've been on x-fire twice in 5 years, spoke to two people). So I thought no matter your game type, if you are a gamer then let's make a place where we can hang out, get to know everyone, even watch people's exploits using live streaming, screenshots, etc. It make come under the title of 'clan', but everyone starts at rank2. The only reason I have to remain rank1, just in case there are griefers that need to be kicked. Other than that you join with all the abilities of a leader. This means there is no leader, you can do with the community what you will. Add news about your gaming exploits, add forum discusions about your favourite games. Even throw in some reviews of games, and advice for new players. Anything you can think off, then add it as news, and if enough people like the idea, we'll do it.

Already we have a friendly rival 'clan' who are willing to take us on for certain competitions. That's the beauty of Warlords. If you don't want to take part in a certain aspect, even against something, then your voice is as strong as anyones.

It appeals to everyone. For people that want a chum to go and explore an MMORPG, to in-house competitions for specific games. There will be prizes too. From rare beta-keys, to actual games. For the hardcore players, we will have a champions section. Where we form teams of our best players in certain games and see them fly the banner for the Warlords.

For newbies, never again will you be snubbed, ignored, or scorned. We were all newbies once, and it can be hard to get into certain games without knowing the ropes. Well, one of the things that is asked of a member is that they select a game as their favourite. Does not even have to be a multi-player. And if a newbie starts playing that game, they can ask you about it preferably by the forum, so as not to hassle the player too much, or if the player says it is ok, in person.

We will have a ventrillo server, soon as we have enough people. So we can talk in person if we feel like it. There will be interviews and updates on all members, so that everyone gets to know everyone else. So when a story happens involving someone, you will actually know who they are!

Loads of ideas are bubbling away in our heads. Like competitions with prizes. Or elite teams for specific games to fight for our community. Much more stuff. Simply put though, there are no cliques. Everyone gets to know everyone. It is not about stats but about friendship. If you are looking for a buddy to play a game with, then at least you will know them, not the random factor the way games have went now, with simple pugs who do not even talk during game. Just do a battle, quest, without knowing who with and logging out.

Warlords of Shadow is the opposite of this. Come and check it out. This is not recruitment for a clan, but a project that I hope x-fire will suppport. My gamename is Majestico. Make friends with me or simply join. Everyone is welcome. And feel free to tell us about your favourite games, especially if they are little known. For example, shortly, I will be opening up a forum discussion (not a thread - something you all have the ability to do, and you can act as admins to, more of this in a sec) about little known but fun games. I'll enclose a link to any game I put in. So if you can think of a game that nobody really knows about, but is worth checking out, you can add a thread in this discussion group. In fact, as the forums will be a massive way for us to communicate until we get a proper website. It would be excellent if you started a discussion group about your particular group. However, if there already is one about your game, then you can add your own threads in that group. Also, there will be a section of the forum for you to review games. All that we ask when you review them is that you have played the game for several hours, and are not biased. By all means, compare it to other games, but if it is an MMORPG. do not mark it badly just because you are a fun of something like WoW. Likewise, if you are doing a review on WoW, judge the game on it's own merits, and how others would find it, ask yourself if it is casual friendly, hardcore friendly, the community, etc. Reviewing is just one aspect, something that may appeal to some but put off many.

This is just an example. You pick and choose what you want to do. You make our community. If you just want to watch and read, fine. If you are interested in adding new ideas, providing material, that is great.

The plan is simple. X-fire players getting to know their fellow gamers. A place to chill out and have a blether in the chat room, or on the ventrillo server. To read about other players antics, whether it is an epic fail which they want to share because it was funny, or an equally epic win. A place to have a laugh with like minded folk.

Anyone can join, just get in touch with me, Majestico (an old character's name in case you are wondering why the wierd name Smile ) or any other member of Warlords of Shadow. We are into all games, any genre you can think of. I love retro games for example, as well as basically anything else!

Find us in communities as Warlords of Shadow. Hope you give this a try, as it would be a great project. and a place for all. By the way, it is up you, but new members are given a short interview, just about your favourite games, etc which is then written up by me, and posted up on the news board to introduce you to the community. If you are shy, you don't have to though.

Hope to hear from you,

Majestico, or Maj
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