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11 Jun 2007
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PostedSep 06, 2012 5:54 pm

Aeria Games Team Changes

Today Aeria Games has made adjustments in our staffing to better align with our long term initiatives. The teams that have been affected have made a post detailing the changes. This should have no effect on any services offered by Aeria. With these changes, we expect to bring much more to our customers, in many ways.

Aeria Games has already announced several new games, such as Lime Oddysey, DK Online. We will be announcing additional new client games (For example: an Edgy, Sci-Fi, MMORPG with all Female Classes).

Aeria Browser has recently announced one exclusive browser MMORPG, Starlight Story. We will soon be announcing additional new browser games (For example: a strategy game where players rule the skies).

Aeria Mobile has a major success with their game Monster Paradise. We will soon be announcing additional new mobile games (For example: a post apocalyptic card battling game).

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