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30 Jul 2012
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[Ended] The Path to a King

From maintenance on September 6th to next maintenance

The winner for the first and second round cross-server competition has already been decided. If you are envious of the attractive rewards they get or you want to win glory for your own server as well, then hurry up and improve your strength now. At present, you will obtain amazing rewards if you transmute successfully orange-quality and red-quality equipment or gems with advanced transmutation.

1. Transmutation rewards are limited to advanced transmutation only.
2. Players must transmute successfully equipment or gem of at least orange quality.
    Transmuting a red equipment, you will obtain Blacksmith’s Certificate*10
    Transmuting a red gem, you will obtain Blacksmith’s Certificate*5;
    Transmuting an orange equipment, you will obtain Blacksmith’s Certificate*3;
    Transmuting an orange gem, you will obtain Blacksmith’s Certificate*2.  

3. You can get Blacksmith’s Certificate and exchange for the Blacksmith’s Package with the certificate during the event period. Then you will still be able to exchange for the packages with Blacksmith’s Certificate within one week after the end of the event. Please exchange all your certificates by the end of that week.
4. By clicking on the button, you can enter the exchange interface.

1. Blacksmith’s Certificate*200 can be traded for Master Blacksmith’s Package:
Astral Essence*1, Resurrection Book*10, Advanced Wheel Card*4
2. Blacksmith’s Certificate*100 can be traded for Advanced Blacksmith’s Package:
Advanced Wheel Card*6, Book of Astrology*4
3. Blacksmith’s Certificate*60 can be traded for Intermediate Blacksmith’s Package:
Advanced Wheel Card*2, Soldiers Pack 1+1*10
4. Blacksmith’s Certificate*20 can be traded for Basic Blacksmith’s Package:
Soldiers Pack 1+1*5,Golden Key*5, Dungeon Key*5
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