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[Guide] Rebirthing Guide

Scion (and above)
Where to take the rebirth quest:

You can start the rebirth quest chain by visiting the Goddess of Fate in Tyria Village. After you start the Crystal Saga rebirth quest chain, you must remove all of the other quests. Then you can start collecting the rebirth quest item materials.

Rebirth Quest Requirements:

Character must be level 80+

Following Items must be in your inventory:

  • 15 Gold
  • Ice Shard x 1
  • Brilliance Shard x 1
  • Void Shard x 1
  • Light Shard x 1
  • Heart Shard x 1
  • 2 open slots in their inventory

Where to find the items required can be found in Soul Development guide.

You must only have Rebirth quest as the only active quest in your quest line. Which means if you have any other quests, abandon them, then start the rebirth quest.

Benefits of Rebirth:

  • Your Crystal Saga character will receive an additional 60 stat points and 12 skill points after the rebirth.
  • Pixies
  • Ability to use Scion-only stuff

Additional Notes:

  • No equipment is lost.
  • Level requirements for all gears still apply.
  • Previously done quests cannot be redone.
  • Honor system is NOT effected.
  • Soul progress is NOT effected.
  • Your plane is set to "Scion" instead of mortal.


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Second Rebirth

Character Requirements:
Must be a Scion.
Must be level 100.

Quest Requirements:
• Characters must have at least 20 Gold.
• Characters mustn’t have other quests active other than the Second Rebirth quest.
• Characters must have Desire of Greed x 5, Stomach of Gluttony x 5, Heart of Sloth x 5, Feather of Pride x 5, Eye of Envy x 5, Horn of Wrath x 5, Hide of Lust x 5, Epic Exelorn Shard x 8 and 2 open slots in their inventory. Each of these items can be found in the level 85 Dungeon in nightmare mode, the Exelorn Hollows. Available inventory space is required at all times within the Exelorn Hollows if you wish to obtain these items.

• Rebirth so that you are on the Scion plane and reach level 100.
• Head over to Tyria Village and speak with the Goddess of Fate to begin the Second Rebirth quest.
• Remove all other quests EXCEPT the Second Rebirth quest.
• Look over the required quest items and begin collecting them by defeating bosses in the level 85 Dungeon in nightmare mode, the Exelorn Hollows.
• Fully complete the Second Rebirth quest to reach the Eidolon plane.

Post-Second Rebirth:
130 Attribute points and 26 skill points will be added after your Second Rebirth. You will also receive 1 new skill for each skill tree.

Second Rebirth completed.

• Make sure that you have enough inventory space for all of the items that are required for the quest AND 2 open slots in the inventory.
• You will not lose any of your equipment.
• Level requirements for ALL equipment, wings, and mounts are still in effect.
• Once you reborn all previously completed quests cannot be redone (level 1-100).
• Only optional quests that were not previously completed can be accepted.
• Honor System will NOT be affected.
• Soul System will NOT be affected.
• The skill points and attribute points are not stackable from the first rebirth, which means that you will start at level 1 with 26 skill points and 130 status points.

Second Rebirth mini FAQ

Q: What is Second Rebirth?
A: Rebirth allows you to reset your character's level back to 1 and relive Crystal Saga as a higher level being on the Eidolon plane.

Q: What are the benefits of a Second Rebirth?
A: Upon successful rebirth, your player will be reset to level 1 and have special (Eidolon) prefix in your character name. Also, 130 attribute points, 26 skills points and 1 new skill (for each skill tree) will be added.
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