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23 Aug 2012
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PostedAug 24, 2012 6:21 pm

Cherrina's Story

I reached my hand out. My vision was blurred and I didn't know where I was. All around me small blue crystales lit the otherwise pitch-black cave. Suddenly I was filled with a strength, a determanation to get up. I stood but collapsed to the ground. I looked at where I had been, a gaint slip open blue crystal. Then my vision started fadding away. I couldn't see and I felt to weak to move. I woke up again. How long had it been? But I reached out a shuddering hand and with one hand alone, I clawed my way from the pit of crystals. I couldn't move any more once I was resting at the edge of the cave. But my eyes shot up to see a dark shy hung with glimmering objects. Like shards of broken glass they shone with a brightness almost as brillient as the crystal I had come from.

There was also an imense glowing slab in the sky which looked so close I almost felt as if I could touch it. But of course, when I was this weak I couldn't even lift my hand and try. I tried to open my mouth and speak to myself. I wanted to say some thing, even though I don't remember speaking before I knew how. All that came out was a pitiful shaking sound. After a few moments I tried my hardest to stand up, and to my great delight I found I could! I stumbled over to a huge plant with a rock-hard trunk, whitch it seemed to grow from. I slamed on it with all my strength, which seemed to be comming back.

All I gained from doing this was a painful jolt all through my fist. A shiver of pain slinked up my spine and I laughed the slightest bit. It wasn't a plesant feeling but...feeling some thing! I'd never done it before, after all. Then some thing small landed on my head. I took it and stared at it. A plump dark red ball. I sniffed at it, picking up the sweetest thing I had seen yet. A sweet smell that made water form in my mouth. I shoved my finger at it and found dark red ooz splash out of it. I bit it with my teeth wondering if that was what I was meant to do, and found that a sweet tast washed around my mouth and i swallowed the chunks that broke off it.
I looked up at the plant egarly wondering if there were more....

(Should I continue this story? There will be fights events and a lot of detail to the story line, each time making you want to keep reading! ^^ )
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