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21 Jun 2012
PostedJun 21, 2012 4:09 am

A Story to remember ..

It's a story of two lovers who randomly met each others on the most unexpected time of their lives.
Anne and Alex, who deeply shared their feelings to each others, built up thousands of memories together, but ended up all after one mistake.

It was around first week of April when Alex's friend, Mark, asked him to try a new game; Eden Eternal. It's a Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game published by Aeriagames.

In the first day, Alex didn't like the game but as days passes by, he started to like it and decided to spend more time on it. After a week or so, he started to get more and more used to it, as he tries to catch up his studies as well.

One day, while Alex and Mark was playing together they got to meet up a girl in-game which is the same level as Alex himself. She's Anne.

After a few words, they noticed that Anne and Mark was in the same guild. As for that, Mark tempted to ask Anne's e-mail address for him to be able to add her on facebook. Alex didn't care at all, and proceed leveling his character as he became more and more addicted on the game.

After a few hours later, Alex suddenly got curious about the girl that they just met awhile ago and asked Mark for her e-mail address. Mark doubtly gave it to Alex thinking what he was up to.

Without thinking twice, Alex got to and rushly searched for the girl's account and added her. After adding Anne, he went back playing.

A few days have passed after the three have met each other, as well Alex stopped playing for awhile cause he had to catch up his studies and exams. But, he secretly continued to check Anne's profile every single day without her knowing. He was curious about her, he wanted to know her more but he didn't have the strenght to say 'hi' and start a conversation.


It was easter. A normal day, just like the others for Alex. He went up playing and checking Anne's profile as he always do. And the night has come, fraustrated and tired, Alex decided to went to bed with his laptop with him.

By a few moments before he was going to sleep, he suddenly heard a facebook notification sound "Pop!" and rushly checked who was it.

It was Anne! "Hello, happy holidays to you."

He paniced and didn't know what to say. "Hi there, same to you."

Anne replied with a smile saying: "What you up to for tomorrow? (:"

Alex replied shyly "Nothing much, maybe staying home or hang up with friends. How about you?"

Anne fastly replied .. "Me too, just going to meet some friends and maybe play Eden after."

After few chitchats to each other, Anne asked something to Alex .. "You're my guild mate. Your name in-game is Korrupt, right?"

Alex didn't know what to say and confused at the same time, and just replied .. "Eh, I'm sorry? My name in-game is Under_Score, not Korrrupt. Maybe you chatted the wrong person."

Anne didn't reply, and after a few minutes .. "Oh, really? I'm soooo sorry, I thought you were him, haha."

Alex replied laughting .. "It's okay. You're meihe, right?"

She replied .. "Yes! So you're Under_Score, the one I met a few days ago? Wow! Well, at least I have a new friend Smile"

Alex smiled and said .. "Yeah, it's nice meeting you, I'm Alex."

"Haha, I'm Anne Smile Nice to meet you too!"

Alex didn't know what to say and as well as Anne. After a few moments, Alex replied and said .. "Well, it's time for me to go to bed now, talk to you by tomorrow. My new friend?(:"

"Sure, it's not bad having a new friend, haha! See you, goodnight." Anne replied.

Before going to bed, Alex suddenly felt something weird. Like he never felt like that before in his entire life, it was calm, peaceful, and lovely sensation. He just smiled and said his prayers as he always do, and went to bed.

They both continued to talk everyday like they knew each others for a long time already.

Until Anne got busy on her work as well Alex on his studies. They had no time to talk to each other as they always do, and weeks passed by so fast.

And for the first time, Anne posted on Alex's facebook timeline saying .. "Omg, I so miss talk to you :l"

Then as soon as he saw it, he rushly replied .. "Yeah, I so miss you too. :/"

And they chat each others again, and Anne decided to give her number to Alex so he could call her and so they could talk much more.

But there's a problem, at that time, Alex got his simcard locked and couldn't open it cause he forgot the PIN. So, he had to buy a new sim.

Anne, so got the idea of giving her e-mail address on Yahoo! Messenger to him as well. So, they could talk there while waiting for Alex to get his new simcard.

Alex and Anne so got to know each other better and better as days passed by. They chatted almost everyday and developed their friendship.

Alex did like Anne, but as always, he didn't have the strenght to tell her. He believed that Anne had a boyfriend that time and wouldn't go out with him 'cause they just met up weeks ago.

One day, Anne asked him if she could hear his voice, so they decided to do a Voice call on Yahoo.

Both of them, at the first were shy. But then, both's side has changed when they decided to sing a song together.

Anne's Ipod was playing, and Alex decided to sing and get along with the song that is currently playing on it. All I want is your love - By Inoj, the song was.

Anne then did laugh at Alex, saying that he was funny but his voice was fine. "Haha, you know that song too?"

"Yes, that's one of my favourite." Alex replied.

"Wow, really? Do you wanna sing another song with me then? Since I have tons of songs here on my Ipod." Then Anne played "Tonight - By FM Static" and they both sung it together as duet.

"Wow, you're also a great singer!" Alex said to Anne.

"Don't make fun of me, I am not, haha." She replied mumbling.

"Of course you are. Anyway, that song is also my favourite." He took his guitar and played it to her.

After he finished playing, he shyly said "Okay, it was a fail, haha."

"Noooo, I liked it! I didn't know you can also as well play guitar." Anne replied.

"Yeah, I do self-study for almosy 8 years and a half now." Alex proudly replied.

"Wow! really?" Anne asked.

"Yes, if you want I could teach you how to, but too bad I am too far away from you." Alex replied with a sadface.

"Yeah, I wish you could. Anyway, lets sing more songs? This time, you choose a song!" Anne demanded.

Alex, so did choose a Tagalog (Philippine national language) song and they both sung it together.

And the days went happily for both of them, and developed their friendship more and more as time passed.

In the meanwhile on Eden Eternal, the administration had to merge up all the servers into one and create another one. So, Alex lost his mood of playing cause he already spent almost €*** on his character and with the lag he is having, he couldn't play on it and decided to start a new character on the new server.

At the same time, Anne got more busy on her work and had less time on playing.

Alex, so decided to officially move and change server, and start a new character. At the first, it was hard without having Anne by his side. He was always trying to drag and asking Anne to play with him. Then he succeed and got Anne playing with him.

As Anne started to play, Alex was already high level and it was hard for him to help her since they couldn't play together.

They so had hard times by leveling and trying to catch up each other's level.

Anne didn't have much time to play, which also was hard for him to balance his time on leveling and helping his lovely crush.

Yes, Alex is now officially in-loved with Anne without her knowing a thing.

They continued to play together and singing songs at the same time. They were so happy to be together, playing, chatting, talking, singing and taking care of each other.

Then one day, the unexpected happened. Anne told Alex about her feelings for him, and so did he.

At first, they started to stay as friends and letting them to know each others better. But at the end, they ended up in a relationship.

It was the 5th of May, year 2012 when they entered a new life as couple and lovers and started to make memories and write their story.

The days passed by so fast, and their first monthsary came.

"Goodmorning honey, happy monthsary! IloveyousoveryWEmatch. (:" Anne left as her message for Alex, which was sleeping that time.

"Hello 'mahal ko', (Tagalog term for 'love') happy monthsary! IloveyouveryWEmatch. See you soon, take care."

And they both spent their monthsary happily together, full of love and the sweetness from both of them.

By the days passed by, as the love in their heart started to get much more. They started Video calling each others, as well continued singing together as now couple.

"In a relationship, you can't avoid not having any trials or problems, it strenghtens the bonding of each member of the couple and also the relationship itself."

It was the 20th of June, year 2012.

When finally they got to play and do a dungeon in-game together.

In the meanwhile, Eden Eternal was having a hard lag which caused the game to be delayed.

The terrible lag did not allow them both to play well. So, Alex decided to instead run it all by himself and told Anne to just sit and he would put it on Taunt-mode and run it with an Engineer class.

After a few runs, Anne seemed to be unsatisfied about what is happening. She wanted to level her classes and not character and told him "I don't enjoy this, me and my friend on the other server used to do it slowly and I still get both exp. [It's] better.[/i][/b]"

Then Alex sadly said "Oh, [he's] better?"

"No, don't think that, it's just [I don't enjoy what we're doing] but [I do enjoy having you here beside me.]"

Alex missunderstood what just Anne said and got sad and logged off from the game.

They both had a small fight on Yahoo Messenger instead, 'cause he didn't want to log in back after what happened.

After a couple of hours later, Alex decided to log in and saw that she wasn't online anymore.

Then a few moments later, he discovered that she was using another character with the same account.

"Don't count onto others, do what you think is right and what you have to."

He asked his friend "You are a girl as well, what should I do? Please, help me."

"Shout that you love her and let everyone know, it would give her a smile in her face and butterflies in her stomach." His friend replied.

"Think twice before you do something, think before you do something, 'cause it might give you the opposite of what you wanted it to be."

Then, without thinking twice, Alex shouted using a World call, and told everyone Anne's name and asked her to forgive him.

Anne, who was already sad and mad and not in the mood, saw and didn't like it "I hate you, seriously. Do you have to embarrass me by telling every one my real name? We're done."

Alex became sad of what he just read, everything he was fighting for are now gone. The girl he loves with all of his heart is now gone. The memories they built up together for months has vanished after a mistake.

"Life goes one, you will never stop learning."

Alex now learnt his lesson, and even though he wants to have her in her arms again, all he could do is to cry and think of those memories that he will treasure deep inside his heart.

"It hurts, why this should happen to me? I want her back, here in my arms again." All he can think is that it was his fault, he should've not listen to his friend and instead do the right thing.

"If you love someone, you should learn to let go."

"If I really love her, I should let her go." Alex continously repeating in his mind, convincing himself that he can let go. Eventhough, deep inside, he knows that he can't.

Yet, life goes on and you should let it flow.

I hope it was worth your time, and I would like to thank you as well for reading my story.

I almost forgot, my name is Alex.


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23 Jun 2012
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PostedJun 23, 2012 1:12 am

Did she love you?

"I hate you, seriously. Do you have to embarrass me by telling every one my real name? We're done."
Sad lovely story.. Except, I have a question. She hated you because you said her real name in game? I don't get it. Only because of that she giving up on you.? Did she even truly love you or did you feel loved by her??


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21 Jun 2012
PostedJun 23, 2012 3:18 pm
Indeed, it was a sad story. But yeah, we're fine now. It was just simply because we both reacted wrong at the wrong time, specially me. But, I have a good news. We're fine now and loving each others again.

I am also glad that you liked my story, but pardon me if it wasn't written properly. This is my first time writting a story, and also while writting it, I was crying at the same time.

So, I suppose it's NOT ME who wrote it, but my tiny little HEART did.

Also, I just learnt another lesson, thanks to my lovely Anne. It's that I shouldn't react too early without even thinking for the consequences.

With her, there's always a lesson to learn. (:

And about your question, I wouldn't go crazy for her if I didn't feel loved. :p




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24 Jan 2012
PostedAug 18, 2012 8:34 pm
Great moments and lessons we learn from Eden Eternal ...


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01 Nov 2010
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PostedAug 22, 2012 6:53 pm
-sniff- this is so sad... yet i know how you feel...

on the other hand, i think your writing was good for a first timer Smile and i could feel the deep emotions in the story which your heart carved into :3 good job on the story and good luck with your love


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30 Mar 2015
PostedApr 01, 2015 7:01 am
this is so tragic... yet i know how you feel... then again, i think your composition was useful for a novice Smile and i could feel the profound feelings in the story which your heart cut into :3 great job on the story and good fortunes with your adoration..........

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