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03 Aug 2012
PostedAug 14, 2012 2:43 am

Turrets vs. Catapults

Battle mechanics
Hello everyone! I'm little confused about the battle mechanics when attacking another city. I've been reading the forum in order to find more info about the matter and I did. But turns out different people say different stuff so I don't know which one is true. I'd appreciate if anyone who has deep knowledge about this to answer my following questions:

1) I know that each Tower can kill 1 enemy troop. But it also says that Towers aren't that effective against Marauder Armies and Catapults and says that it has 1/10 effectiveness against Marauders but does not say anything against Catapults. My question is: Does Towers have 1/10 effectiveness against Catapults as well or 1 Tower can kill 1 Catapult?

2) Ibero clan has a special building that can increase (boost) the city defenses. From what I've managed to understand is that their Towers have more durability as well. My question is: Is this true and if yes, how much durability their Towers have exactly?

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28 Oct 2011
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PostedAug 15, 2012 1:58 pm
I can only give a partial answer.
I haven't seen the archer tower target a catapult before, usually just the regular troops. That could be why they are not very affective. But if they do shoot at catapult, towers kiling troops works by population of the attacking unit. So it would take 8 towers to kill a catapult, or 3 to kill a knight, or just 1 to kill an archer.

The Ibero boost on city defense works like this:
It will give up to 10% bonus no matter what to the defending armies. This includes your wall, towers, and ballista. The city wall will also give a bonus, but can get knocked down by the catapult.

Also, the HP of towers is separate from the HP of your walls. If many catapult armies attack, they will knock down your towers after the walls have been reduced to level 0.
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