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[Tutorial] Arena System

Call of Gods Arena System Explained

Arena has 3 forms: Challenge, Arena and Champions.
Players can choose different channel to share the competition.
You do not lose units in the Arena.
Nothing bad happens if you lose.


Ranked Games No. 1 Pack(Rank 1)
  • Honor Card x10
  • 100,000 Silver

Ranked Games Winner Pack(Rank 2-32)
  • Honor Card x5
  • 50,000 Silver

Ranked Games Honors Pack(Rank 33-100)
  • Honor Card x3
  • 20,000 Silver

Ranked Games Inspirer Pack(Rank 101-500)
  • Honor Card x1
  • 10,000 Silver

Ranks are determined by your score on Sunday night at 23:30.
Players in top 10 gain 5 Arena Score a win, lose 10 Arena Score a loss.
All players outside of the top 10 gain Arena Score based on the position of the person on the list.
Top of the list is 10 Arena Score, Bottom is 1 Arena Score.
You can hit a player maximum 3 times per 24 Hours.

Arena Games(Conqueror)

Each challenge on this screen costs 10g.
If you win you get the current Jackpot.
If you lose the current Conqueror gains 4g, the Jackpot is increased by 3g, and 3g goes to System.

Champion's Cup

  • The Top 32 Players from the previous week's Ranked Games will be randomly placed into the 32 Slots.
  • The Champion's Cup will be held on 19:00 PDT each Saturday.
  • Match will have 5 rounds at most. Each battle has 10 minutes. Players can use the rest time to see the next opponent and change your force.
  • All players can bet the top 32 players. The bet price is from 1K to 100K. Bet time is from Monday to Saturday till the Champion's Cup begins at 19:00 Server(Bets close at 18:59 Server).

Top 8 receives:
  • 3 Gold Keys
  • 3 Gold Chest II
  • 3 Gold Chest III
  • 3 Gold Chest IV
  • 1 Orange Gem/3 Purple Gems
  • 100,000 Silver

Top 4 receives:
  • 5 Gold Keys
  • 5 Gold Chest II
  • 5 Gold Chest III
  • 5 Gold Chest IV
  • 2 Orange Gems/5 Purple Gems
  • 250,000 Silver

Champion receives:
  • 10 Gold Keys
  • 10 Gold Chest II
  • 10 Gold Chest III
  • 10 Gold Chest IV
  • 4 Orange Gems/10 Purple Gems
  • 500,000 Silver

If you bet successfully, you will get double of your bet price and a Cathectic Pack.
The silver from the bet is automatically added to you at 19:50 Server when you receive the mail.
The Cathectic Pack contains gems, equips, and skill books + 10,000 Silver.
You gain a Cathectic Pack for each successful bid.
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