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27 Nov 2010
Poor University Student, New Zealand
PostedAug 10, 2012 3:06 am

Prime Recruiting: Limited Time Only: CLOSED.

Hello Everyone!
Hello Everyone, Prime is Currently Recruiting respectful, active, and reliable players for our Alliance.
*We are based on Warlord, and located in Silver Beach.
*We have our own Kingdom, Ranked #2, and are currently #3 under the Alliance Tab.
*We wish to get the best out of our Players, so feel free to join our very own community-based alliance!

  • Must be 100+ Population
  • Must be Friendly
  • Must be Active
  • Must be a reliable player to depend on at times
  • Must be located in Silver Beach. (If not we can move you into SB).

Thanks everyone, leave your In-Game Name here, and add Morphine In-Game in order to communicate with me! Smile
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