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How to fix Flashplayer Update Issue

The latest flashplayer has been a very nasty update. It's caused computers and browsers to crash, uses a junk load of ram and cpu resources, and has been known to lag and more. This is a guide as to temporary fixes until flashplayer gets their act together and fixes their latest buggy messes.


Check your flashplayer version.

11.2 or lower SHOULD be fine. If you have 11.3, then there's the reason behind your issues.

I have version 10.3.183 for example.

If you're having issues with 11.2, then you can join me in version 10.3


Step 2

If you have 11.3 and are having issues or even issues with 11.2, then you need to uninstall flashplayer to reinstall a later version.

For Windows 7 and Windows Vista

1. Click the Windows Icon on the bottom left or the Start button.

2. Click Control Panel in the right screen of the popup

3. Click Programs and Features

4. Sort by name to find Adobe Flash Player near the top and right click and uninstall it.

5. Reboot your computer.

6. Log back here and go to step 3

For Windosws XP

1. Click Start or Windows Icon

2. Search for Adobe Flashplayer

3. Open file Location

4a. If there is an uninstall icon, click it. If not look at 4b

4b. If there is NOT an uninstall exe icon to uninstall it, then go up one to see the adobe flashplayer folder. Click the folder, then either click del to send it to the trash can or shift + del to delete it permanently

5. Go to Step 3

For Linux Systems

I found instructions for you easier than mine would be at the link below, depending on who your Linux system is from.


For Mac Systems

Adobe is nice enough to provide an uninstaller for each system type of Mac.


Step 3

Now here is where WE choose which flash player version we want. Some games like Nadirim require 10.2 I believe, so 10.2 to 11.2 should be fine. I decided to go with 10.3, but it's your choice. They have a guide as to maximum supported for your system. If they send you to the download center, then you are supported for ALL versions presently.

The following link gives you the install versions to download and use for your system. I advise either 11.2 OR like me 10.3

From my experience, 10.3 runs really well without all the bugs and issues from the 11.3 version for Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Download the version you need, 10.2 or higher and go from there on following the install instructions. If you have any issues, just follow the instructions for your area of need.

Also have them notify you when there is a new version, not automatically update your version or you'll end up with flashplayer 11.3 bugs again until they fix it.

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