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09 Aug 2011
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PostedAug 08, 2012 3:43 pm

[Ended] Medal Storm

Makin' it rain...medals
[Event] Medal Storm

Duration: ~August 13rd

Servers: M1, M2, and S6 only!

Details: During the event, player whose single top-up meets our requirements will get awesome medal rewards. Hurry up to obtain them now.

Charge 100 gold: Bronze medal(3-Day) *1
Charge 300 gold: Silver medal(3-Day) *1
Charge 500 gold: Gold medal(3-Day) *1
Charge 1000 gold: Gold medal(7-Day) *1
Charge 2000 gold: Gold medal(7-Day)*1 + COG Medal Pack*1
Charge 3000 gold: Gold medal(7-Day)*1 + COG Medal Pack*2

This is your LAST CHANCE to get medals! Hurry before they're gone!

This Applies to unlimited single recharges!
Therefore you cannot combine purchases to reach these goals
(example: you cannot purchase 2000 gold and then 1000 gold to obtian the CoG Medal Pack 2)
You CAN purchase 3000 gold twice to receive two CoG Medal Pack 2
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