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26 Jan 2009
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Is My Email Real or Fake?

A Small Note on Phishing ~thanks to Qlander~
Today we are here to talk about Phishing!!!!


Phishing Scams are some of the oldest in the book. They are designed to be emails, websites, or phone calls to steal money from users. Cybercriminals can do this by installing malicious software on your computer or stealing personal information off of your computer; in this case, your Aeria Games Account.

Many times you may get an email that looks legitimate with a URL inside that brings you to a website that asks you to input information for your account and may look almost exactly like the official one. Be wary of bad spelling and grammar, links, and threats.

So the big question is, Is that email legit or what?

To determine if an email is legitimately sent, you should look at the email header information first thing. There are numerous sites/references on how to find an email header information on an email depending on your email client/program/interface, etc (just use google, etc 'How to find email header info'). Here is one such website.

The header information can not be duplicated, as there is an ip tracer logged into the email data itself by the ISP's after sending and not from the email sender themselves. If the email is not from your intended sender (or the senders domain/IP range, etc) then it is counterfeit.

eg: Important header info (format)*:
Received: from [computer name and/or IP address from sender]
by [server name] (maybe Internet protocol too); date.

Example 1 - legit from yahoo a/c =*:
Received: from []
by via HTTP; Sun, 8 Jul 20012 20:10:12 PDT

Example 2 - NOT legit, as its not from a yahoo IP*:
Received: from []
by via HTTP; Sun, 15 Jul 20012 14:23:45 PDT

*Side note warning: There is a lot more infomation in an email header, it might be scary at first but the above is the important parts. Use the above link to read more on how to wade through the information.

Also for reference, Newsletters from AGE have an IP of []

Locating the Sender!

There is a great little tool to geographically locate the sender's IP address from an email header. This makes it easy to see if it is not from the USA. If the email is originating in China, Russia, Africa, etc then it is obviously fake. (This statement is only including the EN games). IP Tracer

*this area is left intentionally vague at the moment... I shall hopefully be able to update with more information later*

Email Links - Fake or Real?

Before clicking on any link in an email, right click the link and copy the email address into a new tab without clicking go. Then observe the URL carefully to make sure it says "", if it does not, it is a fake webpage. Also please be sure of spelling, as some will try to catch a user with "" or some variation of spelling thereof.

In the End

As always, if after all of these steps, if you are still uncertain, please contact a GM to make sure using Contact Us.

Have a Fun and Safe day!

With many Thanks to:
- Qlander for his help and information regarding this subject

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