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[GUIDE]How not to get "scammed"&How to reduce stolen trades

Due to many FAQs:
*This is the Shortcut Link for anyone wanting to refer players on the Monster Paradise message boards directly here to this post:

Many times i have been asked about these situations and what to do about it. This guide will hopefully help players not get "scammed" and/or help reduce trade agreements between player get stolen from a 3rd party.

Note from the Editor:
before you read on id like you to read my personal note to the reader so you have a better understanding of the situation at hand. Please read with an open mind and you will understand it on the level it has to be.

There is no such thing as "scams" and/or"stolen" trades in Monster Paradise.

Please understand that the game uses a free trade system and what the players define as "scams" are types of trades the game was never ment for. The Playerbase has decided to create new ways to trade to fit the demand of the in game monster economy.

All Trades are of YOUR OWN Free Will. You do no have to trade anyone. No one can force you to trade.

When you trade anything, the possession and ownership of what is being traded is being transferred to whoever is on the receiving end NO MATTER what.

What ever is being traded is being given up willingly as it takes multiple steps to set up a trade. That ensures that you are sure that you want to trade whatever is being traded away.

That being said. NO MATTER WHAT the conditions of the trade were, please note and remember that you are giving up the possession and ownership once it is removed from your inventory.

Also before any suspicious too good to be true trades, it is recommended to talk to a few guild members, friends, Gamesages, or the message board for their input if the trade should or should not be done.

[GUIDE]How not to get "scammed"&How to reduce stolen

The GM and GS teams do not support and/or Protect players from "Dex Trading", "Event Help Trading", "Promise Trading" and/or any "Special Trading". All Trades are at own risk. This Post is here to help players from being "scammed" or trades "stolen"

General FAQ:

q. What is Dex Trading?

a. Dex Trading is trading monsters that you or someone else owns that the other player doesnt have to each other to register the monster in your index count.

q. What is Event Help Trading?

a. Event Help Trading is when you or someone else trades monsters to help yourself or another player in an event. Be it a Dark Monster Event, A GM event, A GS event, or any event really that you or that player may need a monster to help you achieve a goal

q. What is Promise Trading?

a Promise Trading is when a player promises something in a trade. ex:"I Promise to get you this monster if you trade me these monster 1st"; "I promise to trade the monster later after i received all the monsters you said", or anything along the lines of a promise.

q. What is Special Trading?

a. [i] Special Trading is any trade other than the normal trading. ex. Dex Trading, Event Help Trading, Promise Trading, Level'd monster trading, trades that require more than what fits in the trade box, trades that require you to trade someone else 1st for something then to trade them for the final trade, any multi part trades, etc.

How not to get "scammed"


q. Someone promised me 2 level'd rares for my monster but when i set up trade they gave me 2 lvl 1s instead. could you get them to trade me the level'd monsters instead?

a. unfortunately no. as the trade system is open anyone can go for the trade. a way to prevent is the level'd monsters should be put up for trade so the other player can make sure they are getting exactly what is agreed on.

q. Someone promised me to get me a monster if i traded him monsters now and now they will not give me the monster promised. can you get my monsters back.

a. Sorry to say that trading a promise does not fall within our power. Just remember to get complete trade up front instead of a promise.

q. I have been scammed. This player said he will trade me [list of monsters for trade] for my [list of monsters for trade] but when i traded he gave me monsters i did not ask for. Could you make him trade me back my monsters?

a. unfortunately due to how trades work, we can not do this. The trade systems ask you to confirm 2 (TWO, TWICE, DOS, NI, DEUX, etc....) times before it completes the trade!

q. How can i prevent this from happening? What can i do about this?

a. From now on Please DOUBLE CHECK the trade before you confirm the 1st AS WELL AS the 2nd time!! Also if Levels monsters are involved it would be recommended that the level'd monster(s) holder should set up trade so the other player can double check to make sure they are getting what is agreed on.

q. I am trying to do a big trade. They want to trade 10 their monsters for 1 of mine or I want to trade 7 of my monsters for 2 of their monsters. How should i do this?

a. This is harder to answer... due to trading boxes only using a max of 5 monsters per person per trade, trading 10 for 1 is really difficult. There will need to be some form of trust. This type of trading is at your own risk!!! I will explain a way to go about this in the following "How to reduce stolen trades section." Example 3

How to reduce "stolen" trades


q. someone took the trade i was already conducting by trading him the same monsters i was going to before i got to it. could you make him trade the monsters back so we can do the agreed trade?

a. unfortunately no. again as before its how the trades work. its an open trade system. if someone randomly searches and sees a trade they want and just goes for it, then you cant really blame them.

q. but the person was in the chat trying to offer as well and had the same items. when trade was agreed on, the person went in before me and took the trade.

a. the answer is still the same. because of the open trade system we cannot do anything about this.

q. well what can i do about this? or what can i do to prevent this from happening again?

a. the easiest way to perform this trade is for the person with less to trade OR the person with less rarity to set up the trade depending on the situation. ill explain what i mean...


player 1: wants player 2 SR Monster

player 2: wants player 1 to give him 5 R monsters for the SR

in this situation player 1 should set up trade.

Player 2 monster is a SR compared to player 1s Rs.

There are not many SR monsters around cept event ones. and for the most part the players with the exact same SR are not trading or know you are trading to jump in and take player 1 monsters lol

this can apply to any trade where multiple lower rarity's are offered for a higher one

player 1: wants player 2 R

player 2: wants player 1 R for his R

in this situation it will have to depend on chat flow and demand of each R.

chat flow: if there are multiple people wanting a players R then the other player should set up trade so player 2 can accept

demand: if the r is a highly sought monster like a darkbuster, a monster needed for a fusion+, etc. than the person with the less sought out monster should set up trade and the other player can can find and accept.

pretty much the one less sought out by many should usually initiate the trade box. also can be used in any equal rarity trade.

player 1 wants player 2 UR

player 2 wants player 1 to give him 7 Rs and 2 SR for it

this situation is harder because trade boxes only do 5 for 5 at a time.

this situation usually involves a lot of trust and is the highest rate of being scammed.

if you must do this because of the rarity economy then here is a suggestion..

player 2 can send 5 Rs for 1 of player 1 upgraded main monsters or something valuable but not the UR. then player 2 can send the remaining 2 Rs and 2 SR along with the 1st monster player 1 Traded back for the UR to complete the trade.

This post is only here to HELP REDUCE the chances of getting "scammed and/or your trade stolen.

This post does NOT Guarantee 100% Protection for trades where many people are trying to get the same trade at the same time with the same person.

This post DOES Guarantee 100% protection for normal trades as long as you CHECK during BOTH confirmations that what your sending and receiving is EXACTLY what you both agreed on.

This post does NOT Guarantee that your trade will always go 100% as there are over 150K players and any one of them could be searching for the same monster and have the requirements at the same time.

This post does NOT Guarantee protection for any trade that is more than what fits in the trade box.

*reserves the right to make any alterations to the post as needed*

Thank you for reading and i hope this helps.


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PostedJul 30, 2012 7:59 pm
Incredibly thorough, I'd imagine it will save a few people from dubious trades.

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