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02 Jul 2009
A cardboard box Australia
PostedJul 06, 2012 10:23 pm


Sup, I have not been around Aeria for a fair while, mainly because I'm burned out of MMO's on a whole, but most of your shooters wont let me buy weapons permantly (sorry, but it's annoying) with the exeption of maybe Metal Assault, which I enjoyed alot, but that died, kind of expected it but meh.

Anyways, I'm here about Tribes. Some of you may have played the previous tribes games, which I have not, but I am currently really into this game and playing it Comp.

It's essentially CtF oriented, fast paced, slow projectile weapons with maps MUCH larger than BF3, where your "ski" around the map exchanging slow moving Spinfuser disks (essentially explosives) with opponents on your way to their flag stand, while your defence fights the other offensive players (which you pass on your way) off.

It's a game where team co-ordination is KEY and if you Walk through the flag and take it, expect ALOT of rage from your team members, esspecially the guys who were going 300 odd Killometres an hour when your snatch it from under their noses.

Obviously, with it's high speed, projectile weapons (litterally, NO hitscan at all) it takes much higher skill to play than a game like CoD, Wolf Team etc etc, but what makes this game unique, is that is a revival of an ancient series that manages to feel new and refreshing, in a market that is swamped with "Point and click" shooters.

Anyone who has played the Soldier in TF2 will feel RIGHT at home with this game.

Trailers and Gameplay for those intrested in having a look:

okay, scrap that, heres just the trailers, pretty much all of the gameplay I found was some guy whining, Tribes 2 elitism, out-dated or not apropriate for the forums (I believe, have nto checked the rules in a while) bad quality playing OR a combination of the above, One thing I WILL suggest to you, is go watch Bowkoo's videos on youtube, there is some good quality stuff in there, just not sure if I was allowed to do that within the rules.

His stuff is in PUB matchs, so it is not an accurate representation of what you will be doing in PUG games or Scrims, but its good to see what you will encounter when you start out, not with his skill level though (or even his humor about his failures depending on your disposition) In any rate, please click the link below to join up etc. etc.

Thanks for reading guys, you may see me tooling around in the Australian/Ocenia servers with my team, IGN: Soulstealers.

Remember! Teamwork! And by teamwork I mean doing what I say or I F****** kill you


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28 Feb 2010
PostedJul 26, 2012 11:48 pm


Tribes is stupid, the only way to have a good fair fight is if u buy all the upgrades,
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