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17 May 2012
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PostedJul 25, 2012 6:08 pm

Known Issues in AvA!

Because I know you guys are sending a lot of tickets about these
Hello players!

I know everyone is antsy with the merger being in place and everything seems like an issue, but do know that we are handling all of them! These are a current list of all the issues that we know right now. If your issue is on here, you don't have to send in a ticket! We will tell you when the issue is resolved. However, if you have an issue not in this list, please send us a ticket asap so we can investigate further! We thank you for your patience during this merger and hope you guys are having fun!

Known Issues

“Please enter code” Error

Description: Players are receiving the error message "Please enter code", when attempting to log
into the IJJI website. This prevents the player from logging in to and properly merging their
account with an Aeria account.

Status: No solution at this time

Immediately signed out of website

Description: When signing into, a player will appear to be logged in, but immediately will be
returned to the sign-in screen.

Status: This problem appears to be random. Please attempt to log back into the website and you
should be successful.

Unable to Alter clans

Description: Players are unable to add, kick, accept applications, and perform other clan related

Status: No solution at this time.

Did not receive Migration Package

: Ijji players will receive a package once they merge their account with an Aeria account.
Additionally, if the players spend any AP, they will receive a second "spender's package".

Status: Fixed - These packages will go out by 08-10-2012. More information can be found here:

Soldier Front:

Alliance of Valiant Arms:


Idle error message “You have been idle for a long time. You were automatically signed out”

Description: When players are signing into, they are receiving this message for no apparent
reason. This prevents players from merging their Ijji account with their aeria account.

Status: Fixed – players should no longer see this message.

Unable to redeem IJJI fun cards

Description: Players who had purchased Ijji fun cards (G-coin cards) were unable to redeem their
cards on the Aeria billing website.

Status: Fixed – Players can redeem their Ijji fun cards at

EU Server channels not visible (AvA)

Description: The EU channels are not showing up in-game.

Status: Fixed – Players are now able to join the EU channels.
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