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23 Jun 2012
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PostedJul 24, 2012 6:49 pm

Cindy's Story

Hello everyone this is Kaoiji of the Guild Elder Gods coming at you LIVE from New York! lmfao.

Okay, so with the recent appearance of Cindy I have decided to write a short story about it's origins and how it came to be in the world of Monster Paradise!

Here it is!

"Cindy! Cindy!" The world went dark for a small girl as the last words she heard had been her own name. When she awoke she was in a small town and a strange being was in front of her. "Good, you are finally awake. Do you remember your name? When I found you had a poisonous apple in hand. It's hard to tell which apples are poisonous and which are not. They both look the same. You can thank Queen Lamia for that considering it was her parting gift before being defeated." The strange being continued to ramble on and on without giving this small girl a chance to fully come to. "It's not common for us to find new people especially anyone who did not know of Queen Lamia's parting gift..." He was quickly cut off by the young girl's small voice echoing pleasantly across the room, "Cindy... My name is Cindy. Before you continue can you please answer one question of mine... Where am I?" The being looked at her with a confused stare before answering her question. He placed his hand on the table and began to speak, "You are in Paradise. A Monster's Paradise. Had you forgotten already where you are? Do we need to say more than that? Yes, this town has a name but does more need to be said? I think not! I am Uriel, please excuse my costume it won me many competitions lately. It's a pleasure to meet your acquaintance Cindy." She had finally came to realizing she was no longer where she had been before. This was an entirely new world, she had to quickly think of a way back to her own world. The Apple! She thought remembering he had said a poisonous apple was in her hand when she had been found by Uriel. "Sir, thank you for helping me and I must go quickly there is someone waiting for me back home" Uriel stood up and bowed, letting her leave a moment later. Cindy quickly ran towards the forest in which her first sight was greeted with apple trees. All of them must be poisoned! She thought to herself climbing the farthest tree so no one could see her. As she grabbed an apple with each hand and began eating. Before she realized it she had eaten every apple on the tree. If there was any explanation it must have been she had become immune to the poison. The immunity to the poison came a great power and a secret. Along her journey she met a strange cat-like creature who had been named Mixy. This was the only thing to have known her secret. A secret that is now your's to find!
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