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10 Jun 2008
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PostedJul 22, 2012 2:49 pm
Flareous wrote:
pervddl wrote:
ImpactedQQ wrote:
qcumoi wrote:
ImpactedQQ wrote:
Send in a ticket at Support -> Contact Us.  

huh? for what? i'm asking people who playing this game is it doing any difference like in max level stats...  

Send in ticket = contact gm.
I tried to imply you should contact a GM ):  

Just wait Flar comes, he might know.

Anyways, i've heard that fusing same elemental monsters give more exp, but it does not feel like so :/
And for the stats, i've yet to test if a level only with same elemental gives more stats than using all. But i bet it does not.  

yeah no need to contact a gm LOL this can be answered by any player who experimented.

as far as i know fusing a monster with the same element gives a little more exp than a monster without the same element,

fusing with more rarity does the same job as well

one last thing is if you fuse the same monster with itself the bonus is greater. this is what ive heard from what my guild mate tested. i think i read it was a 35% bonus. but there are WAY too many pages in message board for guild to run though lol but i have tested myself by fusing infernos directly into each other. seems to be a bigger bonus increase than using other tabs or ns of different elements and names.  

same not only gives great exp but can level up the skill also.


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25 Jun 2012
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PostedJul 23, 2012 3:08 am
It's percentage based. If you had levelled all those tabs to 7, each with 10 n mon's, the level gain would have been huge

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