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[Event] Tell us the Story!

Your chance to create the lore of Star Supremacy!

Before Star Supremacy's launch, Barbily Games both sought player input on design decisions by offering a spaceship design contest and solicited feedback for future events. Fast forward to today, when players now have the opportunity to submit their own ideas about what the MMORTS title's storyline should be in a new contest!


Everyone who participates with a valid entry will receive:
3x Small Research Center!  

(Starts: 07/17)

Players eager to see their ideas truly influence a game need to post their entry here. The winner of the storyline event will have his or her ideas about how Star Supremacy should grow and develop story-wise incorporated into the game.  

No Deadline! Keep submitting your ideas!  


  • You may only participate in event ONCE (which means only on ONE server on ONE character!)
  • You may not use multiple accounts to participate.
  • Make sure to include your character name!
  • No cheating or plagiarism allowed.
  • Please allow a minimum of 4-7 business days for payout of your rewards!


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This is just a beginning storyline, but I want to know your views of it so far.

Star Supremacy Story

Oberonu was standing at the gate of his Crystal Palace on Leda, looking off into the distance. The palace was immense, easily the size of a city in width and as high as a 20 story building. It had solid granite walls about half a mile away with a beautiful large courtyard sloping down the hill until it met the wall. It had a walkway coming up from the entrance to the castle that looked like it was made of Platinum or Silver, so shiny and yet had only a soft glow to it. The Palace was crystal white with marbling of all sorts of colors throughout it. Streaks of red, blue, purple, green, black, and moved about the walls of the crystal white walls so that it even made marble from Earth look boring. The front door to the castle might as well been considered a gate instead of a door. It was made of solid oak and showed strong but true. Anyone foolish enough to try to break down this gate would of had a difficult time. Suddenly the air miles around the wall and above the castle shimmered, then one realized the castle was protected by a layer of shields, but against what was unsure of. The air was cool and pleasant, with a slight chill in the wind every now and then coming off of the lake. Beyond the castle walls was a large swath of greenery and one would have felt it was a literal paradise. If one looked out of the Palace Wall's Gates, they would see to the right were landing pads for shuttles, an odd picture for something seeming so old and simple as a castle. Off in the distance to the right was a huge volcano with mountains surrounding it, yet the castle was easily a safe distance away. To the left seemed like endlessly sloping hills. Then if one looked directly ahead of the castle gates, they could see the huge, beautiful lake with it's shore line. One could swear it was the ocean with how immense it looked if not for the air smelling fresh and sightly sweet like the grass and trees before blooming mixed in with fresh water instead of the presumed salt water of an ocean.

One could tell this was early spring, yet Oberonu looked worn down and bothered. Lady Pepper walked up to him and nudged him. Oberonu looked over with a slight smile and nudged her back. He saw she was already in her Purple Silk pants and shirt with all of it's intricate designs, Including the KoA crest on her left side, with blue trimmings along the edges to show she was also Altairyan also. Her blond hair flowing in the wind every now and then when it blows with her warm smile looking back up at him. Then went back to looking over the beautiful scenery.

James walked up to Oberonu from behind and touched him lightly on the shoulder. Oberonu turned around and James said, "It's time to get ready sire. The delegates and their entourage are almost here."

Oberonu looked over at Lady Pepper and she half smiled and said, "You can't wait forever."

Oberonu looked at her with a half smile and said, "I know, but this is troubling."

Lady Pepper said, "I know, but it needs to be done if the information is correct."

Oberonu walked off to get ready and dressed for the event of the Scorpio Council.

Oberonu was lead to the council room and he could see the castle gates in the distance. The council and monarch room was so huge that it gave credence to the size of the castle itself. There were 10 rows of pillars on each side of the Platinum walkway that lead to the 10 person throne seats at the end of the oak doors. The pillars were at least two stories high and there were all sorts of designs on the roof and even along the walls. The center pillars were purple with many beautiful and intricate designs all through them, looking like some type of ancient text and art combined. Then next pillars were blue with the emblems and flags of the Altairyan people. Then the next pillars were purple with the emblems and flags of the Seeker people. Then the final pillars closest to the wall were red and bold with the emblems and flags of the UEO people. Each row of pillars seem to represent the 3 Factions of people with the center pillar representing the leaders amongst these factions, showing their unity and even their divides as a people. Oberonu walked along the line of thrones to see his friends, nemesis, and allies sitting there. In the middle was an empty seat and next to it was Lady Pepper. As he walked past, Mugen suddenly jumped up, startling Oberonu, yet decided to give Oberonu a hug, surprisingly.

Oberonu continued to walk along the slightly crescent row until he arrived at his seat in the middle and sat down. If one were looking at the 10 chairs in the middle from right to left, they would of seen Mugen and Frag representing Sysx, then Irwin and Dagon representing GE, then Oberonu and Lady Pepper representing all of humanity in the Scorpio System, then Forsaken and Taylor representing KoA, then the two delegates representing the vast united interests and alliance of all of the alliances who were not strong enough to have their own delegates and able to stand alone.

As Oberonu looked upon the room, he saw the room full of people, with the Platinum walkway lined with people in black silk attire with a red, blue, or purple trimmings and belts, representing their Faction and with their alliance emblems proudly displayed on the left side of their shirts. He recognized the people in the black attire as the military, recruitment, and technology officers from all of the alliances, with the big 3 alliances being the closest to the council seats as to provide the most security. The officers had guards beyond their lines which wore their faction's colors, however had black stripes and lines along the edges of their uniforms, their belts, and so fort letting everyone know they are security and will be brutal if they feel they must be. Behind them mixed in amongst the pillars were a throng of people of many differences, wearing attire colors of their Factions all delegates, leaders from many of the alliances, scientist, and upper class citizens of the human race, all talking amongst their peers around them while waiting for the meeting to begin.

Oberonu looked to the right and left of him, seeing all assigned leaders were seated, all wearing purple silk pants and shirts as required by the Galactic Council dress codes, all with their own emblems of their alliance on their left side and the edges of their attire colored accordingly as his was to their faction. He then noticed he was not wearing a KoA emblem on his shirt nor was Lady Pepper, even though both were clearly KoA leadership. He saw instead the Galaxy emblem with 4 emblems around it. To the north was a purple star, to the South was a green star, to the east was a blue star, to the west was a red star, along the edges of the galaxy was a black circle, and in the middle of the Galactic Emblem was a bright shining light that seemed to change colors all the time with mixes of the 5 colors playfully moving around a crystal white background. Oberonu lost his attention in the design for a minute until Taylor said, "Obe, we need to get back to business." Oberonu snapped back to full attention at the matter at hand.

He stood up and said in a loud, clear voice, "People of the Scorpio Galaxy, we have a matter at hand of great importance." The room fell dead silence and he could feel all eyes on him. "I have been unable to sleep lately because I have been having dreams of danger coming to us all. Not of the wars of which we have all survives and has shaped our galaxy, but from a war far darker and more sinister than ever. To survive this war, we'll have to stand together, as one people and one race, using each of our faction skills and our alliances to their full extent. I will need the seekers to use your resources to build scouts and drones, send them to the other side of the galaxy, see if the threat exists or not. Move quickly and swiftly and may you return safely with news that my nightmares are wrong. Until the report, I will need UEO to prepare your battleships, double their armor, strengthen their ability to hold on until reinforcements can arrive should battle break out. Altairyans, we need you to build weapons and shields, to build battle cruisers of mass destruction, ones that any foe we may face will run in fear with the sheer thought of them coming to help our UEO brethren holding our borders. Then we must be ready for a counter offensive. Seekers, build your ships fast, agile, and improve your ability to remain unseen. We will need you behind the enemy lines to scout the enemies, to strike and escape from them before they can retaliate, to create chaos behind their lines to their supply routes and cities. If this threat on the other side of the galaxy stands to be true, who will stand with us!?"

Taylor stood up sternly and seriously, "Our scouts have not returned from the other side of the galaxy and I fear our new enemies are on their way. We, the Knights of Antioch, will stand by your side to protect the three factions!"

Irwin stood up and said, "You know I am always ready for a fight, unlike our Sysx 'friends'."

Mugen stood up quickly, getting into Irwin's face and said, "At least we don't run like cowards. We will fight and die to protect our friends and family, you all just hide!"

Irwin yelled at Mugen, "You lose like cowards also, at least we know our odds."

Frag stood up angrily and said, "Better to die in battle than to die a coward!"

Suddenly Oberonu yelled, "Enough! We will either stand together or we will fall together or we will fall together, either way they won't care whether we're strong or weak, they will kill us all. If we survive this battle, you two can argue and fight amongst yourselves, but if we don't, you two can fight and bicker as to why we lost in the ether realms!" They both looked at Oberonu and Dagon was trying to stop Irwin, but he exclaimed, "GE stands beside KoA to fight this enemy. We will either win this battle or we'll die by your side!"

Frag, after being restrained by Mugen from hitting Irwin said, "Fine, we'll stand by KoA's side to defend our people, but if we live through this war against this unknown enemy, we will be visiting your colonies Irwin, all of your alliance's colonies."

Irwin looked over deviously smug until Dagon pulled him back to his seat.

The United Small Alliance Delegates stood up and said, "We do not have the strength of any of you three, however we will join the war as a second line of defense if possible."

Oberonu looked at him and said, "Thank you all. We need to put transgressions aside and work for survival now, for we have much to do. Leaders and Officers, I'll see you all in an hour in the dining room please. We need to make a plan."

An hour later in the dining room the leaders and officers assemble. There are 5 rows of dining room tables. The middle dining room table was made out of crystal marble similar to the castle, the table to the right of that was made out of Platinum, then to the right of that was made out of Silver, the table to the left of the center was made out of Gold, and finally the table to the furthest left of the room was made out of Bronze. The tables and room seemed to go on forever, about the length of two football fields. The seats at the tables were arranged the same way the pillars were in the main hall of the castle where everyone meets. purple chairs around the middle table and so on. There were only two rows of pillars in this room, made out of the crystal marble, yet different in the fact it was almost see through, only the colored lines running amuck through the pillars making them able to be seen. One row of pillars were between the Platinum and Silver tables and the other row of pillars were between the Gold and Bronze tables. The leaders sit down at the crystal marble table and further down the officers sit down.

Oberonu played with his fingers and bit looking down, then finally looked up and said, "I talked to Sage Hadouken and did not wish to bring this up in the main meeting hall to keep people from panicking. He informed me that this will be our greatest challenge yet if we survive it. He's placing his money on us, but said it's still a long shot gamble. This new enemy has ships that made the God Wind ships and their fighters look like a kid's play toy against one of our capitol ships. That's not good odds. I have some of the best minds working on the problem to see how we can defeat this new nemesis and any intelligence we can get on them."

Suddenly the kitchen doors slammed open and Pharos and Keller came running through it. Pharos threw a projector disk on the table and it quickly lit up.

Oberonu said, "What's the meaning of this Pharos? Did you find the solution to the problem?"

Pharos exasperated replied, "Sire, just look at the information. We got lucky to receive the last seconds of the death of an entire fleet of battleships sent to check out the enemy."

Autolycus replied, "My men survived then?!"

Pharos said, "They all died valiantly including a fellow scientist of ours, but they were able to get this information out as their last act of life."

The screen projected the battle commander making a last ditch report, "We are dead, we know this by now, we have about an hour and are going as fast as we can away from the battle field. There is no way we can survive this master ship they're using. We found that our enemies exist in three systems across the Galaxy and they are by far stronger with more superior technology than us. Our best chances are to take the alien space ship design pieces we found in the alien fortresses and use it to settle their planets. Maybe then we can attack them while they're off guard. I have sent the intelligence report, including the names of the three star systems. I have also sent what I could find of their capitol ship. It's called the 'Dark Nemesis' and take a lot of rare resources to build, some I don't think we've even seen before. Their ships took out 50 battleships in a single shot!" The commander looks around hurriedly and continues, "The nuclear torpedoes barely scratched their surface! They must have a huge amount of armor! Our Solar Lances and Military Missiles seemed to do very little damage. Our fleets are far too small and weak to go against such huge odds. We ran while the other 170 battleships fought on valiantly in hopes we can get this information to you. Wait, how?! They're here already!!! God help!!....." They saw what the Dark Nemesis looked like as dead silence filled the room as the message ended, but thankfully the commander had decided to send as he recorded in case something like this did happen.

Aeolous looks up angrily saying, "They will die for this. I'll kill every last one of them! They will die!"

The leaders looked around and shook then head with new determination and agreement to take the battle to their turf and play offense instead of defense. Lady Pepper said, "Obe, it's time we go visit the Sage Hadouken and see what he can tell us on their ships and any history he may know." Oberonu shook his head with both anger and determination as everyone got up the table and started to walk out.

Oberonu asked, "Pharos, how long until the new ship and weapon designs?"

Pharos replied, "We're working as hard and as fast as we can. When we know, you'll know. Those ancient texts you found on your adventures are helping a great deal, but if they'll be ready time time to go against this harsh nemesis, I am not sure. One of our best scientist were on board that ship and we're all taking it personal. Our families moved into the new facility you provided us and is making travel a lot shorter and giving us the chance to dedicate to finding and finishing these new designs. We agreed to start an 18 hour day after we saw this report and keller and I rushed it to you right after. Which reminds me, I need to get back to them." Pharos ran out the door with keller right behind him.

Oberonu looked at Lady Pepper, Taylor, and Forsaken, all looking ready for blood as an ice cold breeze flowed through the dining hall. They were going to show this new enemy what decades of on and off wars had done to make humanity stronger. They were going to show this new nemesis we won't go down without taking them with us if all else fails. This was no longer a war between alliances or even faction, but a war for survival.

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."


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Chp 2, Crushing Dominance
"Remember, sometimes it is darkest before dawn and that is when your strength, hope, and courage should be it's strongest." Obe

Ch2, Crushing Dominance

Oberonu is pacing the floor in front of the castle seats, looking worried and stressed. He is wearing his meeting attire, yet it looks worn out and somewhat tattered. It was as if he were in a full out fist fight, bags under his eyes due to lack of sleep, his hair was a sheer mess. What had caused him to go from his Kingly look to this ragged and worn down look. Suddenly a messenger darts into the huge, wooden castle doors and runs down the walkway, which itself looks like it had not been getting maintained lately. The messenger said, "Sire, we have the new reports. Sysx's fleets have been crushed on the right flank, it was a slaughter. Panda barely saved a lot of the fleets on the left flank with a brazen move with Irwin to save as many commanders and ships as possible, yet it will take them months to get even close to the ships they lost and the loss of life was horrible. Dagon tried to resign, but Lady Pepper told him to keep dreaming and get back out there, we need our best leaders out there fighting with every inch they have. He looked distraught until she reminded him what was at risk. KoA are holding some ground against the Dark Nemesis ships, but they can't hold them out for long. With all of their power they have been unable to take down the Dark Nemesis ships. I mean if they can't with all their power, what chance do we have?"

Oberonu replied, "We have hope, courage, and heart. We know what's at risk. Have you heard any word on Autolycus?"

The messenger said, "We have to believe he's dead. He went to back up Sysx in the right flank and he went missing. His signal and everything, all of his battleships. The thing is, we can't find the debris, so it could of been a total annihilation from a new ship they may have. I do have good news though. The United Small Alliances have taken on the battle on the right flank while Sysx tries to recover to get back in the battle. They've got some spirit sire and they're really fighting with fury that I have only seen from Sysx. Aeolous took some of KoA military officers and their fleets to take on the battle on the left flank so that GE can rest and recover. We're being spread thin, but they are fighting with everything they have! It's absolutely amazing sire! Some have even gone without sleep for over a week. Svemir has taken up leading the United Small Alliances on the right flank and giving them tactical advice after Autolycus' death. It became such an intense battle that 3 more Dark Nemesis ships joined in the battle, so they have to be open somewhere, we just haven't found it yet. However, it seems scouts are saying five more are heading towards the KoA fleets and two more on the left flank. Reports say that Torrnado is leading a group of Sysx members back to the front line on the right flank, even with only half their original power. Irwin is trying to recruit all he can, even getting in a fist fighter with Panda as to who will get back to the left flank first. I can see they're all wearing down and even under your leadership, our ships can't match the losses and the loss of life is wearing heavily on our people as well. The only thing keeping them from rebellion is the fact that they know if we lose this war, we all die, the last of humanity as we know it. Please sire, I beg of you, we need a solution."

Oberonu looked down bothered and as if he had aged 10 years within a few minutes, then replied, "We are doing everything we can. Pharos and keller sent the newest designs to the front lines on all three sides with little improvement. These ships are monsters. Keller had to pick Pharos up and put him in bed the other day after Pharos went a week straight without sleep our of determination and finally just crashed. We're trying to get to their home worlds to make them defend, but they have as of yet to give us a hole to do so. The great Sage Hadouken said he's going to see if he can find all of the other sages and see what they know as to how to defeat our new enemy, however has so far had little progress. Just remember, when it's darkest is when the light is just on the horizon."

The messenger said, "But sire, we're losing badly. Maybe if we surrender?"

Oberonu replied, "Never! They want to wipe us out, what part of that do you not understand?! There are no surrenders, there is no withdrawing with them. I'll die before I let them kill our people off! We will win! There are no other options!"

Lady Pepper walks up to Oberonu and puts her hands on her shoulders, "Obe's right, they won't take surrenders. We've tried and they killed our emissary of peace and sent his head back with the words 'die' cut into his forehead. It's either we find a way to kill them off or we die. We've defeated the pirates, our enemies in Capella system, and even the God Winds. We will defeat them also or we'll die trying."

The messenger ran off to deliver the news to keep pushing with all we have, to win. Oberonu looked at Lady Pepper and looked grim. Oberonu said, "It seems the only ones who seem to know what's at stake are the leaders and those at the front line. I wish I could do more."

Suddenly a mysterious man in a blue cloak appears and walks up to Oberonu. The mysterious man says in a hoarse, raspy voice as if death itself, "Are you the leader, Oberonu?"

Oberonu replied, "I am. What is your business stranger?"

The mysterious man said, "You are strong for holding onto hope against all odds and I believe you will find a way to to defeat this opponent. Some of your leaders are not dead, they will each bring you the pieces you will need, but only you can resolve the problem. You are constantly placed as the leader for a reason, for your destiny and those of your fellow leaders are great. Look in your heart, you'll know this is true. I will visit you again, when it is time." Then the mysterious man vanished as a mist.

Before Oberonu could react another messenger rushed in through the castle doors and ran up to Oberonu. He could be only five years old, a child? The young messenger was breathing heavily and finally caught his breath, in a sweet, hurried, innocent voice he said, "Lord Irwin wanted me to let you know that we just lost Rawkee and Chuggers on the left flank. In the mix of fighting we believe their fleets and ships were destroyed because their locators vanished."

Lady Pepper screamed, "No! Not my brother! You're lying! Please no...." Then she tried to hold all of her strength to keep from breaking down crying.

The young messenger continued, "Irwin feels personally responsible. They had jumped in with their fleets to give Irwin's ship, which was badly damaged a chance to escape to come back and fight another day. By the time Aeolous and Panda got there, their signals had vanished and now they're fighting full force against the two Dark Nemesis ships there and their fleets. They said Aeolous was screaming something about giving them lots of love for what they did, although I don't want to know what that's about. On the center Tubagoblue got lured away from the main fleets and his transponder vanished. We can only assume the worst."

Oberonu looked angry, trying to hold back his rage and pain, "How many friends must we lose? Why must the cost of victory and survival be so great?! I'll go visit keller and see if we have any good news yet. Tell them all we're proud of them and remind them what's at risk little one, can you do that for me?"

The young messenger said excitedly, "Yes sir!" Then the young messenger ran out the door.

Oberonu walks out the gate while a distraught Lady Pepper follows behind him, a bit confused. When they get to the gate, Lady Pepper stops him and ask him, "Where are you going? The research center is back towards the castle."

Oberonu says, "I know milady, but something inside says I need to go to the middle of the huge lake, something I need is there. Do you feel you have the strength to watch the castle and lead them until I get back?"

Lady Pepper says, "I can. How long will you be gone?"

Oberonu replies, "It should be only a few hours. Just something to our solution is on this planet."

By the evening, Oberonu did not return and a search party was sent out after him. He had vanished. As a week passed and Oberonu had gone missing and was presumed dead. Sage Amugi walked into the palace doors to see a Lady Pepper worn down and tired, slumped over and looking ragged and old, as if she had been a beggar all of her life. Amugi said to her, "Why do you look so sad?"

Lady Pepper said, "Oberonu was our last bastion of hope and the Dark Nemesis are almost to the Pollux system and we may lose it soon. We are down to barely any ships."

As another person walks up to Lady Pepper, Amugi said, "I have seen something like this before. Sage Hadouken, what was his saying?"

Sage Hadouken replied, "He always said it was darkest before dawn. This is when your hope, faith, and strength should be the strongest because soon will be the chance to win."

Lady Pepper replied, "We've lost so much. So many dead, all because another race wants to kill us off for what?"

Sage Amugi replied, "That's easy, they fear your people, your power."

Irwin said, "Yeah, such power. Only 10 ships left to my name... 10 more building. 200 people left in my colonies..."

"What power?!" Lady Pepper demanded, "We're dying in mass, we don't match up to them in tech nor ships, they are beating us down and our spirits with it."

Sage Hadouken said, "Your people are beating down their own spirits. Humans are a resourceful species I find. Oberonu would never give up, at least not for long. Long enough to dawn on him as to what he's doing and come back stronger and wiser."

Taylor replied sarcastically, "Oh and the big bad aliens have nothing to do with it? Our massive losses of fleet and life have nothing to do with it? Really now?" Taylor looking more and more angrily and saying it more insultingly with each phrase.

Before Taylor had a chance to decide whether to try to kill the sages, Lady Pepper replied, "Yeah, speaking of the dead..."

Sage Amugi and Hadouken looked at each other confusingly and Sage Hadouken asked, "When did Oberonu die?"

Lady Pepper looked up at him angrily and said, "You're sages for Heaven's sake! You didn't know he went missing over a week ago? He's dead!"

Sage Amugi said, "How can that be if he just walked into the gates of the castle walls?"

Sage Hadouken said, "Yeah... He greeted me on the way to the gates, said he'll be coming in soon."

Lady Pepper looked around, at a shocked Taylor and Irwin, then just jutted between the two sages and out the door. Next thing heard was Lady Pepper yelling, "Oberonu, you're back!"

Sage Hadouken said, "Kinda lively for a dead guy huh?"

Sage Amugi said giggling, "Yep, seemed pretty alive to me. Neat new ship he arrived in, wonder where he got it from."

Pharos walked in and asked, "What new ship? We've sent everything we had at the Dark Nemesis ships, there are almost no ships here and especially no new ships."

Sage Hadouken grinned and said, "That looked like a new ship to me that he was using. But I do believe higher forces are at play."

Sage Amugi said, "Yes, higher forces indeed. Let's see how they play out."

Sage Hadouken, "They may still die, but my money is on Obe and humanity being hardheaded enough to pull out a win. It looks dire and Jacot will fall tomorrow, the asteroids have already fallen in Pollux."

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."


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Ch 3, The Rebirth of Khaos
Ch 3, The Rebirth of Khaos

Oberonu had returned with a new, crystalline ship. It was see through, yet with what looked like a chaotic rainbow throughout it, as if they colors were all dancing with and amongst themselves, constantly moving. It was beautiful, yet no larger than a transport. Oberonu had put his hand on it and it had opened for him. There were all sorts of displays on the window, yet no dials, no controls. One would wonder how Oberonu controlled the ship, that was until he sat down and put his hand on the ship. A series of seats, around 19 extra, suddenly formed. Oberonu said, "Sit down and strap in, we don't have much time before Jacot falls."

Irwin said, "What about the Sages? Aren't they coming?"

Oberonu replied, "They have other places they need to be. Now either sit down or I will have the ship remove you."

Under the serious tone everyone quickly sat down and strapped in. Suddenly the ship took off, yet going from zero to past the speed of light, no one even realized the change except through the scenery change. People were looking around, some whispering about how a ship could move so fast without the effects of G force and without harming the planet it took off from. What type of technology was this? Then what seemed like hours due to all the thoughts running through everyone's head, they finally arrived at Jacot on the ground. They had come to a sudden stop, yet once again, no changes in pressure or anything. Taylor checked the time and realized somehow it had only taken a few minutes to span the distance from Leda to Jacot, as if the space did not even exist.

Jacot was a huge gas giant, yet had many little planets and such amongst it's rings. Beautiful, bluish violet rings. Red, blue, green, gold, and so forth circles in it's rings. Light Blue to Deep Violet swirls on the planet Jacot. Fast and yet beautiful. The temperature was cool and yet relaxing, although slightly humid. It was like late fall on a tropical island type of temperature and atmosphere. Relaxing, but also troublesome. One could feel the tension and stress all around them, yet it seemed no one even noticed them in the ship. Some people were running around, as if preparing for a suicidal attempt at defending Jacot and little time to do it.

On the ground were a bunch of leaders, looking over maps and every now and then looking up and pointing. One could see the Dark Nemesis ships up there forming a circle around the planet, ready to siege it. As the doors opened and people stepped out, everyone looked in awe as Aeolous walked up and said, "How did you all get past the siege? We've been trying. Oberonu? Is that really you?"

Mugen looked shocked and said, "Lord Obe! Where have you been!?"

Oberonu replied, "I've been on a journey, but that's not important at the moment. Right now, we need to be prepared for the arrivals."

Taylor looked at him and asked, "What arrivals? More enemies?"

Lady Pepper jumped in saying, "You've still never said where you've been."

Oberonu replied calmly, "We have friends arriving. Where I've been is not important yet, not when we're sitting on a planet that's about to get wasted."

Forsaken replied, "Yeah, moot point. What's the plan?"

Oberonu grinned and said slyly, "Oh just wait, friends are coming. They should be here in a few seconds."

Suddenly one could see a huge ship show up. It was sheer massive, slightly larger than the Dark Nemesis ships. The ship was huge and white, like the castle. It looked like a pimped out version of the Battle Cruiser, except larger and with more modifications. It had the large center, yet it had 4 arms to it that combined in the middle. What was more interesting are each of the arms had a different color. Upper right was purple, lower right was blue, upper left was green, lower left was red. The center of the ship was pure white but with the playful colors everyone had been used to at the castle. Did someone go color happy or did someone steal the castle? It had to be one of ours people thought, but how. It will surely fall quickly as the others did.

Twenty Dark Nemesis ships turned on it and just kept hitting it, but to no avail. Then over the radio one could heard the dead Autolycus saying, "Poor babies. Still can't damage this beauty can you? Go all boom trying to destroy it and hey!! That tickled!!" Then Autolycus started laughing. Then he said, "Oh, if only I had weapons on this ship, I would so own you all. Give you all the love back"

Oberonu put his right arm around Aeolous and said, "I think your buddy needs you."

Aeolous stepped back like Oberonu had lost his mind and exclaimed, "You've gone mad! There is no way I can help him! I am not even sure how he's able to handle their damage, much less help him!"

Oberonu let off a small chuckle as everyone except Lady Pepper look at him as if he was mad. Oberonu replied, "The crystalline ship I had brought, I had brought it for you."

Aeolous looked at him and said, "I don't even know how to operate that D(*^ thing."

Oberonu smiled and replied, "Language is not needed and just put your hand on the wall, you'll know what to do from there. Each of us have a destiny, you can run from it as long as you want or you can accept it. The easier you accept your destiny, the easier things will be."

Aeolous replied, "Yeah, I've had nightmares about this, but so be it. If I die though, I'll haunt you."

Oberonu replied, "Have you so little faith? You don't see Autolycus having faith issues do you? You did hear he needed weapons."

Aeolous replied, "How is this little ship a weapon?"

Pharos looked at him and said, "It's a power supply for all of the weapons isn't it Obe?"

Oberonu smiled and said, "I knew I could count on you Pharos. Yes, it's the power supply to the shields, Galactic Lance, overdrive warp system, and the other weapons that will be arriving soon enough."

Taylor replied, "What other weapons?"

Oberonu replied, "The fun guns as they like to call themselves now. Once Aeolous joins Autolycus, the rest will come into play. Jacot has a secret itself, but in time."

Lady Pepper replied, "You're different somehow. You're not the same Oberonu."

Oberonu replied, "I am the same Oberonu, but yes I am different also. We each have our destinies."

Lady Pepper replied, "I don't like that phrase. It makes me think something is wrong."

Oberonu replied, "Everything is as it's supposed to be."

Forsaken looked around and replied, "Where's Aeolous?"

Oberonu replied, "He's accepting his destiny."

The crystalline ship powered up and took off like a bolt of lightning towards Autolycus. When he got close everyone could heard Autolycus on the radio taunting Aeolous, "Ah, it's about time you came. I see Oberonu got the ship to you just fine."

Aeolous replied, "You two schemed together?"

Autolycus replied, "Nah, he lead me to a village which trained me and lead me to this ship. It's so awesome. They can't do anything do it and it's making them so frustrated. You should hear all the nasty things they're saying on their radios."

Aeolous replied, "You can understand them?"

Autolycus said, "Oh yeah, this ship has lots of bells and whistles, just no weapons. You're here to rock their world right?"

Aeolous replied, "And how do you propose this little ship will do that?"

Autolycus replied humorously, "By entering the engine bays. Keep going towards the middle and there should be a hole there presently opened, once you get in there it'll close and you will be linked into the engines. Then according to Oberonu, you'll see the Galactic Lance targeters come up and fun time!"

Aeolous started to think they had all lost their minds. But as Autolycus had said, there was an opening and as soon as he went in the opening the ships took over with the main ship closing behind him and then his ship docking in a space that seemed made just for him. Then suddenly targeters came up, as if he were outside the ship and part of the ship. All sorts of colors, dials, and such all came alive. It was happening so fast he wasn't sure he'd be able to keep up, then finally a helmet dropped on his head gently and he helped it onto his head. It was comfortable and showed him so many things about the 360 of the entire ship in all directions. This was amazing and he wasn't sure how he could see 360 in all direction, but he didn't care. He targeted two Dark Nemesis ships and thought, decimate them. Suddenly a huge power source came from where the 4 points of the ship touched at the front and a huge sonic boom was heard as the Galactic Lance fired. Both Dark Nemesis ships destroyed as is a transport going against a nuke. They didn't stand a chance.

Suddenly Autolycus showed up on his screen and said, "Now that's what I'm talking about! Welcome to the ship Khaos. Not many like this beauty. Ah, but this is only a small portion of what this wonderful love of my life is capable of. They should be here any second."

Aeolous asked, "Who should be here any second?"

Suddenly, there was a noise on the radio of two guys yelling at the top of their lungs. He heard Rawkee come over the radio saying, "The Fun Guns are here and I hope we didn't miss the fun!"

Autolycus laughed and said, "It's about time you two goof balls showed up. You almost missed all the fun!"

Chuggers said, "Hah! No fun without us!"

Lady Pepper looked shocked, "But he was dead!"

Chuggers replied, "If you think I die that easily you underestimate me! Keep dreaming."

Lady Pepper replied angrily, "I will kill you when I get my hands on you!"

Chuggers replied, "Ah, just like old times. So are we going to talk or are we going to ace these idiots?"

Autolycus laughingly said, "Yeah, front ports, right and left sides at the front. You know where to go."

Rawkee replied, "Yep, sure do."

The two ships turned sideways and attached to the front side of the ship right before ten Dark Nemesis sent off their attack, yet to the surprise of the Dark Nemesis ships and most of those on Jacot, the front of the ship was covered in a blanket of light and smoke, then suddenly two more Dark Nemesis ships were left.

Irwin asked, "What weapons were those?"

Oberonu looked at him and said, "We'll, they're like a mix of rail repeater with flak cannons, but their projectiles are somewhat of an energy base honestly. They have infinite ammunition, it defends against eighty percent of all projectiles fired at the ship and fifty percent of normal weapons while returning on estimate sixty percent of the damage fired against them. At least while attached to the Khaos ship. When they break off into fighter stance, it's a mix of heavy flak cannons and rail repeaters with the damage about half that of the lance, but all projectile damage type. It's ingenious how it was designed, then those two nuts somehow ran into them."

Chuggers replied, "Generally Obe is saying he lead us to them."

People looked at Oberonu oddly, like how was he in so many places and doing so many things in only a week's time? Then the remaining six Dark Nemesis were about to Fire, then four more were destroyed, but from where? Suddenly two ships shot through the debris of the Dark Nemesis ships. Suddenly Tubagoblue said, "Serves them right. So Auto, got room for Ehna and I?"

Autolycus replied, "Yep Top two spots, yet I am still missing the other two ships from the bottom two spots."

Oberonu replied, "Don't worry, I already sent Irwin and Frag to the ships."

Those on Jacot looked around and realized both had silently gone missing, then a split second later two ships shot up from Jacot into the sky and joined the Khaos ship. Then to those listening to the radio, they could hear Frag and Irwin bickering over who was going to get the most kills.

Taylor said, "Children!"

Frag and Irwin replied at the same time, "What?!"

Taylor said, "Shut up and blow the &*%# out of the Dark Nemesis already!"

Lady Pepper replied, "Some things never change."

Then Autolycus came on the radio saying, "Oh guys, let's one shot the rest. Captain Aeolous, you have command."

Aeolous replied, "Captain?"

Autolycus replied, "Yep. The systems check should be coming up soon."

Aeolous said, "Defenses operational and at full power?"

Autolycus replied, "Check and ready."

Aeolous said, "Galaxy Cannons operational and at full capacity?"

Chuggers and Rawkee replied at the same time, "Fun Guns check!" Then they bust into laughter.

Aeolous replied, "Galaxy Missiles ready to fire?"

Before anyone else could reply, Tuba and Ehna said, "Check!"

Frag said, "What about us?"

Irwin replied, "Yeah, what about us?"

Aeolous replied, "Galaxy Lance ready."

Suddenly all of the Dark Nemesis ships realized they had one shot and fired everything they had. Aeolous replied, "Fire!"

A huge shockwave was created when all of the weapons connected, then the atmosphere of Jacot and it's crystal rings shook and swayed violently. There was a huge smoke cloud in the sky and then laughter came on the radio from Autolycus, "They didn't stand a chance." When the smoke cleared, all of the Dark Nemesis were nothing but debris.

Everyone started celebrating until Sage Hadouken walked up. Taylor replied, "What now!?"

Sage Hadouken replied, "Now you need to go to their home planet."

Mugen replied, "With Lord Obe and the new Khaos ship, they don't stand a chance."

Suddenly it dawned on everyone, Oberonu had disappeared. He disappeared again, but why?

Lady Pepper replied, "Not again! We got just him back! What did you do with him Hadouken?!"

Sage Hadouken replied, "He had things he had to do. If you want to find him, then search the Supremacy Stars. You should find him somewhere in there. You now have the Khaos supreme ship to protect your colonies. I suggest you started from the edge of the Supremacy Stars and work your way in, for each battle gets harder and more violent as you get closer to their home worlds. Good luck." Then suddenly Hadouken vanished as if mist.

Aeolous replied, "Did Obe see our victory?"

Lady Pepper replied, "He's gone again. We need to get to the Supremacy Stars to find him."

Aeolous replied, "That figures. I do something good or great and Obe's not around to witness to it. When I find him I am going to tell him over and over how we crushed the Dark Nemesis ships! He will listen for once since he skipped out on seeing it."

Autolycus replied, "Eh, we expected this. Trust me, he had more important things to do."

Svemir replied, "The hunt for Obe is on!"

Lady Pepper laughed softly and said, "I guess so."

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."


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my version of supremacy story

Year 4029,
Three brothers and brave warriors are at the head of a celestial universe by far exceeding what we can imagine This is Alty, Seek, and their eldest Olygan Three brothers, inheriting the heavy treasure that their father left them, Shuriyu Resultant of terrible battles with other species of the galaxy. Then the discovery of the galaxy Polux, located a hundred million kilometers from their homeland, and three new specific materials as well as a tablet, written in a dialect seemed very old. After several years, scientists have been able to decrypt the famous tablet, or they discovered the inscriptions "anyone who forged these materials will have absolute power, but beware that this will result a" ... Three brothers, in order to protect the inhabitants of their planet, decided mutually to use these new materials, in search of the ultimate weapon.

Year 4440 ,
400 years of war have passed. The search for the ultimate weapon by the three brothers brought only discord, violence and hatred between them. The war broke out between the three brothers, leaving only dust behind them and mountains of corpses. Everyone was entrenched in his own planet, for it was Alty Herakles, Phaeton and Seek on Olygan on Juno. The years were very long to rebuild a life, and each devell
The years were very long to rebuild a life, and each devellopait his own techniques, its own expertise. The three brothers were dead long ago, cut each in their castle of fear of the invader. They had left their successor has a very important task, that of restoring life, or where they had taken so much.

Year 4500,
Here I am, Mugen, Accompanying my most faithful friend, Frag. We are both descended from Alty. We have thanks to the will of the gods and the strength of our men, rebuild a beautiful city, which we call SysX. Our exploration of space we found that the descendant of Olygan and Seek descendants have traveled the same path as us, facing the same difficulties. Here we are outside our homeland, and we install on a planet nearby, Aquila.

Contact with two other tribes was not easy, everyone knows the horrors of the past, and do not trust giving. We have met the descendant of Olygan, Oberonu and Taylor. They have rebuilt their city, naming KoA Oberonu was able at once to bore you with his fists alone, while quietly playing a game of chess. Taylor she seemed more discrete, spoke little, but a warrior incomparable power and being a fine strategist. We also made ​​the acquaintance of a descendant of Seek, Dagon and Irwin. The latter favored the bargain, but engaged constantly in search of nouvels technology, in order to dominate the world. Our first contacts were rare and brief, each ATTACHING colonize other planets in the galaxy, the sole purpose of survival of their inhabitants. Then the discovery of this terrible tablet, diploe on the planet. The latter awoke within us the desire to recover the said materials scarce. We went even further to infinity, traveling here and there. Until the discovery of the Pollux system, and its asteroids. We then embarked on the search for the ultimate weapon, completely forgetting the mistakes of our ancestors. The desire to dominate the world was in all of us

Is followed by a war between the three clans,
Again leaving dust and corpses on the floor.
Then appeared, as if it came from nowhere, man.
No one knows where he comes from and who he is, but everyone could feel in him a noble past and the monstrous times.
It took us a while to understand that the last was stopped thanks to him, sweeping the battlefield while fighting in one breath, and the survivors returning to their respective planet.
Throughout the day, the three tribes have moved closer to him.
Still blind, he would have been able to describe us like we are under a microscope.
This was the great sage Ryu, one and only representative of the father of three brothers, brother of the great King Shyriyu.
The latter, despite our differences, we have reached together, all around the same table, in order to establish peace.
Peace was then introduced to the galaxy, but no doubt we will start making the same mistakes again, vowed hatred between our tribes are more huge than it was before.
The truce between clans and alliances urent that time, the interests of everyone taking precedence over the collective interests.
All stories by our afferés incapable of realizing that a much greater threat we watched ....

Story of a traveler Alty, Part 1
19 July 4504


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Ch 4, the Gambit

In the war on Jacot we had turned the tide of battle, but at the loss of Oberonu, who suddenly went missing. Lady Pepper assures everyone he has a plan and he needs to do things as he had before. However she seemed unusually happier and less worried, as if she were clued in to some plan no one else was. Aeolous was leading the unified fleets, as per Oberonu's instructions, against the Dark Nemesis fleets. They only had one ace compared to the enemy's several aces, but Aeolous figured it was better to have one ace verse two aces than to go in with nothing but deuces. The Dark Nemesis were not sending their battleships and battle cruisers to fight against the new threat, with limited success on both sides.

Autolycus said, "Commander Aeolous, we have an incoming message."

Aeolous replied, "Put the message through."

On the screen appeared Lady Pepper in her royal pants and shirt. The crew of the ship Khaos miss those days instead of what seemed endless wars and death. Suddenly a chill came across Aeolous, as if Oberonu was right there about to scold him, then he tapped the visor and the message came through. Lady Pepper said, "Hello brave fighters of the Khaos fleet. Pharos gave a short report before they came under attack. Our newest colonies on the Pegasus system came under attack recently. He also said something that bothers me, a messenger came to him in pure silk, purple and blue robes, informing him that the Dark Nemesis are building a new and much more powerful ship which will be used to take down the bases at Leda and crush the human resistance. We feel the new ship must be being built in the Pegasus system and we need you to go there asap to protect the colonies and stop any plans of this new ship's building."

Aeolous looked determined and yet angry, then he replied as calmly as he can, "They'll die for this. Every last one of them! Auto..."

Before Aeolous could finish the phrase, he felt a huge jolt in the ship and then autolycus said, "Engaged."

Aeolous asked, "Have we been together that long Autolycus that you keep doing what I say before I say it?"

Chuggers came over the radio, "That's what makes us such an effective team boss. Oh time to have some fun gun fighting time!"

Rawkee replied, "Yeah, our lives like our new fun gun attitude also. Oh she did not want me.."

Before he could go into more details, Aeolous said quickly, "No more! To much information!" Then he sat in silence, shocked.

Irwin replied, "I wanted to hear about the fun gun story!"

Frag replied, "Let's not. Even though Aeolous is starting to sound like Oberonu, I agree with him and think it's a good thing."

Aeolous replied, "Go die Frag!"

Frag replied, "After you love.. or was that Irwin? Hard to tell you two apart sometimes since we've all spent so much time together."

Aeolous replied, "It's out of desire to want our species to survive. Once we win, the war is back on."

Frag replied happily, "I wouldn't want it any other way."

Irwin replied gleefully, "Me neither. War keeps us strong."

Autolycus replied, "I'd hate to break up the loving party, however we have ten Dark Nemesis ships coming this way with some battleships and fighters."

Aeolous looking as his screen and replied, "They're here! How long have they been here?"

Autolycus replied, "Oh, about half an hour, but I figured I'd let you all bicker until I got tired of them going splat against our shields and armor. So kill something already."

Then like a well oiled machine, the ship moved more gracefully than a dancer and destroyed the Dark Nemesis ships as if it were a daily routine. Every part of the ship and ever leader on the ship moving in flawless unison thanks to the months of attacking. Aeolous said, "Next time.."

Before he could finish his sensors beeped and another incoming message. Aeolous tapped his visor and Pharos showed up. Pharos, "Please tell me you're not taking a pleasure stroll. We're losing lives here. How long until you arrive."

Before he could answer or ask Autolycus replied, "We're here. Give us oh 30 seconds and we'll be engaging their ships. Oh wait, they thought they could lay a trap. How they find so much resources to build ships we can kill I will never know, but Aeolous, this is probably the best time to use one of the newest things we discovered about this ship since I doubt we'll be able to take on all of the damage combined."

Aeolous replied, "I never expected you to say this ship could not take damage or any opponents."

Autolycus replied, "I've never realized they could build this many battleships and Dark Nemesis ships yet. They obviously want to protect something."

Rawkee replied, "Let's stop the chitchat and use the Phoenix ability."

Aeolous replied seriously, "Phoenix initiative engage!"

Suddenly each of the commanders entered their sequence code and selected operation Phoenix and hit engage. The ship burst into fire, as if a blue star, but in the shape of the ship, the magnetic fields around it were so strong that even a magnetar would be jealous. All of the enemy ships were drawn to the ships and no matter how hard they tried to escape the pull, they couldn't. The pull made black holes seem weak compared to all of the metal on these ships. Then suddenly a bright light shot out everywhere, as if endless multicolored phoenix wings, destroying the ship. Then once all enemy ships were destroyed the ship cooled down and reformed as it was, with steam coming off of it. Finally the ship parked over the planet and delegates from the planets Zion and Mecca, including Pharos came upon the ship Khaos.

Autolycus had arranged for a meeting room, which seemed larger than the ship should have been able to have, yet it had more than enough room to hold all of the delegates plus many more. Sitting at the helm of the meeting table was Aeolous, waiting for everyone to be seated to find out what's really going on. Pharos walked to the podium and put down some type of digital chip in which a huge holographic image of Oberonu showed up.

Holographic Oberonu said, "So, you all did live. Great job. Using the Pheonix technique was a great discovery, but there's much to be discovered. This ship is known as the Khaos Phoenix, it has a brother known as the Khaos Draco. They were once created and used to defeat a great darkness that came over our galaxy before called the Oblivion, which being activated can summon the Oblivion Nemesis, a ship so powerful that only the ship Ascendant Orion could defeat it. You won't find the ship, however I am leaving it up to you all to keep the delegates safe until they can find the Khaos Draco, which exists in this system."

Aeolous yelled out, "No, we were here to kill the Oblivion ship!"

Holographic Oberonu looking amused and said, "I knew you'd say that Aeolous. Your ego and pride is your weakness. You're unwillingly to forgive and adapt will be your downfall. Even in it's uncompleted status, the Oblivion ship is still much more powerful than the Phoenix, even with the B grade skill you all just used. It does have a much more powerful skill, however it needs to be with it's brother, the Khaos Draco to use it. Pharos, you're in charge of finding and leading the Khaos Draco ship. You will have a very powerful team when it comes down to it to help you. As to you Aeolous, look inside for the answer, you know I am right and when it's time, you'll know what to do, you both will. My time is up and I am ending this recording soon. This has been a Gambit, for tonight, if we fail, Leda will fall and with it humanity. If we succeed and you all fail, it will be the end of humanity. Each piece needing to work flawlessly together. I think I know why leda has been so important, but I must go now. You all need to work together in order to defeat the Oblivion ship in it's weakened form. I can distract it and wound it, but would be unable to destroy it yet. My time is up and good luck."

Aeolous replied, "As long winded as always."

Pharos replied, "But it shows he still cares about us all."

Aeolous replied, "So we just sit here?"

Chuggers replied, "Good, I need a vacation. I am going to Zion, it looks to have beautiful beaches there. As long as I am good my wife should be fine with it."

Rawkee replied, "I'll surf bigger waves than you!"

Chuggers and Autolycus replied, "You're on!" Then all three bust up laughing.

Pharos replied, "Aeol, even a good leader knows when to take a break and relax. Oberonu taught you that. Be on guard, but take a break, you all need it after fighting the past few months. You all could use fresh water baths."

Frag replied, "You implying something?"

Pharos replied, "Yes, hot water and hot women. You turning it down?"

Irwin replied, "Never! Let's go old man."

Frag replied, "He may not make it back to the ship with that response."

Aeolous replied, "I guess we could use a break, but we need to find this other ship."

Pharos replied with a half laugh, "You relax, I believe I know how to find it, should only take a few weeks if things go right."

It sat back on Aeolous mind as to what Obe meant when he said, " This has been a Gambit, for tonight, if we fail, Leda will fall and with it humanity. If we succeed and you all fail, it will be the end of humanity. Each piece needing to work flawlessly together." It really bothered him and he tried to relax once Redhot arrived however, his worries finally melted away and he was having fun with the others.

A few weeks later a messenger walks up to Pharos and says, "Sir, Leda's gone quiet. I think they lost verse the Oblivion ship. All is lost."

Pharos replied, "Don't tell the others. Best not to fold our hands until we see what our partners have played and their result."

Messenger replied, "Yes sir." Then the messenger left quickly.

Pharos lower his head and closed his eyes, then said underneath his breath, "Oberonu, I hope your Gambit plays out. I don't know what's in your hand nor your plan, but I trust you not to play humanity a losing hand nor to lose. I am almost there, one more week, just hold on our friends."


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Chp 5, Leda's Ending

Lady Pepper was sitting in front of the Kiosk in her purple and blue royal attire, waiting for the ship Khaos Phoenix to respond. It was feeling like winter in the castle, even though is was just spring. Time had passed since they pulled out a victory in Jacot, only by a miracle that happened all within a week of Oberonu's vanishing the first time. This time though, she felt strong and confident, as if Oberonu was standing right beside her, helping give her strength through the challenges. The intelligence showed that a ship of immense power was on it's way to Leda, one that made the Dark Nemesis seem like a play toy. It's sheer power scared most of the military commanders in Leda who knew about it, so she kept it a secret from most of the galaxy. She knew that the Pegasus system was under attack trying to prevent Pharos from finding the Khaos Draco ship and she trusted Oberonu's advice in the hologram she had gotten. It said that humanity's leaders had to take a gambit, to protect Pharos on Zion until he could find the brother ship of the Khaos Phoenix. It was hard for her to constantly keep secrets from everyone and only tell them what she felt they needed to know and it was wearing down on her. Instead of having her blond hair fixed, she had let it grow down to the middle of her back and let it get a bit unwieldy. She had at least made sure her clothing were done in perfect condition and had her hair tied back as neatly as it could be done.

Finally she heard the beep on the communication pad in response and said in her strongest and most confident voice and posture that the entire galaxy had come to expect and look up to, "Hello brave fighters of the Khaos fleet. Pharos gave a short report before they came under attack. Our newest colonies on the Pegasus system came under attack recently. He also said something that bothers me, a messenger came to him in pure silk, purple and blue robes, informing him that the Dark Nemesis are building a new and much more powerful ship which will be used to take down the bases at Leda and crush the human resistance. We feel the new ship must be being built in the Pegasus system and we need you to go there asap to protect the colonies and stop any plans of this new ship's building."

Aeolous looked determined and yet angry, then he replied as calmly as he can, "They'll die for this. Every last one of them! Auto..."

Then suddenly the signal went silent. Even though she had lead them to believe that the threat was in the Pegasus system, she knew the risk was worth the reward that could be garnered if they succeed. Then a slight smile had crept across her face as she realized how some of those who spent a lot of time fighting and arguing had become such a well oiled killing machine. She wondered if they spent more time fighting each other and bickering or fighting the enemies. Either way, the enemies must have thought them all one body and soul when they fought them, victories fleeting against the Khaos Phoenix. She however remembered Taylor's report about the Oblivion ship and it's power, knowing the Khaos Phoenix would be crushed by the Oblivion ship and trusting in Pharos hand's the responsibility of finding and leading the Khaos Draco. A week or so ago, she had sent Taylor, Forsaken, and others to the Pegasus system to help Pharos once he found the ship and it's parts, realizing he needed the best talents possible since this ship was known to be wild and powerful all at once.

A few days had passed since the message and she knew time was almost up. She was sitting calmly in her chair, waiting for the messengers to bring the news that the Oblivion ship had arrived. She got word of the victory in the Pegasus system, however she knew they could not make it in time to save Leda. So she sat there, slanting to her right side and learning on the side arm of her chair, wondering if the Oblivion ship or Oberonu would arrive first. She wondered what miracle he planned to pull off this time. She zoned off a bit in thought, wondering what was going on in the systems, where the Sages had disappeared to, and most of all what Oberonu had been doing all this time and how.

Lady Pepper was suddenly startled when a messenger ran across the hall screaming to the top of his lungs. He ran up to her and fell on his knees, about to tears. She looked at him and said, "So, what's all the panic about?"

The messenger responded, "It's here!! The Oblivion ship is here and it's scarier than anything I've ever seen! People are in a panic ma'am, please come and see!"

Lady Pepper said, "Then let us go see it together."

The messenger replied, "Please, don't make me look at it again ma'am. It's going to hurt me. I just know it wants to hurt me!"

Lady Pepper replied, "The ship wants to kill us, not simply hurt us. If it does, I promise it'll be quick."

The messenger replied, "Does it hurt?"

Lady Pepper looking confusing at the messenger and replied, "I am not quite sure, so let's hope we don't have to find out."

The messenger replied, "I don't wanna die! I don't wanna hurt!"

Lady Pepper stood strongly and confidently and asked, "What's your name messenger?"

The messenger replied, "My name? Donthurtme."

Lady Pepper replied, "I am not going to hurt you. Just tell me your name."

The messenger replied, "That is my name. I've always been so scared of pain that I signed up as a messenger. I don't want people to hurt me so everyone calls me Donthurtme."

Lady Pepper replied, "Aptly so. Now let's go."

Donthurtme asked, "Are you going to hurt me if I don't go?"

Lady Pepper replied, "Yes, now let's go see this ship!"

Donthurtme didn't need to be told twice. He knew what would happen if he did not go so he moved light a bolt of lightning out the door, so much so that he almost smacked into the doors. The guards barely had time to get it open for his slender form to fit through the doors. Lady Pepper came through the door soon after and looked up at the Oblivion ship.

Lady Pepper stood in shock for a minute while Donthurtme was on his knees near by saying, "Don't hurt me bad aliens, please don't hurt me. I don't wanna be hurt" over and over again.

Lady Pepper zoned him out for a minute to get the true grasp of this ship. It was the size of a huge asteroid if not a small moon. It made hundreds of Khaos or Dark Nemesis ships in sheer size, so much so she swore it could swallow them whole and go back for seconds. It was pure black and in the center was a moving section, it looked like a black hole. How could it contain a black hole at the front of the core of the ship? She didn't even want to know. It had a long, solid, oval shape in the middle, as if a stretched out egg, even as it was pure black, darker than even nail polish could be, glossy at that. It had eight squid likes arms that came out of it and merged in the front center of the ship, well off from the black egg like center it surrounded. All around the merged tendril arms, from the point where it emerged a third from the aft of the ship to where it merged well ahead of the ship were suction cup looking things with spikes all around the suction cups and a huge spike down the middle of them. Then from the arms and ship where what seemed like random and smaller tendrils that merged and played playfully each other, as if in a fight for control before being frozen stiff. They were like sheer out chaos, but frozen in time. A dark mist surrounded every inch of the ship and constantly moved and swirled, as if out of some nightmare.

The ship Oblivion moved across the massive Castor sun and turned day to night, so much so she could see stars in what could be day. Around the ship any light that got near it though seemed to bend and even some of it disappear. Then an ice cold wind blew as if it had blown right through her, removing what seemed the last bit of courage she had. She looked across the horizon and she could no longer see the light from the star, only from the volcano in the distance burning brightly and little dots from colony clusters throughout all of Leda. She almost fell to her knees in fear until suddenly she snapped out of it when Donthurtme ran across screaming, "They're going to hurt me! They're here to hurt me! I don't want them to hurt me! Please don't!..."

Then before he could finish it, she back handed him and he fell to the ground. That's when she shored up her courage and felt that this was a fight they could not win, but even if they die she will put on a brave face and posture. She would be strong! She told donthurtme, "It'll be ok, we'll find a way to win this."

Then donthurtme said, "We're going to die." Then broken down crying.

A hand was put on donthurtme's shoulders and a familiar and yet strong, confident, unworried voice came from behind. "Silly messenger, they don't stand a chance as long as we stand together."

Lady Pepper stood for a second in shock, it couldn't be. There's no way! There was no ship in sight all day, yet, yet, it was his voice. She turned around and sure enough stood Oberonu with a sly smile. Before she realized it, she swung with her right hand and hit him on the left side of his chest.

Oberonu replied, "Ouch, that's not the way to greet me is it?"

Lady Pepper replied, "We're about to die and here you are, showing up as if everything was fine. How dare you!"

Oberonu then replied, "I like the hair. Grew it out long just to taunt me back?"

Lady Pepper replied, "This is not funny! We're about to die and you act as if nothing is happening!? Time is short!"

Oberonu suddenly looked serious and said, "Yes, time, we must move quickly."

Donthurtme looked up and quickly asked, "You won't let them hurt me will you?"

Oberonu replied, "You're silly. Everyone will be fine if we move fast enough."

Oberonu quickly rushed in the doors to the palace, rushing to the thrones at the end of it. Wolfking tried to stop him and talk to him and Oberonu brushed him off yelling, "Record this for that nut Aeolous! He and Pharos will need to know what happened here. Communications are about to fail and will take months to get strong enough communications back up. Wolf, record this and take off as soon as we're done! Pharos will understand." As Oberonu started to fade off, but Wolfking started his recorder and ran to the edge of the castle, where the doors were. He then recorded the hall at the end of the chambers and everything he saw.

Oberonu sat down on his throne chair for the Galactic Supremacy Ruler. Lady Pepper caught up to him and said aggressively, "This is not a time to sit down idly!"

Oberonu said confidently and demandingly, "Sit!"

She looked shocked, but realized if he said it how he did, she needed to trust him and did. As soon as she did, the castle began to glimmer, but she did not know how. All the multicolored lines along the crystal wall started moving, as if plasma or energy playfully dancing. She looked over at Oberonu who seemed focused, yet his fingers were moving along the front and top of his chair. Suddenly keypads showed up on the top of her chair also and grips at the front of her chair. She gripped onto the grips, figuring these appeared for a reason. Suddenly to her right, the blue Altairyan flags turned light blue, the dark green Seeker flags turned light green, the red UEO flags turned pink while those on her left, Oberonu's side, remained their original color. The purple remained unchanged. Then on the walls appeared light blue, light green, and pink into the swirls so that there were 7 colors beyond the black and white swirling amongst the colonies of the castle. The castle shimmered and a shook as if going through a major earthquake. A display showed up in front of them showing them the entire Castor solar system. Suddenly the pillars, the right in their new colors to match the flags and the left began to shine, as if charging up.

They saw on the display, the Oblivion ship preparing to fire all of their weapons. There was no way they could survive the attack. Suddenly, huge wings made of many colors appeared out of the oceans of Leda and encircled the entire planet. They closed right as soon as the Oblivion ship fired. Lady Pepper was sure the wings and most of the planet would be destroyed, yet when the dust cleared it all remained intact, much to her surprised and what seemed to the shock and awe of even the Oblivion ship, which backed up a little bit from the planet. Then she saw the castle as it charged up, then suddenly shot out a beam of light that was sheer out blinding she was sure if looked directly at. It had a glittering center with 6 colors swirling around it in perfect unison and had hit the Oblivion ship right on sending out a huge shock wave. The wings protected the planet Leda against the damage of the shock wave, except the emp pulse which fried all of the communication networks.

The battle between the Oblivion ship and this force emanating from the castle, along with the planet's wings seemed shocking and confusing. It lasted for hours, going back and forth. The wings were showing their wear, but not as much damage as the Oblivion ship was showing. Then Oberonu said, "I am fed up with them, I'll finish this battle right now."

Then all of the council's chairs leaned back, thankfully padded to keep people from hurting their heads until the bottoms looked like a solid crystal wall protecting those in the chairs and gravity pulling Oberonu and Lady Pepper against the seat. then the wings spread out as the laser was charging it looked like the wings were charging. Suddenly a huge amount of energy, projectiles, and more launched out, all of them hitting the Oblivion ship. It took serious damage, so much so that even the commanders of the ship felt it was not worth risking another shot. They retreated as fast as they could and once out of the Castor system the chairs returned to their normal upright position and the screen and panels disappeared.

Lady Pepper looked over at Oberonu and asked, "What just happened? What happened with the castle and planet? Angel wings? Obe..."

Before Lady Pepper could finish, Oberonu stopped her. He replied, "There's a lot to be explained I agree. Now, where to begin.."

Lady Pepper replied, "How about the beginning?"

Oberonu laughed and replied, "I guess that can work."

Lady Pepper hit him on the right shoulder and then kissed him on the cheek, then replied, "Yes, the beginning is always the best start."

Wolfking and donthurt me both ran up to the council seats along with hundreds of others, all wanting to hear Oberonu's story, Wolfking still recording everything.

Oberonu took a deep breath and said, "I had gone to the lake and suddenly I blacked out. I went into like a dream state where it seemed like I was floating over the huge lake until I got to the center of it. Then I plunged deep into the lake where I ended up finding the crystal ship. I used it to save quite a few of our commanders and leaders, leading them to places that I felt they needed to be. I don't know how, it just pulled me there and I knew what needed to be done. Similar to intuition."

Donthurtme asked, "Weren't you afraid of being hurt or dying?"

Oberonu replied, "When those you care about are in danger, nothing but their safety come to focus. You do that, you'll find out your fears vanish out of cheer focus and determination."

Lady Pepper replied, "That's why the crew of the Khaos Phoenix ship spend most of their time fighting, but when their lives and those they care about are in danger, they become so unified in mind and thought, that it's like one being."

Oberonu replied, "That's the secret to these ships is unity. They must be focused on working synergistically."

Donthurtme replied, "Synerwhat?"

Oberonu replied, "It's a phase where all of their energy, focus, and force work in such perfect sync that everything becomes effortlessly, as if many parts to a single body, but all working to preserve the body and those around them. Think of someone fighting to protect someone they live in a fight and how their body becomes stronger, faster, and so forth. It's similar to that."

Wolfking then asked, "But what happened to Leda?"

Oberonu replied, "Ah, that's just a ghost of it's former self, a huge secret. As Lady Pepper and I focused together for a singular purple we had awoken a ghost, something long dead and forgotten, but still around until it's no longer needed. Until it's purpose has been fulfilled, the ghost will float around in the galaxy until it's purpose is fulfilled, since the cause of the purpose was formed in this galaxy as well."

Lady Pepper looked at Oberonu and seemed to understand. Then she told Wolfking, "Wolf, you need to go. They will think all is lost and that Leda is lost and give up. I trust Pharos to keep it a secret for a while, but it won't last forever. Hurry, go! They and we are depending on you!"

Wolfking replied, "But I want to hear the rest of it."

Oberonu replied, "It's not time yet. We all have our purpose and destiny. You are the trustworthy messenger, now go! Tell them to work in synergy and if they don't understand, explain it to them. Go, there is a ship outside of the gates waiting for you to go. They've been waiting for you and will get you there safely. They realize it's their destiny without being told nor questioned. Trust yourself as we trust you. They will need you Wolf."

Wolfking asked, "Yes sir! But what are you all going to do?"

Oberonu replied in a serious and determined tone, "Prepare to save humanity if we must, even if we must die to do it. Time is of the utmost importance to you as much as the preservation of human life is to us all. Travel swiftly my friend."

Wolfking bowed and started to run out, yet donthurtme was right behind him. Wolfking arrived at the ship and looked at donthurtme and said, "You don't need to come, you can stay here where it's safe."

Donthurtme replied, "Oberonu told me we have to learn to face fear and take a risk sooner or later, otherwise all we care about is lost. Humanity is important enough to me to suffer pain and even die for and my place is on this flight with you."

Wolfking replied, "I don't have time to argue. If they have space for you, then you can come."

Donthurtme replied, "I sense they do."

As the transport's bay doors opened the captain stepped out and replied in a french accent, "My name is Mugen, I am sure you know of me. We've been expecting both of you, so get your behinds in here and get strapped in. Time is of the essence. We have the Sysx and some GE guard ships waiting to escort us to our destination. It's going to be a rocky flight if our enemies know what we're doing, so be prepared to die if we must."

Donthurtme replied, "See? Destiny awaits us."

Wolfking replied, "Indeed it does, even if we don't understand it."

They get in the transport and it quickly takes off into space. Not knowing what truly awaits them, what Oberonu's plans are, where the Sages went, nor if they would even survive the battle. They rushed off to an unknown destination to meet up with Aeolous and Pharos to deliver the news before spirits were broken thinking all was lost on Leda. During the travel it seemed to take forever and was filled with dangers from the Dark Nemesis ships and their battleship, battle cruisers, and fighter escorts. Some stayed behind, not knowing their fate and a few died right before them. They saw Altyrians from Sysx, Eme from KoA, Catflap from KoA, Pat from Silence, Shocker from Sysx, Caerulea from KoA, Saveric from GE, and many many more die trying to protect this escort from all 4 major powers of KoA, GE, SysX, and the United Small Alliances group. Death was rampant and people sacrificed much to get the transport there safely. They realize, they're not in the Pegasus system though, they're arrived in the Orion system, seeing two huge ships on both sides of the planets, looking like two small moons around it. They land to see a confused Aeolous looking at them, being greeted by Pharos, who looked relieved.

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."


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Chp 6, Aeol's Mistake

Aeolous walked up to Pharos angrily and demanded, "What are you not telling me!? Khaos Draco is assembled and yet no word from Leda! You know something!"

Pharos replied back firmly, "Yes, I do know something. Oberonu and Lady Pepper took a huge gambit to get us this far. I believe in them to succeed!"

Aeolous demanded, "What gambit!"

Pharos replied, "Wow you can be dense. Lady Pepper sent you to save us and our mission fully knowing the Oblivion ship was on it's way to Leda."

Aeolous got in Pharos face and said even more angrily, "I should of been there! What, just for another ship we lose Leda!? I could of defeated the Oblivion ship!"

Pharos pushed back and now getting angrily, "Well now young man, don't you still have a lot to learn."

Aeolous replied, "I'll kill you after I kill the Oblivion ship!"

Pharos replied forcefully, "Get a grip! You can't take everything on yourself, you must depend on others! Get that through your thick skull. No one of us can do everything alone. None, not one!"

Aeolous replied, "My team and I can take anything they send at us! We've done it before."

Pharos replied, "Yet you forget your ship was given to you by Oberonu. Your team was saved and their ships given to them by Oberonu..."

Before Pharos could finish Aeolous yelled back, "Oberonu isn't the team! Oberonu is just one man!"

Pharos replied, "Yeah, one man that seems able to pull all the strings and pull of miracles. We won't have him forever so you had better learn to depend on everyone and everything around you and become reasonable."

Aeolous charged at Pharos but Taylor caught him and knocked him back. Taylor replied, "Get over yourself Aeolous. We're all powerful and formidable, yet apart we will fall as easily as before. Look at how you and your team once wanted to kill each other, yet when danger comes you all work as if one being."

Aeolous replied, "Because of my leadership and strategic thinking!"

Autolycus replied, "Sorry Aeol, but they're right. Alone we're each formidable, but together even the strongest of forces crumble before us. Plus we'd be dead without Oberonu."

Aeolous yelled, "They're dead Auto! They died on Leda!"

Forsaken replied calmly, "Sorry, but some how I just don't believe that. Obe is trickier than an oiled up weasel. You think you have a good grasp or have him down and he finds some way to come out of it and come back. You kind of remind me a lot of him, just without all of the tricks yet."

Aeolous replied, "I am not Oberonu!"

Pharos replied teasingly knowing Taylor had Aeolous backed down, "Not yet you're not."

Frag replied regretfully, "Just great, what we need, more than one Obe."

Aeolous replied, "They're dead!"

Sage Hadouken appeared behind Aeolous and put his hand on Aeolous shoulder's, startling him. Aeolous looked back looking at a smiling Hadouken. Hadouken said, "Nah, Leda will be fine."

Aeolous asked, "How do you know?"

Sage Hadouken looked at him as if looking at something new and puzzling, then said, "Have you so little faith Aeolous? I believe in Oberonu. I believe in all of you working together to save humanity. What other choice do you have? Die? That doesn't sound like a fun option honestly."

Aeolous replied, "Then if he defeated the Oblivion ship, why's he not here? Why's he not sent word?"

Sage Hadouken replied, "He's sent word, just slowly and at great cost."

Pharos asked, "So he destroyed the Oblivion ship?"

Sage Hadouken replied, "Not really. But your enemies have learned not to underestimate him nor his cunning."

Aeolous asked, "Then you're the messenger?"

Sage Hadouken replied, "Ah, you want them to be easy right? No I am not the messenger, I am just the guide. When the messenger replies, you'll know what to do next."

Taylor replied, "Why don't you just tell us?"

Sage Hadouken replied, "Not my place. We all have our place in this universe. Our destinies. Just as I am bound by my place and destiny in the universe so are you all. Aeolous, before the month is over, you will decide the fate of humanity. You will either seal their life or their doom. Pride and power have no place in good leaders. Few great leaders or even great people want to be a leader or great, but it's their destiny. Their choices effect the world."

Aeolous replied, "What does that mean?"

Then suddenly a transport that looked beat up with a small fleet of escorts showed up. Everyone suddenly realize Sage Hadouken had disappeared.

Taylor replied angrily, "Figures. They never stay around."

Finally the ship gets close to the ground and then suddenly crashes to the ground.

Wolfking and Donthurtme realize, they're not in the Pegasus system though, they're arrived in the Orion system, seeing two huge ships on both sides of the planets, looking like two small moons around it. The system has 7 planets, with three of them forming a line right down the middle and one in each corner, should there have been corners. It was an odd arrangement, but as if the Star of David with a center point. They land to see a confused Aeolous looking at them, being greeted by Pharos, who looked relieved.

Mugen was the first to walk out of the ship muttering something about 'the roughest landing I've ever had. Surprised the ship made it.'

Wolfking walked right up to Pharos and handed him the data chips, then replying, "Oberonu told me to hand this to you and you'd know how to activate it."

Everyone sat around the chip and watched all the events play out. It was intense to see it as it played out around them and they saw it as if they were there. Now they had the first glimpse of the Oblivion ship. When it was done Pharos asked, "Where's the second chip?"

Donthurtme looked at him confused, "How did you know there was a second chip?"

Pharos replied, "Oh, we had a visitor. I am sure the second one is from Oberonu telling us where to go."

Donthurtme replied, "I guess. I am not sure. Oberonu handed it to me as soon as he appeared on the planet. He didn't even land."

Taylor replied sarcastically, "Yep, sounds about right."

Some people looked at her confused as to what she meant by that. Pharos set the chip up and it began playing. There was a hologram of Oberonu.

Holographic Oberonu said, "Ah good, well we survived and my gambit paid off. I am glad to see you got the Khaos Draco. They're brothers and like all family, need each other to truly be successful, just as we need each other."

Pharos replied, "How do you know we have the Khaos Draco?"

Holographic Oberonu replied, "Because it's destiny Pharos. Just as your team, each ending up there for a reason, yours being larger than Aeolous for a reason. The Khaos Draco is an extremely complex and powerful ship. No Aeolous, that does not mean your ship is weak, it is just easier to handle, even in Pheonix form."

Aeolous replied, "He knows me too well."

Holographic Oberonu replied, "We're all like family, hence we know each other very well naturally. It's why so many memories are formed between us all and so many great things in each of our hands. Lady Pepper and I will be late showing up to the show, but I trust Aeolous and Pharos to lead the two megaships to take on the ultraship. It's imperative that you all work together as if two sides of the brain to figure something out or two hands to take on an opponent in a boxing match. Put egos and distrust aside and work together. You're next destination is the last Supremacy Star in our Galaxy. It's name is the Nemesis system."

Pharos replied, "Rightfully named. It must be their main base."

Holographic Oberonu replied, "It is. Before now, we were too weak to go against their main ship the Oblivion which is hosted there. It's where they got the designs for the Dark Nemesis from, however they have no idea of how dangerous this ship is. The Dark Nemesis were formed from technology they barely understood from the Oblivion ship. It's very dangerous and deadly. It could seal the death of the entire Galaxy and maybe even more with it's power and destructiveness."

Donthurtme replied, "I don't want it to hurt me. I mean, I mean, we'll face it together right?"

Mugen replied, "If we die, we die together. It's always been a good day to die."

Svemir spoke up saying, "No day is a good day to die and I don't plan on dying."

Forsaken said, "If we die, we die as a family, together. But I don't plan on dying either."

More of the same sentiment showed up throughout the ranks.

Holographic Oberonu replied, "If things are done right, no one should die. If we make a fatal mistake, we'll probably all die quickly along with our solar system. It's not a pleasant though and it's a huge risk, but it's one we have to take. We can't keep doing these skirmish battles and slowly both sides are losing while the Oblivion ship gets stronger."

Aeolous replied confidently, "I can't wait to put my boot against their necks as they plead for mercy."

Holographic Oberonu shook his head and said, "Sometimes one has to think with their heart to win, no matter how easy or hard the victory may seem. Evil only begets evil. We're stronger than this, struggling for so long to hold a fragile peace that has kept our Galaxy stable for so long. But our characters show in our actions and choices, including our real intentions. Look at us. UEO, Altairyans, and Seekers from all races and alliances working together, for a common goal. Survival of humanity and those we care about, even so much so as to put our hatred aside. I trust in you all and good luck."

The holograph flickered and vanished. Pharos replied, "So are my crew ready?"

In unison Taylor, Forsaken, Svemir, Flash, Shadowlord, Poultice, Demogin, spt, Boxer, Tyranicus, and many more said, "Yeah!"

Then Pharos looked over at Mugen and said, "What, you're not coming?"

Mugen replied, "But we're not part of your crew."

Pharos replied, "Ugh, what am I going to do with you lot? Mugen, don't you see? You, Dagon, Evermore, Panda, and Torrnado were sent together to be part of my crew. The Khaos Draco is huge and I was still missing ship mates. I prayed that the universe would send me the rest of the crew, then the twelve of you show up to join the thirty six already on my crew, making the number just right and you think this a coincidence?"

Dagon51777 replied, "I don't want to work with those Sysx. I defended them as Obe's request. That's it."

Pharos replied slyly, "Then I guess you don't mind watching your wife and kids dying then, all because of stubbornness."

Dagon51777 shuffled his feet for a bit, then replied, "Oh, I'll do it since there's not much choice."

Pharos replied, "I figured as much. Now let's go."

Tuba replied, "So Ehna, looks like the final show down. Ready to rip them apart."

Ehna replied, "Oh the pleasures their screams will be if we get this right."

Frag replied, "Lucky you Mugen, I'm stuck with psychotic killers."

Chuggers replied, "I am no psychotic killer."

Rawkee chirped up soon after, "Yeah, I am no psychotic killer either. I just have fun guns!"

Autolycus replied, "No worries guys. You two are not psychotic killers, just out of your minds."

Rawkee replied, "Eh, no fun being in the right mind anyways. I am in my mind at the moment right?"

Chuggers replied laughingly, "I sure hope so. Now where is don't hurt me. There!"

Donthurtme replied, "You're not going to hurt me!"

Chuggers and Rawkee were laughing so hard that they barely were able to stand, their faces turning red. Chuggers replied, "No no, not going to hurt you. You need to go with Autolycus though. He's been fussing almost as much as the nag Aeolous for a while about needing a good navigator to help him with all the dials and such."

Autolycus replied, "Bite me!"

Chuggers replied, "Where? Oh wait, do I get to choose?"

Rawkee replied, "I know some good places!"

Autolycus stepped back with Donthurtme in tow. Autolycus replied, "You two are absolutely mad!"

Chuggers replied, "We're not mad, we're happy!"

Autolycus told Donthurtme, "Don't get near them, they try to bite."

Rawkee replied, "Aww come on, we don't bite hard!"

Finally Ehna and Tubagoblue grabbed Chuggers and Rawkee and almost had to carry them to their ships.

One could hear Rawkee in the distance, "Aww, come on you two. We were just having fun. Party poopers."

Pharos replied, "Yes Aeolous, you do have the fun bunch, I have the large bunch, both of our hands are full and plus our choices decide if we all live or die. Exciting isn't it?!"

Aeolous replied, "I would say bite me, but after those two, I learned from that mistake. I'll kill the Oblivion ship, you just sit back and let us do the killing."

Pharos replied, "Really Aeolous, we need to work together. That's what Obe meant."

Aeolous replied, "I am tired of following orders from Obe."

Pharos replied smugly, "Oh, I can't wait for you to have people that tell you the same thing. How bitter sweet that will be."

Aeolous replied, "Let's get this going."

Pharos replied, "Definitely. Time and life are of the essence and we've wasted enough of both so far."


The ships traveled for a week to the Nemesis system. It had a huge planet, one that made Jacot look small. It was mostly green, except the big crater in the side of the planet that looked ominous. There were two other planets. They believe they're planets with their size, even though they are circling around the Nemesis Planet. There it was, the Oblivion ship. They both rushed in and set up for the battle. The Oblivion ship fired and the Khaos Draco ship dodged it as if moving like a feather in a brisk wind. Then another shot went out towards the Khaos Phoenix ship, which dodged it just as flawlessly and easily.

Aeolous said, "We got this, just sit back and watch."

Pharos replied, "No Aeol, I understand what Obe was talking about. We need to work together as if strands of the human DNA. Something doesn't make sense with this ship now that I see it."

Aeolous replied, "You worry too much Pharos. We have this in the bag."

Pharos yelled out, "Aeol!! No!!!"

It was too late. The Khaos Phoenix fired on the Oblivion ship and the Oblivion ship was destroyed.

Pharos said as if holding back tears, "What have you done?"

Aeolous replied, "I took your thunder? We just destroyed it. Such a weak ship that Obe was fussing about. All over nothing."

Pharos replied, "No Aeol."

Aeolous replied, "You worry too much."

Pharos replied, "Then look Aeol."

Much to everyone's surprise, the gases and such were forming around the ship. It formed something terrifying. It was black, round, and oval. It looked as if an elongated head of a demon's with many eyes. Its hull looked as if black, shiny, dragon scales. It showed what looked like black, sharp, meat eater type of teeth. Suddenly there was a huge, loud, thundering laugh. So dark and evil it filled even the most seasoned veteran with fear.

Aeolous said, "What have we done?"

Pharos replied, "I think you released the Dark Oblivion. If only the Ascendant Orion still existed."

Aeolous replied, trying to hold back tears, "Obe, I am so sorry. I failed you all. If there's a chance of just one more miracle along all the lines of miracles so far, please God, let it be now. Please forgive my mistake..."

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."


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Chp 7, Ascendant Orion!

Aeolous was sitting there waiting to be annihilated, praying for a miracle, then suddenly he heard another voice over the radio. It was Oberonu's in his crazy, semi-cocky voice, "Did someone summon me?"

Pharos replied, "I hope you have an ace Obe. This looks bad."

Oberonu replied, "I have the ace, king, and queen, I thought you two had the jack and 10 so that we can royally flush them down the drain of existence."

Aeolous replied seriously and angrily, "Obe, get serious!"

Sage Hadoken replied, "I thought he was serious, but we can leave if you don't want us here."

Taylor replied, "Why are you on the ship?"

Lady Pepper replied, "All the sages for our galaxy are here. along with us."

Mugen replied, "Lord Obe, Lady Pepper, please save us. This thing is bad."

Oberonu replied, "Ugh, no. We best save ourselves together."

Suddenly Aeolous, Pharos, and everyone else on the two Chaos ships saw a white, glowing ship, made out of the same material that the castle was, but the energy was moving and had like a white mist. It was large and oval shape with what looked like two upper extensions and two lower extensions. It was moving fast, making the crystal ship look slow in comparison. Suddenly the Khaos Ship Phoenix rolled to it's right side and the Khoas Ship Dragon rolled to it's left side. Then suddenly a jolt as they both merged with the sides of the ship Orion. They are all teleported to what looked like the great hall in the imperial castle on Leda, but how could that be? Chairs were now on the the right and left of each pillar. Oberonu and Lady Pepper were seen sitting in their seats at the head of the chamber, with what looked like sages along the entire middle line of purple pillars where the walk was, all looking at the screens and typing stuff on the screen, their chairs, and such.

Suddenly they all appeared in their chairs. Taylor and Forsaken in the KoA chair, Frag and Mugen in the Sysx chair, Irwin and Dagon in the GE chair, then the United Small Alliance leaders in their chairs. Suddenly everyone was teleported to a chair representing their faction with the leaders of the two ships being seated in the closest pillars to the leader's chairs. Crazy images of the battlefield were showing up on a holographic screen in front of them, control panels showing up on the chairs.

Aeolous asked, "How?"

Oberonu replied quickly and sternly, "Not now."

Aeolous said, "Sorry."

Oberonu replied, "Don't be, it happened how it's meant to be."

Suddenly everyone got strapped to their chairs and Oberonu cleared his throat and said loudly and sternly, "We don't need to remind everyone what's at risk. GE, you're the protector of newbies, therefor you will take the shield. You will find the Khaos Draco a formidable shield. KoA members, you have always been the force and power in the galaxy, therefor you all need to take and use the great sword, the Phoenix Sword. Sysx and United Small Alliances, I'll need you all to work the thrusters and general defenses. We'll need to be quick and agile to avoid hits from the Dark Oblivion ship. If we all work synergistically, we should rule the day. Do not be discouraged, do not give up, remember that we're all that stand between the Dark Oblivion and the destruction of our Galaxy and maybe all of humanity!"

Aeolous replied, "What about the sages?"

Lady Pepper replied quickly, "Who do you think is keeping the systems running so seemlessly? Trust me, they have their hands full making sure responses are split second accurate to commands."

Pharos whispered to Aeolous over the console, "Don't worry, I was wondering the same thing." Then they both laughed slightly.

It then looked on the monitor as if a powerful warrior, looking a lot like Oberonu had formed. He had a shield with the symbol of a dragon on it and jagged edges in his left hand. In his right hand was a flaming sword with three gyms on the hilt. The left was blue, right was red, the pommel gem was green. The look on his face was as serious as Oberonu's. No one had ever seen Oberonu so determined and focused. Normally he was a bit goofy and silly, but demanding of respect. Now he seemed to look like a hardened fighter, worn down from years of battle, then it dawned on some of them exactly how much he had been risking to save humanity.

On the other side of the screen, they saw the ship Dark Oblivion form into a seriously deadly demonic form. The Dark Nemesis ships seemed to lose control of themselves and formed like a body of the Dark Oblivion ship. It was quickly, agile, and deadly. It's only focus and intent to try to destroy those on the ship Orion.

The sage's hands were moving with lightning fast speed, constantly keeping up with dials, buttons, and such and one wondered how they moved so fast. Their eyes not even darting from their series of screens. Aeolous and Pharos were snapped into focused, serious, angrily, however every now and then with a slight grin when a solid hit had happened on the head of the ship the Dark Oblivion. They were obviously talking back and forth, teasing each other as to who would do the most damage. GE and everyone in the room was focused. Every now and then the ship would do neck breaking turns, flips, and such that would make anyone but battle hardened people sick. No one had time to wonder if this was how brain cells felt during a life or death battle. Every now and then one could see Autolycus moving and changing figures and such to help our the GE with the shields. Being an armor and shield master himself, no one better to help them when they needed it.

The battle seemed to go on for hours. The sweat was forming on some people's heads as the temperature got cooler around them to help keep them cooler. It had to be the sages controlling individual temperature controls also. Then something changed with Obe, his eyes changed to energy. Then soon after, Lady Pepper's changed also. Then an aura formed around the great leaders on all ten seats as they were quickly moving and changing dials, pushing buttons, and such. The burden of leadership could be viewed on them and they seemed to look more tired and worn down than the rest of the ship members. Then finally there was a large explosion and a blinding light on the screen.

Oberonu yelled out, "Excelsior event!"

The Phoenix sword suddenly changed into a multi-colored sword of purple with many other colors flowing throughout it and hit the Dark Oblivion again. This time it was like a super nova. The Orion ship moved between it and the planets, protecting them with it's shields. The shield turned white hot, yet it held. Finally darkness formed where the light was. The Dark Oblivion was gone. Then there was a blinding light in the Orion ship and the three ships separated and formed a circle, with their members returning to their original posts. They Orion ship was so much larger than the Khaos Phoenix or Khaos Draco. Now it makes sense. The Khaos Phoenix and Chaos Draco were twin brothers, the arms of the Orion Ascendant ship. One the shield, one the sword. Then before anything could happen, the Orion ship just shined blindingly white and when anyone could see again, the Orion ship was gone.

Autolycus replied, "Yo boss, where to now?"

Aeolous and Pharos both replied from their ships, "Home."

Chuggers replied tiredly, "Ah, Leda we go. But aren't these new systems our homes to now?"

Pharos replied, "Once we reach Leda, then we can truly start to move to and explore these new systems. I am sure there are more dangerous awaiting for us out here. More nemesis and foes to fight. However, now we have two ships of last resort should we need them."

Aeolous replied, "Three."

Pharos replied back, "Two. The Orion can only be summoned with great power and at great cost. Look what it took to just control it, much less use it in battle."

Aeolous replied, "Yeah, I see your point. I guess it was only meant to be summoned against ships like the Dark Oblivion."

Pharos replied, "True, but just think of the legacy that we were one of the rare few to ever fight the Dark Oblivion and one of the rare few to help pilot the Orion to victory against great odds."

Aeolous replied, "But I wonder why Obe kept calling it the Ascendant Orion."

Pharos replied, "I believe because it's a trans-galactic ship. Unlike the mega or super ships, we only saw a fraction of it's power. It's so hard to manage and maintain, that few could even use a billionth of the power we used today. Only Ascendants can use it."

Donthurtme replied, "So that's what happened with Obe and Lady Pepper? And our leaders? That's scary."

Pharos replied, "Scary and taxing. You also see how they were getting worn down, but they had to wait until the right moment. It's the mantle of leadership. A burden most think they can handle, few really can. I wonder how many Ascendant ships there are though. I know there was one in Sector 7 Galaxy. I think Obe was there also with it so I wonder how they're tied to him."

Aeolous replied, "Well then. Why don't we go home and ask him?"


It took them a few weeks to finally make it home to Leda and their spirits were high. Leda seemed greener than normal and they could not wait to get their feet in that beautiful grass and play along the great volcano, the mountains, and such. When they walked into the great castle, Oberonu nor Lady Pepper were seen. Instead a man in dirty brown cloak was sitting on the steps to the seats and waiting patiently with his cane. When Aeolous walked up to him then man stood up, still unable to see his face, Aeolous asked, "Obe?"

The man replied calmly, "I am not Obe, he's waiting for you by the river. You'll know where to go."

Then the man vanished in mist, as if an illusion. Aeolous ran for a while until he arrived at the river Oberonu liked to fish and swim at. There waiting for him was Oberonu, in his swim trunks with a smile.

Oberonu replied, "It took you long enough to get here. I thought you'd never arrived."

Aeolous startled said, "We got here as fast as we could. Stop fussing at me. By the way, why are you in your swimming trunks?"

Oberonu replied, "Oh, because we need to float down the river for a while and talk. It was a relaxing idea I got from a song so long ago. I think it was called Riptide by the Sick Puppies." Then Oberonu laid down in the water and seemed so peaceful.

Aeolous decided to join him, trying to think of the song. "Obe, I am sorry for failing you."

Oberonu replied laughingly, "You did what you're meant to do, learned what you needed to. We all make mistakes. The only true mistake is to fear making mistakes."

Aeolous replied, "So when are you coming back?"

As they were floating down the river, Oberonu replied, "Not for a while Aeol. I am needed else where in the universe."

Aeolous asked, "So you've run into Pharos huh?"

Oberonu replied, "Yeah and many others. I always train leaders of the future when I see them. Mark left and he never did tell you the legacy of the Knights of Antioch did he?"

Aeolous replied, "I never asked."

Oberonu laughed, "Curiosity can be a good thing. It was formed out of a need, as many other things have been. Some games had lost their honor and only power had become the important part. Ruling them all. The Knights formed and fought back, valiantly and with some of the strongest people that could be found. They normally win in the end due to resilience, family like team, and a unity of purpose beyond power. Those who seek power lose power, those who seek to serve find themselves with all the power. It's the irony of life."

Aeolous replied, "What does that have to do with me?"

Oberonu replied, "Well, while I am gone, I need someone who can follow the code to lead. You and Pharos seem like obvious choices since neither of you want it, but when I or Lady Pepper are not there, it will need you both. We need time to relax and recover. Great wars are always draining on leaders, so are great times of peace. Fools will rise up to try to lead for power, yet as fools always do, they fail."

Aeolous replied, "Are you calling me a fool?"

Oberonu replied, "Nah. You used to be one, but now you are much wiser than you may realize. Experience is the key. They say leaders are made, that's not normally true. Leaders are born and through fire are forged into powerful and wise leaders."

Aeolous replied, "So this has been a test?"

Oberonu replied, "I guess. I did not test you, life itself tested you."

Aeolous replied, "I think you had something to do with this."

Oberonu replied, "I normally do. My legacy is long and wide, but even I won't be around forever. My best legacy are to prepare those who may some day take my place and lead many, but against great and evil foes."

Aeolous replied, "So how long will you be around."

Then the water had stopped flowing for a bit and there was Lady Pepper standing there in a purple dress with red and blue trimmings along the edges. Oberonu replied, "Until now."

Aeolous replied, "That's not right."

Oberonu replied, "Life seldom is. We'll be here when you need us. Until then, we need a vacation."

Aeolous saw the sages in the distance. Aeolous replied, "With them?"

Oberonu replied, "They need us else where. We'll be here when you need us."

Aeolous asked, "Wait a minute. If the guy in the brown cloak was not you, then who was it?"

Oberonu replied curiously, "It could not very well be me if he showed up to me while I was sitting in the meeting hall. He's an old lost friend that pops in now and then. He's been doing this for a long time now. I think his name is Paladin. "

Oberonu dries off and puts on his purple pants and shirt with blue and green trimmings around the edges.

Aeolous replied, "How will I be able to reach you if I need you?"

Oberonu replied, "The same way you did on the great battle. I'll hear you, always have. Good luck."

Suddenly they all vanished and Aeolous was sitting on the river bank, thinking how just wonderfully peachy this was. He walked back to the castle and already GE and Sysx were arguing as if nothing had happened. He started laughing which surprised both of them. He thought to himself, "I guess back to normal as always, with a few changes."

Aeolous walked up to the members of Sysx and GE who were arguing and said, "Now, what are we arguing and fighting about now?"

Then end, or is it?

Om nom nom nom! "You want me to give up? I've never learned how to. You do it first so that I know what it is, then I might consider it."


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