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07 May 2012
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General Feedback & Bug Reporting

General Feedback & Bug Reporting
Ignite offers options that allow our users to stay connected to us through the thick and thin. This is to say that we are very open to receiving feedback from our users to ensure that things are working, or at least finding a way to make sure that they do.

Bug Reporting
Support>Contact Us
You may encounter errors and weird prompts that do not make any sense. Happen to get one of these? Well we would sure appreciate you letting us know about it!

If you happen to encounter a bug, these are the general steps to sending in a bug report:
  • Take a screenshot!
  • Upload your screenshot to an easy to use host (
  • Click the support button on ignite
  • Click contact us then game support
  • Choose Aeria Ignite under the dropdown on the game support page
  • Submit your ticket with your screenshot, the what, the when, and how your bug appeared

let's face it, there are some things that we need to consider to make Ignite better. Your feedback will help with this!

These are some of the things that your feedback can cover:
  • There are things that work great and require praise
  • There are things that are broken and need fixing
  • There are things that don't yet exist and need to be suggested
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