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13 Jul 2012
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[Guild] Yummy - Are you yummy enough?

Recruiting friendly casual players for Multi-Gaming Community!

Welcome to Yummy. Yummy is a new guild coming to you from the Yummy multi-gaming community. Yummy has a lot to offer, so let's get started. Shall we?

About Us
Hi there! My name is Taiyokii, and I am the leader and founder of Yummy. Yummy has much to offer to its members. For starters, we hope to create a relaxed, fun, and friendly social atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. We want to recruit helpful, loyal, active members who enjoy playing the game with like-minded gamers.

Founded not too long ago, Yummy has threeother guilds on Knight Age, Soul Captor and Remnant Knights. Members of Yummy get access to all of our guilds. Once you apply, there's no need to apply a second time.

Members of Yummy have access to our website, complete with forums, and our Raidcall voice chat group. To access receive membership in our Raidcall group, you must first apply for membership to join Yummy.

Yummy has frequent events and contests to give our members a little something extra to do. Here's a list of a few events we host on a frequent basis:

    Karaoke Night
    Member of the Month Awards
    Art Contests
    Hide and Seek
    Guess the Creature
    Invite-A-Friend Contests

...and more!

Some of our events even include prizes!


Yummy has basic requirements for membership, and doesn't plan to complicate them much further. Here they are:

    You must be at least 13 years old.
    You must speak English.
    You must be friendly and polite to other members of Yummy.
    Drama should remain outside of Yummy.
    You must do your best to remain active.
    You must fill out an application on our website at

If you have any questions at all, please post in this thread or contact me on the website. Thank you for considering Yummy!

Important Links
Yummy's official website:
Yummy's facebook page:
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