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17 Jun 2012
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PostedJun 17, 2012 6:21 pm

A Role Player's Thread

If you role play or not, share some fun Lime Odysey stories that pop into your head!
Okay, I'll explain this forum topic to you, it's pretty simple.

[b]Step 1: Write a charecter outline.

Name: Catkin
Gender: Female
Race: Turga
Class: Mage and Tailor
Apperence: Smooth pink hair that nearly reaches the ground, and pale white fur. Pink eyes. She wears a floor reaching black dress trimmed and hung with lace. She often goes with out any kind of shoes.

[b]Step 2: Write thier story and share with the rest of the thread!

Okay every one! That is how this thread works, if you have a story to share about Lime and your hero, then don't wait! Get to it. Very Happy
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