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29 Mar 2010
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PostedJun 15, 2012 7:20 pm

I <3 Aeria!!

Show your Aeria love this Summer!


It's a summer of fun these days and there's no better time to be outside! For this event, we want you to go out and spread your Aeria love as far as you can. Print out this nifty sign we created and take on the objectives we've outlined for you. The more objectives you achieve, the more prizes you'll earn.

*Do NOT post submissions here!! ALL submissions must be made HERE  


Top Scorer - 50,000AP!!!

2nd Place - 25,000 AP!!!

3rd Place - 20,000 AP!!

4th Place through 50th place - 500 AP!  


Starts: Friday, June 15th @ 6:00PM PDT
Ends: Sunday, July15th @ 6:00PM PDT
Click HERE to see what time it is in PDT no matter where you live!  


  • Take a picture of yourself performing the objectives in this forum post.
  • You must be holding this "I <3 Aeria" sign.
  • You may cover your face if you wish, but you need to be in the picture holding the sign
  • You must label the picture (number it, for example) so that we know which task you're completing
  • Edit your original post so ALL of your pictures can be viewed in one post!  


1. By entering an image in the contest, players represent that the work submitted is their own creation, and that the work does not infringe on the copyright of any party. NO Photoshop or cheating of any kind!
2. You may only enter once per account.
3. The work must be completely original. You may not edit or re-use an old photo to insert a fan-sign.
4. The GMs reserve the right to request proof of the authenticity/originality of your piece. Please keep the original PSDs or artwork intact so that you can prove this is an original creation.
5. You must be holding this "I <3 Aeria" sign.
7. Tiers DO NOT stack.
8. Each participant must post their own pictures.
9. Each point must be visible in its own photo
10. Can only do each task once.
11. Please be sure to follow the TOS with posted pictures.
12. All pictures MUST be taken OUTSIDE unless they must be taken inside to complete the objective.
13. Be Safe!
14. HAVE FUN and be creative!  

This event is brought to you by
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