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Apple Strong-Arming the Market

Seeks Ban in US on Samsung & HTC
Thought this would be an interesting read for many, Apple pushing to block the market for Android phones from Samsung and HTC hitting the US due to "copyright infringement" of their "Design"

Apple seeks Galaxy S III ban in USA

Chris Burns, Jun 6 2012

This week the legal department at Apple is set to defend several of their patents against what they say is infringement on the part of Samsung with the upcoming USA release of the Galaxy S III. A preliminary injunction has been filed, this available for your perusal at Foss Patents, that’s quite similar to the one that was issued earlier this year against the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, and the team seeks to get the Galaxy S III (see our full review) pulled from shelves before it hits the market in just a few short weeks.

Apple’s patent collection includes a couple that are made clear today, one of which is a “universal search technology” which is included with the iPhone 4S’s Siri. The patent in this case will be compared to the methods the Galaxy S III’s S-Voice companion app uses. Another patent includes the result of a long-press on links and text throughout the software opening a window with multiple actions available.

Apple’s “data tapping” as they call it includes a “system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data.” This action is demonstrated in the image above, and can be found throughout both iOS and Android on quite a few more devices than just the Galaxy S III.

UPDATE via Foss Patents:

“On Wedesday afternoon local time, Samsung replied to Apple’s motion, arguing that it’s too late to supplement the record for the motion that targeted the Nexus back in February and suggesting that a new preliminary injunction motion is needed: “If Apple wishes to seek an injunction against the Galaxy S III, the Court should require Apple to file a new motion and allow the parties to develop a full factual record on all four factors. Accordingly, the Court should reject Apple’s motion to amend its current notice of motion for a preliminary injunction.’”

Apple recently stopped HTC from pushing their Android devices in a grand way with patent infringement in the software department, this resulting in the temporary hold of the HTC EVO 4G and the HTC One X at the USA border just weeks ago. Samsung will likely fight these claims in court and the results will likely arrive before the general launch of the Samsung device later this summer.


Lol the Battle has begun!

Also, a good video from Reuters on the
upcoming Apple iPhone5


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PostedJun 07, 2012 6:20 pm
i doubt it will be banned. they did shut down the nexus one because of all the patents and stuff but since then HTC and Samsung have been releasing alot of technology that compares to any apple product and it has been fine. i foresee them still being released into the market.

honestly i dont mind. im an apple user and competition is always good though...

way i see it, as long as people still say "its like an iphone/ipad" or "its the next iphone/ipad" they have nothing to worry about lol. its all gonna get compared to the original boss item lol

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