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07 May 2012
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Old Ignite Events

List of current and expired events
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Current Events
New Events Coming Soon!

Expired Events
6/18/02012 2PM PDT - 06/25/02012 2PM PDT
  • Crystal Saga - Try Aeria Ignite & get Herald Package - Paid Out
  • Golden Age - Try Aeria Ignite & get Golden Summer Package - Paid Out

06/04/2012 2PM PDT - 06/11/2012 2PM PDT
  • Shaiya - Try Aeria Ignite and get Aeria Ignite Bonus Package - Paid Out
  • Dynasty Warriors Online - Try Aeria Ignite and get 25x Ore - Paid Out

5/21/2012 2PM PDT - 5/28/2012 2PM PDT
  • Eden Eternal - Try Aeria Ignite and get X3 Eden Crystal (Non-Trade) - Paid Out
  • Last Chaos - Try Aeria Ignite and get 1-Day +28 PRF (Non-Trade) - Paid Out
  • Wolf Team - Try Aeria Ignite and get 3-Day Sexy Meiling Character (Non-Trade) - Paid Out

Important Note
For All Events
  • All events require 4-7 business days for payouts of items
  • Please make sure to read steps to qualify in events by clicking the link
  • Please be sure to check specific rules and conditions for each event
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