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29 Sep 2011
PostedMar 05, 2012 7:43 am

Crystal Altar getting bored

seriously, altar now aday is getting worst.
i'm usually end up at blue crystal at first line, but this's just my personal luck. so i'm not gonna complain about this.
but items in altar that what i talking about.
not enough interesting item enough to attract ppl to it.
each line have only 1 item that worth to take it.
2-3 month before, there had prime suit, and another 2-3 prime stuff. that's worth to try our luck. i can see an announce that ppl get something all day long.
but now, rarely to see someone get something.
and 1 more thing, 15k AP on tired 7 on tired event.... that's a little bit too much.

sry for my english and ty for listening


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27 Feb 2009
Cupcake Land United States
PostedJun 04, 2012 8:40 pm
1. GMs have been taking suggestions for Crystal Altar switch-outs in terms of items and costumes for their "Customer's Choice" altar, as it shows up. In my own personal opinion, there are a lot items there that should draw in potential spenders for Eden Crystals.
2. The Crystal Altar was made for gambling, and the higher items are at a much less likely rate to get as they *are* so rare to land on.
3. Along the same lines, as the items run in the tiered event are of a much higher rarity rate, they are going to be more expensive in terms of AP. It's likely that those costumes will run in the future in a fortune box or in the altar.
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