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14 Aug 2008
Trondheim Norway
PostedMay 12, 2012 8:37 am

CoC §1 review needed

inconcistency in paragraph 1 in CoC
CoC paragraph 1 says the following in version 2.0 (or 1.8.1...says both in the forum)

1. English is the Primary & preferred Language on All English & International Servers (Askone, Kalgan, Solaria &Aeria) controlled by the English GM Team. Please speak English in any Public or GM-Chat as the use of translators is not always accurate. If you must use a Language other than English, Please use Private, Clan or Squad Chat function

The way 'please' is worded here, it's a request, or at least, can be correctly interpreted as such, followed by the request to use other chat functions if one must use another language.

As I've come to understand, the intention is not only that you should use English on English servers; it's a must. This is highly understandable, especially since the reason is given in the same paragraph.

When I started playing PG I noticed Askone, an English server, was the default server. This may be one reason pilots are seen in the game who don't understand or type English. Also, I understand players are required to read the CoC; the abovementioned players may not be able to understand the CoC to begin with, since it's only in English (I, at least, haven't seen it in any other language)

I haven't experienced anyone actually getting kicked out of the server, or 'jailed' because of a language issue, but I've seen warnings being given (for the general language; the profanity/harassement/other is understandable to me).
If I were to type in, say, Italian, and I'm warned or worse because of this, it goes against §2, hence the inconsistency.

Possible solution(s)
- Reword §1 in CoC so that it is clear it's a rule, and not a request.
- Allow players/pilots to type in whatever language desired

Final comment(s)
I have no problem typing in English, since I know it's an English server and it's desired that I continue to do so, but I'm not everyone else, which is why I chose to raise this matter as an inconsistency.

there's also a typo in §3:

it is up to the discretion of the senior staff members to decide what is would be deems are harassing or offensive to a reasonable person.  

I think it's supposed to say "...decide what would be deemed as ..." because otherwise it gives no meaning (to me, at least).


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23 Sep 2009
PostedMay 29, 2012 4:16 pm
in conversation with GM's they say that they don't force that much CoC rule 1, but have c lower lvl pilots what were muted/jailed 4 not follow that rule and no1 from GM's didn't even try 2 speak with them and 2 ask them y they don't speak english. some of those pilots don't speak english, german, spanish and french at all and there is no server on any of languages what they know.

it will b 100% lie if SS say that my reply is not true. rude answer on this topic will b if some1 from SS say that those players can use some translator and even worst if SS ignore it.

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