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12 Nov 2011
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PostedMay 26, 2012 6:51 pm

Event Times...

As an adult, I work until the evenings. So almost every time I get a chance to get on EE I notice that the events they hold are ALWAYS in the afternoon for my time. I live in the same time zone where the Aeria staff is located. However, those events are severely limited to a certain portion of players. I'm not planning on getting days off for the sake of participating in these events but I would like to suggest that the events would be held twice in the vicinity of 24 hours, so that the entire active community has an opportunity to participate.

Monster Spawn on May 30th. I got really excited until I saw the time (2:30pm my time) :c
GM Banquets are held the moment I get off from work. No matter how fast I get home, they'll be over by then..

Please extend this opportunity so that everyone can make it >.< Like, 10am and 10pm, so that players of every time zone can have the chance to participate and win prizes and have fun.
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