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Aeria: Product Manager
26 Sep 2011
United States
PostedMay 26, 2012 12:01 pm

[Ended] Bonus Fund Sale! 2012/05/25 - 2012/05/28

Up to 25% off!

Hello Heroes!

Summer is fast approaching and for many the warm weather and bright sun are already beating down on them. It's a perfect time to go outside and enjoy the weather... but the battlefield still needs you, and to help you take care of business out there we are holding a weekend fund sale where you can make some great savings.

You can pick up even more gear for less from now until to Monday May 28th, 3:00 pm PDT (Click HERE to see what time it is in PDT!) as you will be able to grab yourself some bonus Funds as follows:

Bonus amounts:
- 4000 Funds: No bonus

- 5000 Funds: No bonus

- 12000 Funds: 10% bonus (13200 Funds total)

- 15000 Funds: 15% bonus (17250 Funds total)

- 21000 Funds: 20% bonus (25200 Funds total)

- 50000 Funds: 25% bonus (62500 Funds total)

Get your Funds HERE!
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