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[Important] Crystal Saga In-Game Conduct & Rules

Updated 15/05/2015
The in-game rules are not limited to this list and it is not all inclusive. This list may change at any time without prior notice. If you need to contact a GM or would like to report an abuse of these rules, click here.

Account Sharing
Account sharing is where more than one person has access of an account. It is a violation of our Terms of Service.

Account sharing creates liability and security issues. If a report comes to us and we determine that the base cause of the issue is account sharing, all accounts involved will be permanently banned. Prevent this by never giving out your password to anyone.  

Gold Buying/Selling
Coin selling means trading real life money for in game currency or items outside of the official channels. AP may ONLY be purchased through our Billing Site or redeemed via Fun Cards. Both buying and selling "gold" is against the Tems of Service and will result in all related accounts getting banned.

If another user wishes to purchase one of your items from you, they may only do so with provided in-game capabilities - such as gifting Coins or sending you items. They may not, for example, offer to PayPal you 5$. This is against our Terms of Service and we will ban all accounts suspected of such activity.

You CAN buy "cash shop items" from players in game using gold.

It is possible to exchange codes that are worth AP (or bonus AP on purchase) for items/services in our games. This is not something that is supported by Aeria Games, but it is something that we allow. This is allowed, because AP codes (or coupon codes) have no value other than in our system, and as such are not considered sales for real money. Any transaction that involves real money (or items/codes that are redeemable for real money) is strictly prohibited on our site, and in our games.

Fun/Extreme Cards, Epins, Coupon Codes, and Gift Codes all fall under this. These are all part of our system, and as such can be traded for something else in our system. However, any trades are made at your own risk, and as such we do not provide any support for these trades (except to remove scammers).

Use of multiple accounts
You are ONLY allowed to use ONE account as your main account, ONE account as your selling/storage account, and ONE account as your buff account. However, these may NOT interact with each other (other than for shop or buff purposes).

This includes but is not limited to:
  • Being in the same Guild
  • Joining other Guilds to obtain information.
  • Partying together.
  • Using one account to level another.
  • It is also not allowed to use multiple accounts to farm different areas at the same time
  • You are NOT allowed to use your secondary account for farming.
  • It is NOT allowed to use alternate accounts OR characters to abuse in-game events.

Using a secondary account to open up a shop while playing your primary account is allowed.

GM_Hadouken wrote:
An unfair advantage is anything that you can't normally do with a single character. So if you can't trade items between your characters normally, why would it be ok to do so by means of another character or player? The only exception to this rule is "shop characters." You may have 1 additional account with a character whose only purpose is to sell your excess items. The funds can be transferred back to your main, or the items if you decide to use them. But you are not allowed to use these items on the "shop character", nor are you allowed to obtain items on your "shop character" for your main to use.  


Deliberately obtaining a strategic position on the map, waiting for players to arrive and be killed, attacking players in their spawn points or near quest NPCs and trying to exit portals IS NOT ALLOWED. It is also not allowed to "bait" players in to your spawn area for the purpose of trying to report them, both are considered a form of harassment. The enforcement and determination of "camping" will be made solely at our discretion. Any players who are AFKing in areas like near portals or event NPCs/items will be considered to be camping as well.

For Sengolia: Any players who attack from behind this line, or players who pass this line to attack will be guilty of Spawn Camping/Baiting depending on what team they are on.


We do not tolerate "flamewars" in our game. Calling out players and guilds may be considered a form of harassment. This includes insulting players, taunting them, or defaming another player or guild's character.

Please use the trade chat if you want to sell or buy items. Three and more messages in the chat box are considered spam. Spam is a violation of our Terms of Service.



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PostedMay 15, 2015 4:50 am
Isle of Blessing

It has come to our attention that players are able to exploit a glitch in Isle of Blessing and save Rain Stones to use in the following day's event. Please note that exploiting any kind of a glitch in game is against the rules. Therefore, if you are caught exploiting the Isle of Blessing glitch to save Rain Stones, this will result in a suspension of your account.

Thank you, GrilledTurtle!


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PostedJun 10, 2015 7:02 am
For more detailed information about spawn camping in events CLICK HERE

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