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Fan Art:A wide comunity

Want to make your own signature? [Informations here]
Everything you should know about signatures!

The Fan Art Section is a very wide community of different sorts of art,the most important for many of us is the signature.So we will talk about it:
You will learn here what programs do you use for creating signatures,how to make them,how to upload them and how to do ,so they will appear at the bottom of each forum post as well on your profile page.
The forum signature is a block of information automatically appended at the bottom of each forum post.
The images are usually uploaded on photo-sharing sites, such as Photobucket or Tinypic. The forum Shows the signature only if it's written in this way:[IMG] Image adress(link where you uploeaded it the image)[/IMG]

The forum rules typically disallow "big" images(max size on forum 700x200 px). This is because big images can be annoying and increase page loading time. There are different types of file formats used for images on the web.

  • JPG. Best for photographic type images.
  • GIF. Best for animates images, logos or simple images wich require transparency.
  • PNG. Best for quality images using effects or requiring transparency.

How do I make my very own signature?
Your first choice would be Gimp which is a free program.
Your second choice would be Adobe Pohotoshop wich is a paid program.So I recomand you to use Gimp.

Resources are what you need for making easier signatures:
Like Renders,Stocks,Effects,C4d's,Gimp and Photoshop brushes,etc.
If you are asking yourself what this strange name:c4d's mean then here is the answer:
C4d's are abstract renders, they enhance the signature in somewhat of a way and create flow.The C4D comes from Cinema 4D becosue they are made with it.
There are many different ways they can be used when making signatures. C4D renders come in 3 forms, normal, effect and wireframe renders.
One of the most used types of C4D renders, are the so called “effect renders”. An effect render is a great way to spice up your signature and add all sorts of cool effects.
For resources you can go :here

Anyway...if you don't want to do that and download resources,programs, and to waste your time making signatures then on the forums are several Signatures Shop,which are free,you just request and someone makes you one.
If you have so many signatures and you can't choose which of them to use then here is your solution:A Sig Rotator
If you are confused and don't know how to make it then check this: How to make a Signature Rotator

From where could I learn doing awesome signatures and find helpfull tutorials ?

You could learn that visiting devianArt website which has many users that upload resources,tutorials and other helpfull things.
Some of those users I was talking about(actually many of them are signatures websites wich has an account on devianART)

And please remind this:
You aren't allowed to have a signature bigger then:
| 2
| 0
| 0

I hope this has helped anyone looking into becoming a Signature maker.Or didn't know how to use one.

For changing Karma icons and cursors and others goodies please check:This

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