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23 Nov 2011
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PostedMay 16, 2012 5:57 pm

Red&Reapers Pre-Improv Story

Pre Means Prequel :D
Our Prequel to Our Improv Story
RedCaesarX Inspired me to write a story, and i asked him to join in.
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RedCaesarX as....Robin
Alt_Reaper as....Reaper

Storm Squad's main missions are to be in the front lines. But its current mission was to head to Base "W". That base was far off to the east, too far from the front lines.
"So our mission is to Capture the Base, Check for Survivors, and Destroy it. Any Questions?," Captain Broffy said.
"Yes, Why the heck are we going east? I want to shoot The Rebellion Bastards. Killed my hometown back in '21," Clayton shouted
"Well, The Top wants us to go that way. So we need to do what the top wants," Broffy replies.
"Hey Reaper, didn't you work there before?" asked Robin.
Reaper stayed silenced, looking off into the east. Something twinkled in his eye. Pain, suffering memories or just haunting shadows?

2 Days later.....
Time....2112 hours
Destination.......Base "W"
Mission.....Capture Base, Search for Survivors, Plant Bomb, Destroy Base.
Current Position........Canyon, 4 miles west of Base "W"

One of our guys fell off a truck and broke his hip and arm while we were headed the canyon west of Base"W." 2 Guys, one his brother and other a medic, headed back to base with the injured soldier.
"Okay Guys! We need to keep on moving. No Slacking off" Shouted Broffy.
"This will be a long trek to get to the base" whispered one of the privates
" 4 miles is nothing! I do that for warmups!" yelled Robin.
"Thats just starters for me!" yelled Reaper.
Reaper's and Robin's attempts to soften the mood worked, raising moral of the squad.
*3 miles in*
"So anyone has any stories to tell?" someone said.
"Yeah, Reaper tell the story of how u killed 20 men with your sniper." yelled one of the soldiers.
"Well...I was surrounded in a tower for 5 days. When the enemy decided to check my tower i grabbed my sniper rifle and hid in the closet. When they check my closet...."
"SHHHH....Did u hear that?"whispered Robin.
"What did you hear Robin?"whispered Reaper.
"Sounded like someone loaded their gun off at 3 o'clock"Robin said.
"You must be hearing things,"said a private "nothing gets pasted Reaper."
"Yeah, your right"replied Robin, still scanning the canyon.
"You got nothing to worry about. All the fighting is in the west. Far off from where we are--"
The soldier didn't get to finish his sentence, as his body fell to the ground. Then we heard the shot that killed the soldier.
"AMBUSH!!" screamed Broffy, as everyone headed for cover.
Then we heard a roar off to the left...Loud as lions roar.....

Prequel Finished.
By Alt_Reaper
Helped and Also By RedCaesarX
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