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17 Jan 2012
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PostedMay 14, 2012 5:24 pm

The Disarming of the bomb

RedXRobin's Story about the disarming
Tim and I slipped out and spotted a sniper on the roof.
I noticed he didn't even have a pistol, only a knife and Steyr Scout.
Tim blasted his head in super fast with his Dragunov SVD.

The sniper wasn't even human. It was a decoy made of plastic.
I turned wolf and jumped down and into a tunnel, followed by Tim.
They were expecting us, because we saw a man shot the roof with a gun which was more of a rope gun.
Two guardian wolves climbed up and then a partially invisible wolf.
Tim turned human again and fired a few bullets through the two guardian wolves heads. I thumped the partially visible wolf and sent him into a wall and took a guardian wolf out who was barely alive.

Tim continued from the tunnel while I smashed the glass on the roof so I crashed down into the middle of them and wolfed down several people with turrets.
Tim launched down and started to defuse the bomb.
Then someone else with a bazooka fired smashing me onto the floor.
I managed to get up when the guy with the bazooka was shot through with a DSR and then shot me as well.

Part 4. Part 3 Part 2 Part 1.
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