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Helpfulness of Guides

How helpful are the guides written in the Self-Help section of the GA Wiki?
Hey everyone!

I hear a lot of people asking for guides and wikis, but I'm still stumped as to what people are looking for in said guides/wikis. So, I am asking a favor: below are linked the 5 most intensive guides I can think of outside of the game guide in Golden Age (see "Help" in game). Please read them, skim them over, look at them, anything, and rate them accordingly, from 1 - 5 [1 being the best, 5 being the least best].


  • Helpfulness
  • How much this [guide] includes what I'm looking for
  • How easy this is to follow

After that, I would appreciate if you could write a few ideas of what you think are the most frequently asked questions/confusing topics in GA that need to be clarified. EDIT: And you could also include what you're looking for in a wiki/guide specifically (why these guides aren't enough).

A: Djrn's Comprehensive Guide to Golden Age
B: GA Quick-Start Guide
C: GA Basic Game Guide
D: GA Advanced Game Guide
E: Golden Age Guide Event Entries

Example Response
Overall Helpfulness
A - 4
B - 3
C - 4
D - 4
E - 4
A - 4
B - 3
C - 3
D - 5
E - 5
A - 5
B - 4
C - 4
D - 2 (tl;dr)
E - 2 (tl;dr)

Follow-Up Responses:
* More guides about tips for epic hero recruitment; * A guide explaining what to do when your city is on fire and how to respond (ie: moving, effects of garrisons, reconquering, rebuilding, etc.); * A guide explaining the refinement system (ie: skipping stars, when best to skip animation, etc.)
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