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Aeria: Product Manager
02 Apr 2012
United States
PostedMay 10, 2012 9:04 pm

[iPhone] Eden Eternal: Monster Arena

Hello everyone!

Aeria Mobile's New iPhone game, Eden Eternal: Monster Arena, is now available in Canada! Don't live in Canada? Never fear, we'll be releasing worldwide soon!

In this exciting game set in a colorful world of monsters and magic, players will quest through detailed zones to battle and capture powerful beasts. Level up and battle your friends in PvP to get on the Leaderboard!

Click here to download now!

Need some help? Click here for a class guide and here for a beginner's guide! Don't have an Aeria Account? Click here to find out how to make one!

Already downloaded Eden Eternal: Monster Arena? Great! We would love to hear what you think! Feel free to leave your feedback on this post!
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