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04 Jun 2011
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Nezumiiru's Adventures: Quest for Eden Eternal

Basically my version of my character's life as a Eternal Guardian.
RANT: I have no idea where this will go, but I'll try to avoid these stories turning into something that makes no sense... Or worse, like those crappy new cartoons on Cartoon Network. Those make me sick. What the Hard. ENDRANT.

What is this story about? Well... I'm going to try to follow the game's basic storyline... But add some twists. Hehe.

I'll post when I want. What's to stop me?


The first color that I became aware of was cyan. A warm, glowing cyan. I felt eternally caught between awake and asleep; aware of my surroundings but too relaxed to do anything about it. How long was I like this? I don't know. But the glow suddenly dimmed, and I felt myself falling...

Sleep slipped it's firm grasp from me and my senses crept back. Whatever dream I was dreaming before slipped away with it. I opened a eye to find myself on a bed covered with a warm, soft blanket of wool. I was in a small simple room with a table, a stool a door and a window. I opened my other eye to take a glance at the world outside the window. There was a mountain with traintracks, no, mining cart tracks popping out of it. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and the sharp muffled sounds of mining rang out. I could hear people yelling and laughing outside.

I threw my blanket over myself, hiding in the warm grey light. Where was I? Who was I? How did I know what everything was? Where did I learn it? Was there something I was forgetting? Countless questions filled my head, but one stood out; What do I do now?

Knowing I couldn't stay in bed and ponder these unanswered things forever, I threw the blanket back and rested my feet onto the wooden floor. My skin was a chocolate brown color, and I wore oddly dyed basic-looking armour made out of hide. I stood and walked to the door, opening it to find a rather wide woman almost tripping over her feet in suprise at the sight of me.

"Oh! You're awake!" She exclaimed. Curiousity then basically poured out her as she started asking a bunch of questions I had no answer to, myself.

"Who am I? I don't..." Wait. As soon as I said that question, a name came to my head that sounded deeply familiar, "M-my name is Nezumiiru. That's all I know! Um... where am I and who are you?"

The fat lady sighed obviously not satisfied, but after introducing herself she answered warmly, "I suppose I should welcome you to Limestone Mountain!"

I continued to ask her questions. Apparently, some miners found me asleep in a giant blue crystal. After they broke me out of there, they had brought me back to the village. Well then. I was about as curious about my existence as she was.

I talked to other people around the village but didn't gather a lot more information than from the lady. I sighed, looking over a fence into the hilly field beyond. I spotted bison and giant hopping mushrooms in the distance. Their caps were red and the stalks were yellow. I would find them cute if they didn't also have ugly yellow warts all over them. I head from a villager that they were somewhat of a menace, like rats. As I watched them hop around, I didn't notice a old man walk up behind me.

"You want to get rid of a few of those mushroids for us?" He asked, making me jump. I spun towards him and nodded without hesitation. Fighting to protect these people seemed right, even if it was just a little bit. The old man handed me a shortsword by the handle and told me to kill about seven or so. I held the sword carefully and nodded. I turned away from the man and swung my sword for a few practice swings, not used to holding a weapon.

I then trotted towards the bridge that connected the grasslands and the village nervously.


*yawns* Rusty writing skills are getting rusty.
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