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10 Apr 2011
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PostedApr 11, 2012 2:51 am

Yellow writing announces Player Tiered Spender

Are you getting enough people submitting info?
I've been asking around and by the looks of it not enough players are filling in the forum.
In addition to having the message in the start up/update box maybe put in yellow announces for it as regular? I have done my part by asking people in Bodor world chat to put in suggestions.

In addition maybe also mention to players to exercise caution and reason before they suggest... example: it is not reasonable for iskb to be in teir 3.. so for a player to put something like that there is useless. Examples on the side of the writing box in each tier would be nice.

What do you think, o GF forum-goers?

Note: I know this is more of an 'suggestion for an event' rather than an 'event suggestion' but I felt it was the most appropriate way to place it.

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