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23 Mar 2011
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PostedApr 08, 2012 7:55 pm

[PaidOut] Crystal Saga Leveling Rank!

Level up and get rewarded

Top 50 LEVEL Contest!
I must say, it takes a lot of work to gain more experience! Competition is fierce in the rankings, but the prizes..oh the prizes, they are very much worth it! Will you be one of the top 50? I bet you will!

Cogratulations to our Top 50!!!
1. Katsy
2. Cervios
3. DilBert
4. Desa
5. swirolss
6. Lightlord
7. nummies
8. Feudal
9. Sanare
10. Hihara and...

GurenMkII, Kargoth, Golden, shadowhawxzz, Pyromaniac, Dragedo, Pet0r, Babane, Town, Hulk, Maxina, Tabs, ChronoMalice, MrsKargoth, Zaub, Quick, DJ, Critico, Dulimar, redeagle, Giggidy, Sigfreid, Valmont, Legna, Chrome, Iria, Krugo, Aleria, Panzer, Samhain, Zanette, FireArrow, ChaseLee, dreamocracy, Melithea, TANK, Procyon, Mackerel, ACGamer, ErinYee  


From TODAY until APRIL 30TH you have but one goal in mind - LEVEL UP!

At the end of the deadline, the Top 50 players by LEVEL in the Rankings will receive prizes!


  • Rank 1:
    Heroic Wings x 8
    Mount Upgrade Token x 8
    Genbu (3 days) x 2
    Black Dragon Coin x 10
    Red Dragon Coin x 10
    Green Dragon Coin x 20

  • Ranks 2 - 3:
    Heroic Wings x 7
    Mount Upgrade Token x 7
    Genbu (3 days) x 1
    Black Dragon Coin x 5
    Red Dragon Coin x 5
    Green Dragon Coin x 10

  • Ranks 4 - 5:
    Heroic Wings x 6
    Mount Upgrade Token x 6
    Red Dragon Coin x 5
    Green Dragon Coin x 10

  • Ranks 6 - 10:
    Heroic Wings x 5
    Mount Upgrade Token x 5
    Green Dragon Coin x 10

  • Ranks 11 - 20:
    Heroic Wings x 4
    Mount Upgrade Token x 4

  • Ranks 21 - 30:
    Heroic Wings x 3
    Mount Upgrade Token x 3

  • Ranks 31 - 40:
    Heroic Wings x 2
    Mount Upgrade Token x 2

  • Ranks 41 - 50:
    Heroic Wings x 1
    Mount Upgrade Token x 1



April 30th, 9:00 PM PDT!

Check HERE, to see what time it is in PDT!  


  • All prizes are bound. They cannot be sold, donated or given away.
  • Results of the contest are determined by Rankings by Total Exp.
  • This contest is for Crystal Saga
  • Rankings are pulled from our back-end, not necessarily from the displayed Ranking, as our back end is more accurate
  • Please allow 5-7 business days to be awarded prizes after the event ends.
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