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23 Mar 2011
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PostedApr 08, 2012 7:51 pm

[PaidOut] Crystal Saga Gold Rank!

Are you the Gold Digger?

Top 10 Players by Gold Ranking
We all come into the world of Crystal Saga with few worldly possessions. In our journeys, there will be those who quest for power, fame, and victory. One thing all have in common? The thirst for fortune.

Congratulations to our wealthiest players!
1. Katsy
2. Desa
3. swirolss
4. Cervios
5. Kargoth
annnnnd... syed, GurenMkII, Lightlord, redeagle, Feudal!

This competition is for the fortune hunters! Earn as much Gold as you can. Hoard it from those who would rob it from you - watch your back, and keep safe, as the top 10 Gold Earners by Ranking will receive awesome prizes!


You have From TODAY until APRIL 30TH to accumulate the most Gold of all the players in Crystal Saga!

At the end of the deadline, the Top 10 Players on the GOLD tab of the Rankings Board will receive awesome prizes!


  • Rank 1:
    Pet Slot Expander x 1
    Package Expander x 2
    Health Orb x 2
    Mana Orb x 2
    1 Hour AFK Card x 6
    2x Exp Token x 4
    Green Dragon Coin x 8
    Red Dragon Coin x 4
    Mount Upgrade Token x 14
    Heroic Wings x 10
    Black Dragon Coin x 3
    Genbu (3 days) x 1

  • Ranks 2 - 3:
    Pet Slot Expander x 1
    Pack Expander x 2
    Orb of Health x 1
    Mana Orb x 1
    1 Hour AFK Card x 4
    2x Exp Token x 2
    Green Dragon Coin x 3
    Red Dragon Coin x 1
    Mount Upgrade Token x 6
    Heroic Wings x 6

  • Ranks 4 - 5:
    Pack Expander x 1
    Orb of Health x 1
    1 Hour AFK Card x 4
    2x Exp Token x 3
    Green Dragon Coin x 6
    Mana Orb x 1

  • Ranks 6 - 10:
    Pack Expander x 1
    Health Orb x 1
    1 Hour AFK Card x 1
    2x Exp Token x1
    Green Dragon Coin x 3


CONTEST ENDS: April 30th, 9:00 PM PDT!
Check HERE, to see what time it is in PDT!


  • Results of the contest are determined by GOLD rankings
  • This contest is for Crystal Saga only!
  • Rankings are pulled from our back-end, not necessarily from the displayed Rankings, as our back end is more accurate..
  • Please allow 5-7 business days to be awarded prizes after the event ends.
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